• West Coast Music

    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

David Sanborn – As We Speak

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Port Of Call, Better Believe It, Rush Hour, Over And Over, Back Again, As We Speak, Straight To The Heart, Rain On Christmas & Love Will Come Someday.

Musicians on the As We Speak album: David Sanborn, Buzz Feiten, Michael Sembello, Marcus Miller, Don Freeman, Omar Hakim & Paulinho Da Costa.

David Sanborn – Hideaway

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: Hideaway, Carly’s Song, Anything You Want, The Seduction (Love Theme), Lisa, If You Would Be Mine, Creeper & Again An Again.

Musicians on the Hideaway album: David Sanborn, Hiram Bullock, Neil Jason, Danny Kortchmar, Jeff Mironov, David Spinozza, Waddy Wachtel, Marcus Miller, Don Grolnick, Rob Mounsey, Steve Gadd, Rick Marotta, Buddy Williams, Jody Linscott, Ralph MacDonald, Mike Mainieri, Ronnie Bauch, Julian Fifer, Guillermo Figueroa, William Henry, Ben Hudson, Joanna Jenner, How Liang Ping, Richard Sher, Ruth Waterman, Carol Zeavin, Naimy Hackett, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Bette Sasman & James Taylor.

Buffy Sainte Marie – Sweet America

ABC Records 1976

Tracks: Sweet America, Wynken Blynken and Nod, Where Poets Go, Free the Lady, America My Home, Look at the Facts, I Don’t Need No City Life, Sweet January, Qu’appelle Valley Saskatchewan, Honey Can You Hang Around, I Been Down, Starwalker & Ain’t No Time for the Worryin’ Blues.

Musicians on the Sweet America album: Buffy Sainte Marie, Ben Benay, Larry Carlton, Jay Graydon, Chris Leuzinger, Geoff Levin, Red Rhodes, Max Bennett, Spady Brannan, Dennis Kovarik, John Pierce, Bill Cuomo, Mike Melvoin, Dwight Scott, Michael Baird, Steve Drawczyn, John Guerin, Bart Hall, Emil Richards, Tom Scott, Venetta Fields, Sheldon Peters, Tony Purley, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Norman Saleet – Here I Am

RCA Records 1982

Tracks: Let’s Stop Before We Fall In Love, Magic In The Air, Falling In Love With You Tonight, High Cost Of Lovin’, Cover Girl, Here I Am, Lines, This Time I Know It’s Real, Come Back Baby & Hang On In.

Musicians on the Here I Am album: Norman Saleet, Davey Johnstone, Scott Shelby, Dennis Belfield, Jimmy Eppolito, Steve Rucker, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Joel Peskin, Jimmie Haskell, Steve Rucker, John Bahler, Joe Chemay, Yvonne Elliman, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters, Jerry Whitman & Maxine Willard Waters.

Samantha Sang – Emotion

Private Stock 1978

Tracks: You Keep Me Dancing, Charade, Emotion, Change Of Heart, Living Without Your Love, La La La I Love You, But If She Moves You, When Love Is Gone, I Don’t Wanna Go & The Love Of A Woman.

Musicians on the Emotion album: Samantha Sang and others.

Billy Satellite – S.T.

Capitol Records 1984

Tracks: Satisfy Me, Last Call, Do Ya?, I Wanna Go Back, Trouble, Rockin’ Down The Highway, Turning Point, Bye Bye Baby, Standin’ With The Kings, The Lonely One, Poker Face & Ready To Rock And Roll.

Musicians on the Billy Satellite album: Monty Byrom, Danny Chauncey, Fee Falletti & Ira Walker.

Jim Schmidt – Something Right

Emerald Records 1983

Tracks: Love Has Taken It All away, Something Right, Not Your Love Alone, Within His Joy, The Person That I Really Want To Be, Serious, The Eye Of The Storm, Promised Land, Surer Of Myself & Destiny.

Musicians on the Something Right album: Jim Schmidt, John Ferraro, Leon Gaer, Paul Jackson Jr., Roby Duke, David Diggs, Danny Ackerman, Charlie Davis, Terry Winch, Ernie Carlson, David Boruff, Richard Page & Steve George.

Helen Schneider – Let It Be Now

Windsong Records 1978

Tracks: Let It Be Now, Every Stop Of The Way, Someday, Time, Until Now, Loneliness, Love Me, Am I Too Late, Valentino Tango & Rock Me And Caress Me.

Musicans on the Let It Be Now album: Helen Schneider, Bob Babbitt, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Jeff Layton, Steve Khan, Bob Mann, Jeff Mironov, David Hungate, Anthony Jackson, Neil Jason, Kenny Ascher, Joe d’ Elia, Greg Mathieson, Pat Rebillot, Paul Schaffer, Ed Greene, Steve Jordan, Allan Schwartzberg & Jimmy Maelen.

Harriet Schock – You Don´t Know What You´re In For

20th Century 1976

Tracks: You’re A Man, We’re Better Friends, He’s So Macho, Somebody Else, I Could’ve Said It All, Let Me Out ! Let Me Go !, Nobody Stole Your Lady, Keep Drivin’ James, Southern Belle & You Don’t Know What You’re In For.

Musicians in the You Don’t Know What You’re In For album: Harriet Schock, Jay Lacy, Ray Parker Jr., Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Henry Davis, Scott Edwards, Wilton Felder, Lee Sklar, Don Whaley, David Carr, Robert Chadwick, Tom Hensley, Ed Greene, Tris Imboden, Harvey Mason, Gary Coleman, Bobbye Hall, Marti McCall, Randy Edelman, Marcia Waldorff, Jackie Ward, Carolyn Willis & Edna Wright.

Harriet Schock – She´s Low Clouds

20th Century 1975

Tracks: Go On And Go, Come Inside Cowbay, She´s Low Clouds, You, Play It Again, My Heart, Brooklyn Can Hear You Braggin´, Mama, I Want Your Time & Songs Are The Children.

Musicians on the She´s Low Clouds album: Harriet Schock, Gary Mallaber, John Guerin, Tris Imboden, Ron Tutt, Leland Sklar, Don Whaley, Richard Bennett, Steve Gibson, Larry Carlton, Craig Doerge, Harriet Schock, Robert Chadwick, Steve Wood, Craig Doerge, David Carr, Gary Coleman, Sherlie Matthews, Lisa Roberts, Myrna Matthews, Clydie King & Marti McCall.

Harriet Schock – Hollywood Town

20th Century 1974

Tracks: Hollywood Town, Standin’ In The Way Of The Music, You Took The Words Out Of My Mouth, That´s The Way It Is With You, Ain´t No Way To Treat A Lady, Hold Me, The Day, Let ‘Em Love & Could It Be.

Musicians on the Hollywood Town album: Harriet Schock, Ron Tutt, Russ Kunkel, Leland Sklar, Jerry Cole, Larry Carlton, Ron Elliott, Robert Chadwick, David Carr, Gary Coleman, Shirlie Matthews, Clydie King & Marti McCall.

Connie Scott – Spirit Mover

Sparrow Records 1985

Tracks: Spirit Mover, He’s The Rock, Lord Of Glory, The Video, Jesus In Your Heart, D.O.A., For So Long, Come On Leah & Is There An Ophan In Your Home.

Musicians on the Spirit Mover album: Connie Scott and others.

Dara Sedaka – I´m Your Girlfriend

Canyon Records 1982

Tracks: Huggin’, Just Say I Love You, The Real Me, Keep Me In Love With You, Goodbye, I´m Your Girlfriend, Someday, Try See It My Way & Angel Queen.

Musicians on the I´m Your Girlfriend album: Dara Sedaka, Mike Baird, Paul Lari, Dennis Belfield, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Porcaro, Kitaro, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, Gary Grant, Richard Page, Steve George, Clif Newton & Bryan Adams.

Neil Sedaka – In The Pocket

Elektra Records 1980

Tracks: Do It Like You Done It When You Meant It, Junkie For Your Love, Letting Go, You Better Leave That Girl Alone, My Friend, It’s Good To Be Alive Again, You, Should’ve Never Let You Go, You’re So Good For Me & What A Difference A Day Makes.

Musicians on the In The Pocket album: Neil Sedaka, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Thom Rotella, Mark Warner, Jim Fielder, David Hungate, Lee Sklar, William “D” Smith, Russ Kunkel, Nigel Olsson, Jim Varley, Steve Leshner, David Woodford, Diane Bellis & Jackie Berry.

Neil Sedaka – All You Need Is The Music

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: All You Need Is The Music, Candy Kisses, Should’ve Never Let Her Go 4 – Sad Sad Story, Tillie The Twirler, Love Keeps Getting Stronger Every Day, Born To Be Bad 8 – What A Surprise 9 – You Can Hear The Love & City Boy.

Musicians on the All You Need Is The Music album: Neil Sedaka, Thom Rotella, Lee Ritenour, Lee Sklar, Artie Butler, Jim Gordon, Alan Estes, Gene Cipriano, Terry Harrington, Walt Johnson, Lew McCreary, Bill Peterson, Paul Salvo, Tommy Morgan, Gayle Levant, Patricia Henderson, Sherlie Matthews, Dara Sedaka & Julia Tillman Waters.

Neil Sedaka – Steppin´Out

The Rocket Record Company 1976

Tracks: Sing Me, You Gotta Make Your Own Sunshine, #1 With A Heartache, Steppin’ Out, Love In The Shadows, Cardboard California, Here We Are Falling In Love Again, I Let You Walk Away, Good Times Good Music Good Friends, Perfect Strangers, Bad And Beautiful, Summer Nights, (Baby) Don’t Let It Mess Your Mind, Time Waits For No One, Is This The Way To Amarillo & Should’ ve Never Let You Go.

Musicians on the Steppin´Out album: Neil Sedaka, Steve Cropper, Davey Johnstone, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, David Lindley, Dean Parks, Richie Zito, Lee Sklar, Dave Wintour, Artie Butler, Bill Payne, Russ Kunkel, Andrew Steele, Nigel Olsson, Gary Coleman, Bob Findley, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Mark Howlett, Dick Hyde, Jackie Kelso, Don Menza, Kathy Collier, Donny Gerrard, Venette Gloud, Brenda Russell, Brian Russell, & Carmen Twillie.

Session II – S.T.

Yamaha Records 1979

Tracks: Puzzle People, The Baron, Fly By Night, Single Again, All Night Lover & Souvenirs/Tahiti, Tahiti.

Musicians on the Session II album: Lee Ritenour, Bill Dickenson, Don Grusin, Peter Robinson, Alex Acuna, Steve Forman, Ernie Watts, Bill Champlin, Venette Gloud & Carmen Twillie.

Nancy Shanx – S.T.

United Artists 1977

Tracks: Where Did You Come From ?, I’m So Glad You Called, Ready To Fall In Love Again, Song In My Heart, People Who Care, For Imagination Sake, I Don’t Want To Lose, Love’s In Need Of Love Today, Day Without You & Music To My Ears.

Musicians on the Nancy Shanx album: Nancy Shanx, Michael Stewart, Ralph Hammer, Lee Ritenour, Waddy Wachtel, Wah Wah Watson, Richie Zito, Wilton Felder, Reggie McBride, Jerry Scheff, Jim Andron, Wendy Haas, Avelino Pitts, Evie Sands, William Smith, Michael Baird, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Ron Tutt, Denny Diante, Tom Roady, Tommy Morgan, Laura Creamer, Mark Creamer, Gail Heideman, Evie Sands, Sue Stewart, Julia Tillman Waters, Donna Weiss & Maxine Willard Waters.

Tim Sheppard – Forever

Greentree Records 1981

Tracks: Forever, Take A Little Time, One More Day, Love Is, I’ve Waited A Lifetime, Take The Music, Give It All, He Will Carry You, He Is Risen & We’re Gonna See You.

Musicians on the Forever album: Tim Sheppard, Jon Goin, Hadley Hockensmith, Tim Jacquette, Joe Osborn, Lari Goss & Randy Butler.

Tim Sheppard – Songtailer

Greentree Records 1979

Tracks: Hey There Stranger, Ever Since The Day, Take Me, Somehow I Know, Come Back Home, Home Is Where You Are, I’ve Got The Feelin’, So Tired Of Runnin’, The Fiddler, Till I Met You & Let Him Wipe The Tears.

Musicians on the Songtailer album: Tim Sheppard, Johnny Christopher, Jon Goin, Steve Schaeffer, Jack Williams, Lari Goss, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Farrell Morris, Bill Jones, George Tidwell, Randy Adams, Dallas Holm, Phil Johnson, Tim Johnson, Sheri Kramer, Dony McGuire, Reba Rambo, Lisa Silver, Dianne Tidwell & Bergen White.

Tim Sheppard – Diary

Greentree Records 1976

Tracks: Joy In The Morning, Would You Believe In Me ?, Sweet Lovin’ Grace, Just Because He Loves You, ‘Till I Met The Christ, Psalm 9, Rain Fallin’ Down, Soliloquy, He’s Coming Back & Are You Ready?.

Musicians on the Diary album: Tim Sheppard and others.

Janis Siegel – Experiment In White

Atlantic Records 1982

Tracks: Back To The Islands, All The Love In The World, Lovin´Eyes, Hammer And Nails, How High The Moon, Don´t Get Scared, Guess Who I Saw Today?, To Be With You & Jackie.

Musicians on the Experiment In White album: Janis Siegel, Herman Ernest, Steve Gadd, Grady Tate, Tony Broussard, Marcus Miller, Ron Carter, Bobby Rodriguez, Leo Nocentelli, Jeff Layton, Vinnie Bell, Eric Gale, Ted Dunbar, Mac Rebenneck, Art Neville, Kenny Barron, Sonny Bravo, Wardell Quezergue, Richard Tee, Ralph MacDonald, Joe Shepley, Randy Brecker, David Newman, Howard Johnson, David Newman, Lew Soloff, Lou Marini, Frank Foster, Mikie Harris, Diva Grey, Vivian Cherry, Phoebe Snow & Jon Hendricks.

Silver – S.T.

Arista Records 1976

Tracks: Musician (Not An Easy Life), All I Wanna Do, Memory, No Wonder, Trust In Somebody, It’s Gonna Be Alright, Climbing, Wham Bam, Right On Time & Goodbye So Long.

Musicians on the Silver album: John Batdorf, Greg Collier, Tom Leadon, Brent Mydland & Harry Stinson.

Silver Condor – Trouble At Home

Columbia Records 1983

Tracks: Trouble At Home, Dear Abby, Goin’ Out On The Town, Good Lovin’ Don’t Come Easy, I Stand Accused, Thank God For Rock & Roll, When A Man Loves A Woman, Turn Back The Big Machine & Holdin’ On.

Musicians on the Trouble At Home album: Kenny Arronson, Nick Brown, Joe Cerisano, Steve Goldstein, Craig Krampf, Steve Plunkett, Clarence Clemons, Rick Derringer, Neal Schon & Waddy Wachtel.

Woody Simmons – S.T.

Deep River 1980

Tracks: Too Good To Be, It Don´t Rain, For All The Times, Sleepin´Out, Who´ll Save The Animals, You Are My Friend, August Tides, Fare Thee Well & Trolley Car.

Musicians on the Woody Simmons album: Woody Simmons, Barbara Borden, Bonnie Johnson, Joy Julks, Alberta Jackson, Teri Anne, Julie Homi, Vicky Randle, Tucki Bailey, Patti Vincent, Sara Kline, Pamela Sawyer, Kim Kohr, Melanie Mocium, Patti Vincent, DeDe Dickerson, Christine Bagley, Brenda Warren & Sandy Stone.

Woody Simmons – Oregon Mountains

Deep River 1977

Tracks: You´ve Got The Love, Can´t Say Why, Feather In The Win, Banjo Raga, Oregon Mountains, Goin´Down Sout, Grey Today, Mockingbird, Suite For Wings & I´ll Give It All To The Music.

Musicians on the Oregon Mountains album: Woody Simmons, Janet Lamper, Peggy Mitchell, Laurie Lewis, Robin Flower, Nancy Vogl, Mary Wings, Carolyn Brandy, Judy Hill, Christine Bagley, Nancy Henderson & Debbie Saunders.

Stephen Sinclair – A+

United Artists 1977

Tracks: Back Down, Don’t Let Go, Fingertip Away, You Won’t See Me Cry, Real Thing, Dreamin’, We Can Make It, Lady I Love, Mean To Be, Taking Me By Surprise & Rescue Me.

Musicians on the A+ album: Stephen Sinclair, Joe Falsia, Fred Tackett, Jeff Eyrich, David Hungate, Joey Carbone, Wayne Cook, John Herron, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Gary Coleman, Dennis Christianson, Jim Horn, John Kelson, Steve Madaio, John Mitchell, Jim Gilstrap, Augie Johnson, Linda Laurence, Velma Thompson & Sunsray Tucker.

Sherbs – The Skill

Atco Records 1980

Tracks: I Have The Skill, Back To Zero, Cindy Is Waiting, Crazy In The Night, I’ll Be Faster, Never Surrender, No Turning Back, Love You To Death, Into The Heat, I’m OK, Juliet And Me & Parallel Bars.

Musicians on the Skill album: Daryl Braithwaite, Harvey James, Tony Mitchell, Garth Porter & Alan Sandow.

William D. Smith – Smitty

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: Sweetie Pie, Where Did You Come From, Midnight Eyes, Genevieve, Right Feeling At The Wrong Time, Girls Of A 1000 Dreams, Waiting Just For You, Forgive A Fool In Love, Special Person & This And That.

Musicians on the Smitty album: William D. Smith, Roger Clark, Bob Wray, Jesse Boyce, Larry Byrom, Mac McAnally, Clayton Ivey, Tom Roady, Mickey Buckins, Jim Horn, Harrison Calloway, Charles Rose, Harvey Thompson, Ronnie Eades, Marie Tomlison, Suzy Storm & Barbara Wyrick.

William D. Smith – A Good Fellin´

Warner Bros 1976

Tracks: I´ll Be Rolling (With The Punches), Down The Back Stairs (Of My Life), We Flew Away, I Feel So Good With You (Baby), Harmony Junction, We All Wanna Boogie, I Apologize, What Am I To Do (If You Say Goodbye), Fooled Ya & Take Your Pick (Do Your Trick).

Musicians on the A Good Feelin´album: William D. Smith, Herman Ernest, David Barard, Leo Nocentelli, Steve Hughes, James Booker, Allen Toussaint, Alfred Roberts, Kenneth Williams, Lon Price, Carl Blouin, James Roberts, Michael Pierce, John Longo & Steve Howard.

Michael W. Smith – The Big Picture

Reunion Records 1986

Tracks: Lamu, Wired For Sound, Old Enough To Know, Pursuit Of The Dream, Rocketown, Voices, The Last Letter, Goin’ Thru The Motions, Tearin’ Down The Wall & You’re Alright.

Musicians on the Big Picture album: Michael W. Smith, Dann Huff, Eddie Martinez, Nick Moroch, Chris Rodriguez, Tony Levin, Gary Lunn, Shane Keister, Steve Schaffer, Frank Doyle, Steve Ferrone, David Huff, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Jim Pugh, Bridget Evans, Chris Harris, Wayne Kirkpatrick, Marty McCall, Chris Rodriguez, Philippe Saisse, Leah Taylor & Tammy Taylor.

Michael W. Smith – 2

Reunion Records 1984

Tracks: A Way, I Am Sure, End Of The Book, I’m Up, Glorious Grace, Musical Instruments, Restless Heart, All I Needed To Say, Wings Of The Wind & Hosanna.

Musicians on the 2 album: Michael W. Smith, Dann Huff, Mike Brignardello, Lee Sklar, Shane Keister, Mark Hammond, Paul Leim, Lenny Castro, Gary Chapman, Jackie Cusic, Ron Downey, Dave Durham, Teresa Ellis, Amy Grant, Chris Harris, Jan Harris, Shane Keister, Gary Pigg, Kimberly Smith & Dave Thomton.

Michael W. Smith – Michael W. Smith Project

Reunion Records 1983

Tracks: Sonata In D Major, You Need A Saviour, Could He Be The Messiah, Too Many Times, Be Strong And Courageous, Looking Up, The Race Is On, First Light / Love In The Light, Friends, Great Is The Lord & Alpha Overture.

Musicians on the Michael W. Smith Project album: Michael W. Smith, Jon Goin, Mike Brignardello, Shane Keister, Mark Hammond, Mike Psanos, Dennis Solee, Gary Chapman, Jackie Cusic, Diana DeWitt, David Durham, Theresa Ellis, Amy Grant, Pam Mark Hall, Chris Harris, Gary Pigg & Kim Smith.

Southern Pacific – Killbilly Hill

Warner Bros 1986

Tracks: Road Song, A Girl Like Emmylou, Pink Cadillac, I Still Look For You, Pull You Hat Down Tight, Killbilly Hill, Don’t Let Go Of My Heart, What’s It Gonna Take, Hearts On The Borderline & Bluegrass Blues.

Musicians on the Killbilly Hill album: Stu Cook, Tim Goodman, Kurt Howell, Keith Knudsen & John McFee.

Southern Pacific – S.T.

Warner Bros 1985

Tracks: First One To Go, Somebody’s Gonna Love Me Tonight, Thing About You, Perfect Stranger, Send Me Somebody To Love, Reno Bound, The Blaster, Luanne, Bluebird Wine & Heroes.

Musicians on the Southern Pacific album: Tim Goodman, Glen D. Hardin, Keith Knudsen, John McFee, Jerry Scheff, Emmylou Harris, Rhett Lawrence & Jim Ed Norman.

Spellbound – S.T.

EMI Records 1978

Tracks: Just Not A Fool, Our Time Will Come, The Eyes Of Mary, Let It Down Easy (Shine It On), Raise That Silver, Rumor At The Honky Tonk, A Taste Of The Devil, The Way That You Do, The Best Is Yet To Come & The Light That Shines.

Musicians on the Spellbound album: Bill Burgess, David Lenchner, Ralph Carter, Barry Flast, James Preston, Kim Carnes, Norman Fish & Humming Diks.

Mark Spiro – In Stereo

Ariola Records 1986

Tracks: Valley Of Love, Oh Rebecca, In Stereo, Tenderness, Maybe It’s Time, Room In Your Heart, One For You One For Me, Winds Of Change, Uh Oh & Morocco.

Musicians on the In Stereo album: Mark Spiro and others.

Billy Sprague – Serious Fun

Reunion Records 1986

Tracks: Rock The Planet, Love Has No Eyes, Ymisim, A Heart Like Mine, Invisible Hand, Phantom Living, Out Of The Blue, Centered On You & Better Days.

Musicians on the Serious Fun album: Billy Sprague and others.

Billy Sprague – What A Way To Go

Reunion Records 1984

Tracks: What A Way To Go, Don’t Give Up, Heavenly Father, Never Be The Same, I Believe, Secret Heart, How Could You Say No, Take My Heart & Jude Doxology.

Musicians on the What A Way To Go album: Billy Sprague and others.

Bobby Springfield – Do Your Heart A Favor

Newpax Records 1980

Tracks: Do Your Heart A Favor, Give Me The Love, I’ve Got The Real Thing In My Life, This Is Where The Rainbow Ends, Lion In The Night, Lifeline, Everything You Are, Take Somebody With You, Wednesday Night & Back In Your Love.

Musicians on the Do Your Heart A Favor album: Bobby Springfield and others.

S.S. Fools – S.T.

Columbia Records

Tracks: First Thing First, Desert Dancin’, Tearbanks, Baby’s Callin’ Me Home, Fool Hand-E, I Just Love The Feelin’, Sunnyridge, Whatever Happened To America & Why Can’t You Be Mine.

Musicians on the SS Fools album: Michael Allsup, Wayne DeVillier, Bobby Kimball, Joe Schermie, Stan Seymore & Floyd Sneed.

Sylvia St James – Echoes & Images

Elektra Records 1981

Tracks: Behind My Back, Grace, Prime Time, Evening Rainbow, If You Let Me Love You, The Way To Your Heart, The Bottom Line & Eastern Man.

Musicians on the Echoes & Images album: Sylvia St James, Robben Ford, Donald Griffin, Marlo Henderson, George Sopuch, Nathan East, Jimmy Haslip, Abraham Laboriel, Eduardo Del Barrio, Russell Ferrante, Clydene Jackson, Clarence McDonald, Andre Fischer, Ricky Lawson, Casey Scheurell, Steve Tavaglione, Chuck Findley, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft , Charles Loper, Steve Madaio, Bill Reichenbach, Yolande Fisher, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Sylvia St James – Magic

Elektra Records 1980

Musicians on the Magic album: Sylvia St James, Steve Williams, Larry Dunn, Raymond Jones, Don Myrick and others.

Tracks: Can´t Make You Mine, Better Things, Ghetto Lament, Let Love Groove Me, Mother Land, Black Diamond, Magic Minstrel, So I Say To You & Almaz Interlude.

James Lee Stanley – Midnight Radio

Regency Records 1980

Tracks: Anywhere Love Goes, Just Like Love, Midnight Radio, Rowboat In The Attic, Worry ‘Bout You, Too Late Now, I Don’t Care, Born To Love You, In Your Pocket, Even Cowgirl Get The Blues.

Musicians on the Midnight Radio album: James Lee Stanley, Bonnie Raitt, Scott Strong, Maurice Cridlin, Veylor Hildebrand, Paul Socolow, John Jarvis, Vince Melamed, Dayle Ockerman, Scott Matthews, Thom Mooney, Sheila Escovedo, Stephan Turner & Pamela Stanley.

James Lee Stanley – Three´s The Charm

Wooden Nickel 1974

Tracks: Windmill, Eclipse, Plenty Of Reason (For Going), Tale From A Blue Comet, Growing Panes, The Getaway, Tales, Caduceus Blues (Cortisone, Every Reason, The Round Round, Come On In & Star.

Musicians on the Three´s The Charm album: James Lee Stanley, Russ Kunkel, Colin Cameron, Larry Carlton, Emmett Chapman, Michael Omartian, John Barlow Jarvis, Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Lew McCreary, Ollie Mitchell, Bud Brisbois, Don Dunn & Stephen Bishop.

James Lee Stanley – Too

Wooden Nickel 1973

Tracks: Tried To Keep It Together, Free Way Wine, You Need Two, A Little Applause, This Could Be Goodbye, Hello Babe, Natural Sugar, You Into Me (We Can Make It, Wishing Well & Lydia (A Song Of Seduction).

Musicians on the Too Album: James Lee Stanley, Russ Kunkel, Jim Gordon, Mark Tulin, Larry Carlton, John Batdorf, Michael Omartian, John Barlow Jarvis, Russ Kunkel, Chuck Findley, Paul Hubinon, Lew McCreary, Ernie Watts, Jim Horn, Don Dunn & Deed Abbate.

Starwood – S.T.

Columbia Records 1977

Tracks: Burnin’ Over You, Almost Monte Carlo, Simone, Always Brings Me Tears, Tortuga, I Gotta Dance With You, You Don’t Have To Cry, Silver And Gold, Give A Little Bit & Ophelia.

Musicians on the Starwood album: David James Holster, Bob Carpenter, Haden Gregg, Bob Mason, Bernie Mysior, Michael Buono, Jeff Guercio & Bryan Savage.

Starwood – Homebrew

Windsong 1976

Tracks: Showdown, Dance The Night Away, Skinny Body, Night Club Singer, One Time Band, Little Bit Of Human Kindness, Oregon, New Day, Cowboy´s Delight, Durango & Big Town.

Musicians on the Homebrew album: Bob Carpenter, Michael Buono, David James Holster, Bernie Mysior & Bobby Mason.

Candi Staton – House Of Love

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Victim, Honest I Do Love You, Yesterday Evening, I Wonder Will I Ever Get Over It, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, So Blue & Take My Hand Precious Lord.

Musicians on the House Of Love album: Candi Staton, Jay Graydon, Timmy I., Deryll Inman, Tim May, Michael McGloiry, Ray Parker Jr., Scott Edwards, Michael Boddicker, Sonny Burke, Ronald Coleman, Dave Crawford, Sylvester Rivers, Ollie E. Brown, Eddie Brown, Gary Coleman, Victor Feldman, Dave Crawford, Carolyn Dennis, Jim Gilstrap, Roy Galloway & Angela Winbush.

Dianne Steinberg – Universal Child

ABC Records 1976

Tracks: Fantasy Come True, Amazing, Merchant Song, Baby I’m Yours, Universal Child, Precious Goods, Where Do You Go From Love ?, Wish & Lovers But Friends.

Musicians on the Universal Child album: Dianne Steinberg, Ben Benay, Jay Graydon, Kenny Lewis, Jim Hughart, Barry Fasman, David Paich, David Pomeranz, William “D” Smith, Michael Baird, Jeff Porcaro, Larry Brown, Alan Estes, Terry Harrington, Jim Horn, Tom Scott, Dorothy Ashby, Bob Findley, Gary Grant, Arthur Maebe, Lew McCreary, Steve Paietta, Shirley Brewer, Barbara Carlson, Kim Carnes & Carl Graves.

Richard Stepp – Holiday In Hollywood

Infinity Records 1979

Tracks: We Got Tonight, There’s Always Another Day, Holiday In Hollywood, Hold On, Feel The Inspiration, When We Meet Again, If I Could Write A Song, Get Funky & Caught In A Whirlwind.

Musicians on the Holiday In Hollywood album: Richard Stepp, Ben Benay, Thom Rotella, Dennis Belfield, David Hungate, Ray Pohlman, Bill Cuomo, Michael Baird, Ed Greene, Ralph Humphrey, Pete Christlieb, Gene Cipriano, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Al Stewart – Year Of The Cat

Janus Records 1976

Tracks: Lord Grenville, On The Bornder, Midas Shadow, Sand In Your Shoes, If It Doesn’t Come Naturally Leave It, Flying Sorcery, Broadway Hotel, One Stage Before & Year Of The Cat.

Musicians on the Year Of The Cat album: Al Stewart, Tim Renwick, Al Stewart, Peter White, George Ford, Don Lobster, Peter Wood, Stuart Elliot, Marion Driscoll, Phil Kenzie, Bobby Bruce, Andrew Powell, Graham Smith, David Pack, John Perry & Tony Rivers.

B.W. Stevenson – Lost Feeling

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Down To The Station, Blue Water, Jack A Diamonds, Nobody Else, If I Had The Cash, Long Lost Feelin’s, Slip Away, One On One, When You Touch Me This Way & May You Find Yourself In Heaven.

Musicians on the Lost Feeling album: B.W. Stevenson, Steve Gibson, Dennis Linde, Casey Kelly, Reggie Young, Joe Osborn, Dottie DeLeonibus, Shane Keister, Carol Montgomery, Ron Oates, Sandy Posey, Bergen White, Bobby Wood, Larrie Londin, Farrell Morris, Bergen White, Buzz Cason, Dottie DeLeonibus, Carol Montgomery, Sandy Posey & Bergen White.

Stephen Stills – Right By You

Atlantic Records 1984

Tracks: 50/50, Stranger, Flaming Heart, Love Again, No Problem, Can’t Let Go, Grey To Green, Only Love Can Break Your Heart, No Hidding Place & Right By You.

Musicians on the Right By You album: Stephen Stills, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Jimmy Page, Herb Pedersen, Lawrence Dermer, Mike Finnigan, George Perry, Kim Bullard, Lawrence Dermer, Joe Galdo, Joe Lala, Tony Conception, George Cricker, Al Degooyer, Chris Hillman, Bernie Leadon, Graham Nash, Herb Pedersen & John Sambataro.

Stephen Stills – Thoroughfare Gap

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: You Can’t Dance Alone, Thoroughfare Gap, We Will Go On, Beaucoup Yumbo, What’s The Game, Midnight Rider, Woman Lleva, Lowdown, Not Fade Away & Can’t Get No Booty.

Musicians on the Thoroughfare Gap album: Stephen Stills, Danny Kortchmar, Joey Mercia, George Terry, Gerry Tolman, Gerald Johnson, George Perry, Mike Finnigan, Alhby Galuten, Kenny Kirkland, Paul Lee, Richard O’Connell, Joe Vitale, Joe Lala, Mike Lewis, Whit Sidener, Andy Gibb, Brooks Hunnicutt, Dave Mason, Kitty Pirtiken, Verna Richardson, Lisa Roberts & John Sambataro.

Stephen Stills – Illegal Stills

Columbia Records 1976

Tracks: Buyin’ Time, Midnight In Paris, Different Tongues, Soldier, The Loner, Stateline Blues, Closer To You, No Me Niegas, Ring Of Love & Circlin’.

Musicians on the Illegal Stills: Stephen Stills, Donnie Dacus, George Terry, George Perry, Jerry Aiello, Joe Vitale, Ronald Ziegler,  Joe Lala, Donnie Dacus, Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman.

The Strand – S.T.

Island Records 1980

Tracks: Rock It Tonight, Long Hot Summer, I Like It Like That, Just A Little More Time, Prisoners In Paradise, Stay Away From My Girl, Frustration, Children Of The Night, Dirty Little Girl & Can’t Look Back.

Musicians on the Strand album: Rick Calhoun, Dean Cortez, Peter Reilich, Kelly Shanahan, Scott Shelly, Michael Boddicker, Lenny Castro & Jim Horn.

Barbra Streisand – Wet

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: Wet, Come Rain Or Come Shine, Splish Splash, On Rainy Afternoons, After The Rain, No More Tears (Enough Is Enough), Niagara, I Ain’t Gonna Cry Tonight & Kiss Me In The Rain.

Musicians on the Wet album: Barbra Streisand, Jeff Baxter, Larry Carlton, Dan Ferguson, Jay Graydon, Mitch Holder, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, Fred Tackett, David Hungate, Neil Stubenhaus, Michael Boddicker, Alan Broadbent, David Foster, Michael Lang, Greg Mathieson, Lincoln Mayorga, Bill Payne, Richard Tee, Ian Underwood, Jaï Winding, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Schaeffer, Rick Shlosser, Gary Coleman, Paulinho Da Costa, Bobbye Hall, Tom Scott, Gayle Levant, Bill Champlin, Stan Farber, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Donna Summer, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Hamish Stuart – Sooner Or Later

Sulphuric Records 2000

Tracks: Sooner, Makin´It Up, It Is What It Is, Care For You, I Don´t Wanna Be A Rock, La La Land, Or, Reach You, New Kind Of Fool, Same Old Moon, Once There Was Love, Midnight Rush, Later & She Is My Lady.

Musician on the Sooner Or Later Album: Hamish Stuart, Ian Thomas, Steve Pearce, Adam Phillips, Andy Wallace, Jody Linscott & Chris “Snake” Davis.

Phillip Francis Stumpo – One Man Circus “CD Version”

Billetdoux Records 1978

Tracks: Losing Your Taste For It All, Don´t Hold Back Your Loving, Lying Next To Me, (Wedding Song) For A Special Lady, One Man Circus, Changes, Pamela, The Man She Sees In Me, Just A Matter Of Time & Now They Say You´re Leaving.

Musicians on the One Man Circus album: Phillip Francis Stumpo, Bart Hall, Bruce McCoy, Tom Childs, Larry Walters, Paul Zaro, Jack Eskridge, Joe Goldmark, Rich Briggs, Mike Pedersen, Smith Dobson, Bruce Healey, Kenneth Nash, Tom Rainer, Charlie McCarthy, Brian Atkinson, Dana Wheaton & Greg Huckins.

Phillip Francis Stumpo – One Man Circus

Billetdoux Records 1978

Tracks: Losing Your Taste For It All, Don´t Hold Back Your Loving, Lying Next To Me, (Wedding Song) For A Special Lady, One Man Circus, Changes, Pamela, The Man She Sees In Me, Just A Matter Of Time & Now They Say You´re Leaving.

Musicians on the One Man Circus album: Phillip Francis Stumpo, Bart Hall, Bruce McCoy, Tom Childs, Larry Walters, Paul Zaro, Jack Eskridge, Joe Goldmark, Rich Briggs, Mike Pedersen, Smith Dobson, Bruce Healey, Kenneth Nash, Tom Rainer, Charlie McCarthy, Brian Atkinson, Dana Wheaton & Greg Huckins.

Summer – Weekends On Malibu

Solid Records 1979

Tracks: Bring You Back On Me, I Can´t Stop Thinking About ´Cha, I´ve Been There Too, Morning, You´re My Baby, Weekends, Lets Talk It Over, Secrets, You´re Making It Easy & Both You And I.

Musicians on the Weekends On Malibu album: Ron Yuen, Tim Hurley, Alvin Fejerang, Ira Newborn, Jay Leach, Kimo Cornwell, Richard Johnston, Melvin Webb & Malani Bilyeu.

Summer – In Malibu

Abattoir Records 1976

Tracks: New Year Eve – 1976, Understanding To The Man, Day To Day, No Place Like Home, Kona Day, Love Will Forget, Love Is…, Forest & Plenty Of Reason.

Musicians on the In Malibu album: Alvin Fejarang, Russell Fujioka, Tim Hurley, Michael Paulo, David John Pratt, Charles Recaido & Ron Yuen.

T-Connection – The Game Of Life

Capitol Records 1983

Tracks: The Game Of Life, Love Odyssey (Love Shines Forever), Superstar, Is It Real, Closer To Home, Tonight’s The Night, I’ve Got News For You, Time Is Short & Say That You Love Me.

Musician on the Game Of Life album: Monty Brown, T. Coakley, Kurt Coakley, Tony Flowers, Berkley Van Byrd, Michael Boddicker, Paulinho Da Costa, George Duke, Steve George, Greg Mathieson & Tom Scott.

Terry Talbot – Cradle Of Love

Sparrow Records 1977

Tracks: Cradle Of Love, Mighty Wind, Tale Of The Times, Golden Gate Sunset, Carry Me Away, Potter’s Claw, Takin’ Me Higher, Satisfied With Blindness, Let It Play & Lord How Did It Feel ?.

Musicians on the Cradle Of Love album: Terry Talbot, David Lindley, Jon Linn, Al Perkins, Jim Fielder, Jim Hobson, Jim Gordon & Joe Lala.

Terry Talbot – No Longer Alone

Sparrow Records 1976

Tracks: Gospel Light, Take A Wife, Down To The Well, Oh Death !, Behind The Door, The Road, See The Vision, (From The Musical, Firewind), Jesus Man & No Longer Alone.

Musicians on the No Longer Alone album: Terry Talbot, David Lindley, Al Perkins, Jim Fielder, Keith Green, Gabriel Katona, Dave Diggs, Matthew Ward & Nelly Ward.

The Tarney/Spencer Band – Three´s A Crowd

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: Bye Bye No My Sweet Love, Takin’ Me Back, It’s Really You, We Believe In Love, Maybe I’m Right, I Can Hear Love, Set The Minstrel Free, Magic Still Runs Through Your Head, Capital Shame & Easier For You.

Musicians on the Three´s A Crowd album: Trevor Spencer,  Alan Tarney, Stuart Calver, John Cuffley, Peter Filleul, Peter Haycock, Derek Holt, Lynton Naiff, Joe Pollard & Tony Rivers.

Richard Tate – S.T.

ABC Records 1977

Tracks: Fill My Life With Love, She’s Got The Time To Love Me, Know No Man, Velvet Hammer, Woman’s Desire, Crazy Baby, Emily, Long Mountain Road, Watch What You Do & Can’t Get High.

Musicians on the Richard Tate album: Richard Tate, Pete Carr, Jimmy Johnson, Butch Sanford, Al Steiner, Dennis Belfield, Barry Beckett, Kelly Kotera, Doug Riley, Ron Stockert, André Fischer, Roger Hawkins, Blue Mitchell, Muscle Shoals, Fred Wesley, Christopher Bond, Dean Andre, Family Chadlers, Marc Piscitelli, Brenda Russell & Nick Urig.

Kate Taylor – It´s In There

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: I Got The Will, Kite Woman, Ain’t No Way, Loving You Was Easier, Ain’t Too Proud To Beg, Same Old Song, Can’t Hurry Love, I’m A Hog For You Baby, Champagne And Wine & Ain’t No Love.

Musicians on the It´s In There album: Kate Taylor, Larry Byrom, Pete Carr, Jimmy Johnson, Weldon Myrick, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Randy McCormick, Roger Hawkins, Tom Roady, David Sanborn, Harrison Calloway, Ben Cauley, Ronnie Eades, Dennis Good, Harvey Thompson, Charlie McCoy, Ava Aldridge, Cindy Richardson, Alex Taylor, Hugh Taylor, Liv Taylor & Marie Tomlinson.

Kate Taylor – S.T.

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: A Fool In Love, Smuggler’s Song, Harriet Tubman, Stubborn Kind Of Woman, Happy Birthday Sweet Darling, It’s In His Kiss, Slow And Steady, It’s Growin’, Tiash’s Cove, Rodeo & Jason & Ida.

Musicians on the Kate Taylor album: Kate Taylor, Cornell Dupree, Hugh McCracken, Onnie McIntyre, Jeff Mironov, David Spinozza, James Taylor, Ron Carter, Will Lee, Tony Levin, Ken Ascher, Ken Bischel, Don Grolnick, Richard Tee, Steve Ferrone, Steve Gadd, Gary Mure, Rubens Bassini, Crusher Bennet, Ralph MacDonald, David Sanborn, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Ronnie Cuber, Lou Marini, Alan Rubin, Dave Taylor, Dave Tofani, Don Brooks, Jessy Dixon, John Hall, Elsa Harris, Carly Simon, Alex Taylor & Hugh Taylor.

Kate Taylor – Sister Kate

Cotillion Records 1971

Tracks: Home Again, Ballad Of Well Known Gun, Be That Way, Handbags And Gladrags, You Can Close Your Eyes, Look At Granny Run Run, Where You Lead, White Lightning, Country Comfort, Lo And Behold/Jesus Is Just All Right, Do I Still Figure In Your Life & Sweet Honesty.

Musicians on the Sister Kate album: Kate Taylor, Joel O’Brien, Russ Kunkel, Charles Larkey, Lee Sklar, Danny Kortchmar, James Taylor, Bernie Leadon, John David Souther, Carole King, Ralph Schuckett, Ralph Schuckett, Sandra Crouch, Danny Kortchmar, Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love and the Memphis Horns, Carole King, Merry Clayton, Oma Drake, Donna Prater, Peter Asher, Linda Ronstadt & Gail Haness.

Terry Scott Taylor – Knowledge & Innocence

Shadow Records 1986

Tracks: Dancing on Light, (Out of) The Wild Wood, Waiting, Here He Comes Second Time, Picture of You, Song of Innocence, Old Time Gospel Camp Meeting Hour, Picture of You (Reprise), Ever After, Home Movies: a) Christmas 1980 b) Knowledge & Innocence, One More Time, Baby’s Heartbeat (6 Months), Light Princess & Waiting Reprise (Inner Groove).

Musicians on the Knowledge & Innocence album: Terry Scott Taylor, Tim Chandler, Rany Stonehill, Lenny Wagnmaster, Terl Bryant, Ed McTaggart, Alex MacDougall, Randy Stonehill, Bob Bennett, Tom Howard, Love Song, Beau MacDougall & Rob Watson.

Teaze – One Night Stands

Aquarius Records 1979

Tracks: Back In Action, Young And Reckless, Heartless World, Red Hot Ready, Through The Years, Reach Out, Loose Change & Touch The Wind.

Musicians on the One Night Stands album: Marc Bradac, Brian Danter, Mike Kozak & Chuck Price.

The Temptations – To Be Continued…

Motown Records 1986

Tracks: Lady Soul, Message To The World, To Be Continued, Put Us Together Again, Someone, Girls (They Like It), More Love Your Love, A Fine Mess, You’re The One & Love Me Right.

Musicians on the To Be Continued… album: Melvin Franklin, Richard Street, Ron Tyson, Otis Williams, Ali Woodson, Wali Ali, Robbie Buchanan, Peter Bunetta, Brad Buxer, Rick Chudacoff, Vinnie Colaiuta, Paulinho Da Costa, Bill Elliot, Paul Fox, Dann Huff, Steve LeGassick, Darrell Leonard, Alan Pasqua, Jerry Peterson, John “JR” Robinson, David Sanborn, Neil Stubenhaus, Mike Turk & Benjamin Wright.

Tender Leaf – S.T.

Tender Leaf Records 1982

Tracks: Beautiful Hawaii Kai, Countriside Beauty, You Are My Love, You’re My Fantasy, Coast To Coast, Shores of Makapuu, Future Family, Oh Stop & Going To The Country.

Musicians on the Tender Leaf album: Vince Ostertag, Bob Hernandez, John Franklin, Daryl Valdez, Murray Compac, Kit Ebersbach & Patrick Caraulia.

Mickey Thomas – Alive Alone

Elektra Records 1981

Tracks: She’s Got You Running, Alive Alone, Maybe Tomorrow, Following Every Finger, This Time They Told The Truth, Survivor, You’re Good With Your Love, I Don’t Wanna Talk About It, Too Much Drama & Badge.

Musicians on the Alive Alone album: Mickey Thomas, Craig Chaquico, Don Felder, George Perry, Donny Baldwin, Paul Harris, Cory Lerios, Steve Porcaro, Joe Vitale, Dan Bonsanti, Neal Bonsanti, Marty Grebb, Kenneth Faulk, Roger Homefield, Norton Buffalo, Donny Baldwin, George Perry, Julia Tillman Waters, Joe Vitale, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Mickey Thomas – As Long As You Love Me

MCA Records 1977

Tracks: My Girl Is So Fine, Street Only Knews Your Name, Nice Guys Finish Last, Take Me To Your Lover, Can You Fool, Somebody To Love, Baby I Caught You, Where Are We, As Long As You Love Me & Dance It Off.

Musicians on the As Long As You Love Me album: Mickey Thomas, Hugh McCracken, Wayne Perkins, John Vernazza, Michael Brooks, Donald Dunn, Bill Slais, Booker T. Jones, David Paich, Melvin Seals, Bill Slais, Donny Baldwin, Jeff Porcaro, Terry Hanck, Bill Slais, Chuck Brooke, Dave Glover, Jim Horn, Bill Lamb, Allan Blazek, Sharon Redd, Maretha Stewart, Tasha Thomas & Ross Hayashida.

Jimmy Thudpucker – Greatest Hits

Windsong 1977

Tracks: You Can’t Fight It, Take Your Life, I Don’t Know My Love, Stop, Indian Brown, Where Can I Go, I Do Believe, Fretman Sam, Ginny’s Song & So Long/Overture.

Musicians on the Greatest Hits album: Jimmy Thudpucker, Steve Cropper, Dan Ferguson, Jay Graydon, Steve Lukather, Donald Dunn, Bill Champlin, David Foster, Michael Baird, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Forman, Jim Horn, Quitman Dennis, Chuck Findley, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio, Don Menza, Jimmy Brewer, Renee Armand, Donny Gerrard, Brooks Hunnicutt, Joyce King & Lisa Roberts.

Thunder – Headphones For Cows

Atco Records 1981

Tracks: Can’t Hold On / Can’t Let Go, Midnight Heartache, Tupelo, Say Goodbye, One Chance In Hell, We Got All Night, Hard Ride To Heaven, Rock The Night & Where Do We Go From Here.

Musicians on the Headphones For Cows album: Chopper Anderson, Tris Imboden, John Porter McMeans, Mo West, Kyle Lehning & Dan Seals.

Tornader – Hit It Again

Polydor Records 1977

Tracks: Back Up (Hit It Again), Everybody Does It, Start The Whole Thing Going Again, Reggae Rock & Roll, If It´s Good Lovin´, Soon Come Again, Knowing That We´re Made For Each Other, Does Anybody Really Wanna Do The Thing & Floating.

Musicians on the Hit It Again album: Sandy Torano, Larry Alexander, Steve Ferrone, Whitey Glan, Cedrick Wright, Mark Egan, Frank Gravis, Johnny Winter, Joe Beck, Jack Waldman, Doug Riley, Brian Leonard, Dick Smith, Randy Brecker, Guido Basso, Michael Brecker, Moe Koffman, Keith Jollimore, Rob McConnell & Bob Livingston.

Trickster – Back To Zero

Jet Records 1979

Tracks: Tomorrow Belings To Me, Back To Zero, You Make Me Want To Stay, Road To Nowhere, Bump In The Night, Time Makes A Fool Of Everyone, Hold On, Falling For The Wrong Guy, I’m Satisfied, Can’t Stop Us Singing & The Loser.

Musicians on the Back To Zero album: Phil Bates, Paul Elliott, Colin Hewinson & Mike Sheppard.

Trillion – Clear Approach

Epic Records 1980

Tracks: Make Time For Love, Love Me Anytime, I Know The Feeling, Make It Last Forever, Promises, Cities, What Can You Do ?, Clear Approach & Wishing I Knew It All.

Musicians on the Clear Approach album: Ron Anaman, Frank Barbalace, Thom Griffin, Patrick Leonard & Bill Wilkins.

Trillion – S.T.

Epic Records 1978

Tracks: Hold Out, Big Boy, Give Me Your Money Honey, Never Had It So Good, May As Well Go, Fancy Action, Hand It To The Wind, Bright Night Lights & Child Upon The Earth.

Musicians on the Trillion album: Ron Anaman, Frank Barbalace, Fergie Frederiksen, Patrick Leonard & Bill Wilkins.

Angelle Trosclaire – Angelle

Epic Records 1977

Tracks: Waking Up From Love, What I That Look In Your Eyes, Too Many Irons On The Fire, Love Of My Life, Better Than Good, Let Me In Your Heart, Can I Touch You, Music Is Forever The Language Of Love & Shooting Stars.

Musicians on the Angelle album: Angelle Trosclaire, Ben Benay, Charlie Brent, Don Felder, Alphonso Johnson, Victor Feldman, Dave Grusin, Joe Sample, William “D” Smith, Ian Underwood, Jai Winding, Russ Kunkel, Johnny Vidacovich, Bobbye Hall, Jim Horn, Leon Price, Walt Fowler, Pinetop Perkins, Albert Wing, Brenda Bryant, Venetta Fields & Maxayn Lewis.

Triumvirat – Russian Roulette

Harvest Records 1980

Tracks: Party Line, You Can’t Catch Me, Come With Me, Games, Cooler, The Ballad Of Rudy Törner (German Intro), We’re Rich On What We’ve Got, Twice, Rien Ne Va Plus, Roxy, Russian Roulette & The Ballad Of Rudy Törner (English Intro).

Musicians on the Russian Roulette album: Jurgen Fritz, Arno Steffen, Pete Christlieb, Alan Estes, Mike Gong, Robert Greenidge, David Hungate, Steve Lukather, Tim May, Jeff Porcaro & Neil Stubenhaus.

Tufano & Giammarese – The Other Side

Ode Records 1977

Tracks: Night Rider, You’re The One, The Other Side, City Guise, Believe In The Music, Memories, I Can Fly, I’m In Love With You Now, On The Road & My Woman.

Musicians on the Other Side album: Carl Giammarese, Dennis Tufano, Bill Dickinson, Alan Estes, Chuck Findley, Jay Graydon, Dick Hyde, Ralph MacDonald, Ray Parker Jr., Chuck Rainey, Jerry Scheff, John Siomos, Richard Tee & Waddy Wachtel.

Tufano & Giammarese – Tufano & Giammarese Band

Ode Records 1974

Tracks: Let In The Light, Heart Break, Gone Like The Wind, Colouring The Trance, Taken The Shaken, Honest Man, Kind Of A Drag, Times Change, Fly Away, Sweet Delight, Hypnotizin’ Love & Summer Night.

Musicians on the Tufano & Giammarese Band Album: Dennis Tufano, Carl Giammarese, Tom Osfar, John Forrest, Marty Grebb, Darryl Warren & Tracy Richardson.

Tufano & Giammarese – S.T.

Ode Records 1973

Tracks: Music Everywhere, Wednesday Down, I´m A Loser, Rise Up, Just A Dream Away, Here We Are, Communicate, Show Me If You Can, She Takes Me There, Can You Say What You Need, Take Me Back & Give Yourself A Dream.

Musicians on the Tufano & Giammarese album: Dennis Tufano, Carl Giammarese, Jim Gordon, Wilton Felder, David T. Walker, Carole King, Michael Melvoin, Bobbye Hall & Gary Coleman.

The Tubes – Outside Inside

Capitol Records 1983

Tracks: She’s A Beauty, No Not Again, Out Of The Business, The Monkey Time, Glass House, Wild Women Of Wongo, Tip Of My Tongue, Fantastic Delusion, Drums, Theme Park & Outside Lookin’ Inside.

Musicians on the Outside Inside: Michael Cotten, Prairie Prince, Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Fee Waybill, Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson, Patti Austin, Bill Champlin, Martha Davis, Nathan East, Chuck Findley, David Foster, Gary Grant, Jay Graydon, Gary Herbig, Jerry Hey, James Newton Howard, Bobby Kimball, Mingo Lewis, Steve Lukather, David Paich, Steve Porcaro, Bll Reichenbach, Freddie Washington, David Williams & Larry Williams.

The Tubes – The Completion Backward Principle

Capitol Records 1981

Tracks: Talk To Ya Later, Sushi Girl, Amnesia, Mr. Hate, Attack Of The Fifty Foot Woman, Think About Me, A Matter Of Pride, Don’t Want To Wait Anymore, Power Tools & Let’s Make Some Noise.

Musicians on the Completion Backward Principle: Michael Cotten, Prairie Prince, Bill Spooner, Roger Steen, Fee Waybill, Vince Welnick, Rick Anderson, Bill Champlin, Bobby Colomby, David Foster, Bruce Garfield, Mingo Lewis, Steve Lukather, Keith Olsen & Stanley Paterson.

Stanley Turrentine – Betcha

Elektra Records 1979

Tracks: Take Me Home, Love Is The Answer, Betcha, Concentrate On You, You, Hamlet (So Peaceful), Long Time Gone & Together Again.

Musicians on the Betcha album: Stanley Turrentine, Charles Fearing, Lee Ritenour, Thom Rotella, David T. Walker, Wah Wah Watson, Earl Watkins, Eddie Brown, Sonny Burke, Todd Cochrane, James Gadson, Jeff Porcaro, Gary Coleman, Lynn Davis, Jim Gilstrap, Marlena Jeter, John Lehman, Andrea Robinson & Zedric Turnbough.

Twennynine with Lenny White – Just Like Dreamin´

Elektra Records 1981

Tracks: Rhythm, Twennynine (The Rap), Movin´On, Don´t Look Back, Just Like Dreamin´, Need You, All Over Again, Find A Love & All I Want.

Musicians on the Just Like Dreamin´album: Lenny White, Barry Johnson, Eddie Martinez, Nick Moroch, John Anderson, Denzil Miller, Larry Dunn, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Tanya Willoghby, Judy Jones, Sylvia Cox, Carla Vaughn & Sylvia St. James.

Twennynine with Lenny White – S.T.

Elektra Records 1980

Tracks: Just Right For Me, It´s Music It´s Magic, My Melody, Kid Stuff, Fancy Dancer, Love And Be Loved, Back To You, Slip Away & We Had To Break Away.

Musicians on the Twennynice With Lenny White album: Lenny White, Barry Johnson, Eddie Martinez, Nick Moroch, John Anderson, Denzil Miller, Larry Dunn, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Tanya Willoghby, Judy Jones, Sylvia Cox, Carla Vaughn & Sylvia St. James.

Twennynine with Lenny White – Best Of Friends

Elektra Records 1979

Tracks: City Dancin´, Take Me Or Leave Me, Best Of Friends, Peanut Butter, Betta, Morning Sunrise, Oh Sylvie & Tropical Nights.

Musicians on the Best Of Friends album: Lenny White, Barry Sonjohn, Nick Moroch, Eddie Martinez, Donald Blackman, Denzil Miller, Larry Dunn, Paulinho Da Costa, Louis Satterfield, Don Myrick, Andres Woolfolk, Michael Davis, Robert Byrant, Elmer Brown, George Bohannon, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Lynn Davis & Googie Coppola.


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