Swedish Funk Connection is one of those obscure bands, bloated in the 80s but who never broke through or never had a chance.

Indeed, these Swedes have existed since a lease but have never released anything disco-graphically speaking to arrive at this 1987 their first cake which is born this year.

A beautiful cover, a beautiful title year, it smelled good this business!!! Indeed, I confirm, it smells more than good. The group’s influences are multiple, and it fits well with the name of the combo.

Between AOR, Westcoast, Funk, Hard the group strolls and embarks us on a musical journey, which even if it is uneven at times, is still dotted with fucking songs.

Two in particular for me which will certainly be part of my top 10 for this year. Dun side This Love Will Last Forever absolutely sublime in the genre AOR racy reminiscent of groups like Many or Beautiful gesture see Southern Sons.

I add Life Is Beautiful to this in a vein that is closer to the second Nelson or Glass Tiger because the voice of Christer Lark is very close to that of Alan Frew, vocalist of the Canadians. For Toto fans, it grooves and it’s also perfect with Stay With Me or Somewhere Somehow.

We even leave on a more funk terrain but there as well mastered with Lucky. The only downside is when the band starts with big guitars on the slope of hard FM with Too Much Money. There I find myself less because I think the combo forces a little its nature and it denotes compared to the quality of the rest.

This 1987 is a very nice discovery. Discovery still from Sweden. It’s starting to become a big habit.

Words from: http://rockmeeting.com/

Check out Swedish Funk Connection here.

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