• West Coast Music

    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.

Vintage West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

The Jack Street Band – S.T.

RCA Victor 1982

Tracks: In over My Head, Don’t You Wanna Be Loved, Two Hearts, Choosy, Annie, Baby It’s You, Not a Minute Too Soon, If I Had Your Love Again, Jupiter’s Theme & Vision.

Musicians on the The Jack Street Band album: Jeff Ballew), Steve Cunningham, Clark Kearny, Jimmy Monroe, Danny Prosser, Jack Street, Richard Elliot, Joe Turano & John York.

The Jacksons – Victory

Epic Records 1984

Tracks: Torture, Wait, One More Chance, Be Not Always, State Of Shock, We Can Change The World, The Hurt & Body.

Musicians on the Victory album: Jackie Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Michael Jackson, Randy Jackson, Tito Jackson, John Barnes, Michael Boddicker, Lenny Castro, Paulinho Da Costa, Nathan East, David Ervin, Jerry Hey, Mick Jagger, Louis Johnson, Gayle Levant, Steve Lukather, Jonathan Moffett, Derek Nakamoto, Johnny Ray Nelson, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Greg Poree, Robin Ross, Jack Wargo, David Williams & Greg Wright.

Jaguar – S.T.

RCA Records 1977

Tracks: Flying, Daisy, Closer To You, Rain On The Roof, Open Mind, Cat’s Out, Kinda Hot, Wild Oats, Brand New Day, Following Moon & Story So Far.

Musicians on the Jaguar album: Ed Foresman, Drew Hays, Roy Howell, Doug Mayo, Walter Polk, Pat Taylor, Beverly Baxter & Randy Copeland.

Jaisun – S.T.

Jett Sett Records 1977

Tracks: I Fall In Love Everyday, You’re All I Need To Get By, No Other Arms, Reach For The Sky, Keepin’ It To Myself, Closet Man, Shackin’ Up & Try And Understand.

Musicians on the Jaisun album: Jaisun, Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr., Lee Ritenour, Henry Davis, David Hungate, David Foster, Bill Mays, Ed Greene, Harvey Mason, Jeff Porcaro, Steve Forman, Bill Champlin, B.J. Cook Foster, Donny Gerrard, Venette Gloud & Carmen Twillie.

Tommy James – Three Times In Love

Millenium Records 1980

Tracks: You Got Me, Long Way Down, Three Times In Love, Lady In White, Everything I Am, It’s Magic, I Just Wanna Play The Music, Let It Slide & It’s All Right For Now.

Musicians on the Three Times Love album: Tommy James, Louie Conte, Ronnie Serota, John Tropea, Ronnie Serota, Don Ciccone, Larry Fast, Aristotle Pyros, Jim Roberge, Al Christopher, Michael Brecker, Robin Clark, Ullanda McCullough, Fonzi Thornton & Luther Vandross.

Tommy James – Midnight Rider

Bellaphon Records 1977

Tracks: Midnight Rider, Still Got A Thing For You, Double Or Nothin’, What Happened To The Girl, Keep It In The Groove, Love Is Gonna Find A Way, I Don’t Love You Anymore & Bobby Don’t Leave Me Alone.

Musicians on the Midnight Rider album: Tommy James, Jerry Cole, Rick Littlefield, Art Munson, Thom Rotella, Al Stahaely, Bill Perry, Brian Whitcomb, Michael Baird, Alan Estes, Nino Tempo, Vincent DeRosa, Jeff Barry, Michael McDonald, Marc Piscitelli, Timothy B. Schmit, Jerry Tawney & Nick Uhrig.

James Walsh Gypsy Band – S.T.

Arista Records 1978

Tracks: You Make Me Feel Like Livin’, Love Is For The Best In Us, Bring Yourself Around, Don’t Look Back, Cuz It’s You Girl, You, Gray Tears, My Star, Whole Lotta Givin’ To Do, Lookin’ Up I See & Someday.

Musicians on the James Walsh Gypsy Band album: , James Walsh, Jim Behringer, Scott Fronsoe, Todd Hansen, Doene Johnson, Bob Jones, Richard Jorgensen & Ernie Laviolette.

Tom Jans – Champion

Malibu Records 1982

Tracks: When The Rebel Comes Home, There′s A Champion On My Side, Miss Your Harmony, Chambers Of The Heart, Working Hot, Cool, Southern Belle, Lost In Your Eyes, Visions & Mother′s Eyes.

Musicians on the Champion album: Tom Jans, Paul Barrere, Bob Glaub, Steve Lukather, Jerry Swallow, Fred Tackett, Lee Ritenour, David Hungate, Lee Sklar, Ken Wild, Bill Payne, Steve Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Steve Forman, Ernie Watts, Valerie Carter, Richard Kerr, Kate Markowitz & Jeffrey Osborne.

Tom Jans – Dark Blonde

Columbia Records 1976

Tracks: Ready To Roll, Why Don’t You Love Me, Bluer Than You, Fineline, Distant Cannon Fire, Young Man In Trouble, Rosarita, Back On My Feet Again & Starlight.

Musicians on the Dark Blonde album: Tom Jans, Scott Shelly, Jerry Swallow, Fred Tackett, Kerry Hatch, David Paich, Bill Payne, Mike Utley, Kelly Shanahan & Ernie Watts.

Scott Jarrett – Without Rhyme Or Reason

GRP Records 1980

Tracks: Miles Of Sea, I Was A Fool, Never My Fault, Without Rhyme Or Reason, On Looking Back, Doctor / Nurse, Lady, The Image Of You & Pictures.

Musicians on the Without Rhyme Or Reason album: Scott Jarrett, Eddie Gomez, Marcus Miller, Dave Grusin, Keith Jarrett, Chris Parker, Buddy Williams, Ralph MacDonald, Larry Rosen & Toots Thielemans.

Jefferson Starship – Earth

Grunt Records 1978

Tracks: Love Too Good, Count On Me, Take Your Time, Crazy Feelin’, Skateboard, Fire, Show Yourself, Runaway & All Nite Long.

Musicians on the Earth album: Marty Balin, John Barbata, Craig Chaquito, David Freiberg, Paul Kantner, Pete Sears, Grace Slick, Jesse Barish & Gene Page.

Jelly – A True Story

Asylum Records 1977

Musicians on the A True Story Album: Fred Bliffert, Amy Madigan, Jesse Roe, Jim Gordon, Jeff Porcaro, Russ Kunkel, Chuck Rainey, Wilton Felder, Lee Sklar, Chuck Cochran, Fred Tackett, Dennis Budimir, Bill Payne, Jai Winding, Jesse Roe, Joel Tepp, Jim Horn, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Larry Williams, Chuck Findley, Kenny Edwards, Wendy Waldman, Greg Prestopino & Kevin Evans.

Tracks: No One Like My Baby, No Words Of Love, Susan, I’m Lost, I Don’t Want To Beg You Baby, Dr. Jazz, I Want You To Dance, Fall In Love Too, Broken Man & Elijah.

Gordon Jensen – Just In Time

Dayspring Records 1983

Tracks: Inside Out, Back In My Jonah Days, Desert Of My Days, I’ll Break The Law Of Gravity Someday, Just In Time, One More Time Around The Walls, Warm Kinda Family Feelin’, You Know Taht You Know It, There’s A Wind & Like Spoken Words Could Never Do.

Musicians on the Just In Time album: Gordon Jensen and others.

Joe & Bing – S.T.

RCA Records 1976

Tracks: Catchin’ Hearts, Barnstormer, Oh Elizabeth, Alaska Bloodline, Library, Changing, Looking For Camelot, Hockey Player, Ripple In The Water, You Didn’t Have To Go & You Can Dance To My Song.

Musicians on the Joe & Bing album: Bing Bingham, Joe Knowlton, Steve Gadd, Allan Schwartzberg, Will Lee, Jay Leonhart, Elliot Randall, Eric Weissberg, Mitch Margo, Rubens Bassini, Jimmy Maelen, David Sanborn & Jay Siegel.

Joe & Bing – Daybreak

Quartin Records 1971

Tracks: Walking Out On Yesterday (Daybreak), I’m Not Forgetting Your Name, It’s Ok, If Love’s In Season, Fenario, Love The One You’re With, Summer Sound, Just Plain Living Blues, Sail & Drifting With The Time.

Musicians on the Daybreak album: Bing Bingham, Joe Knowlton, Grady Tate, Don MacDonald, Geoff Daking, Don Payne, Bob Rose, Joe Beck, Ken Ascher, Eumir Deodato, Jimmy Sedlar, Dick Hurwitz, Garnett Brown & Rick Rowe.

Elton John – 21 At 23

The Rocket Record Company 1980

Tracks: Chasing The Crown, Little Jeannie, Sartorial Eloquence, Two Rooms At The End Of The World, White Lady White Powder, Dear God, Never Gonna Fall In Love Again, Take Me Back & Give Me The Love.

Musicians on the 21 At 23 album: Elton John, Steve Lukather, Steve Wrather, Richie Zito, Reggie McBride, Dee Murray, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Nigel Olsson, Alvin Taylor, Lenny Castro, Victor Feldman, Clive Franks, Richie Cannata, Jim Horn, Larry Williams, Byron Berline, Chuck Findley, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, David Foster, Curt Becher, Bill Champlin, Joe Chemay, Glenn Frey, Venette Gloud, Max Gronenthal, Don Henley, Bruce Johnston, Jon Joyce, Dee Murray, Peter Noone, Gary Osborne, Timothy B. Schmit, Stephanie Spruill, Toni Tennille & Carmen Twillie.

Robert John – Back On The Street

EMI Records 1980

Tracks: (So Long) Since I Felt This Way, Hey There Lonely Girl, Just One More Try, On My Town, Give Up Your Love, Sherry, Winner Take All, Hurtin’ Doesn’t Go Away, Back On The Street Again & You Could Have Told Me.

Musicians on the Back On The Street album: Robert John, Mike Piccirillo, Scott Edwards, Bill Cuomo, Stewart Levine, Hal Blaine, Ed Greene, Darlene Love, George Tobin & Edna Wright.

Robert John – S.T.

EMI Records 1979

Tracks: That’s What Keeps Us Together, Love Of A Woman, Lonely Eyes, Am I Ever Gonna Hold You Again, Dance The Night Away, Give A Little More, Sad Eyes, Takin’ My Love For Granted, Only Time & Stay A Little Longer.

Musicians on the Robert John album: Robert John, Bill Neale, Mike Piccirillo, Dennis Belfield, Scott Edwards, Stewart Levine, Mike Thompson, Hal Blaine, Ed Greene, Howard Lee Wolen, Darlene Love, George Tobin & Edna Wright.

Al Johnson – Back For More

CBS Records 1980

Tracks: I’m Back For More, Saved By The Bell, You’re A Different Lady, School Of The Groove, I’ve Got My Second Wind, Tonight’s The Night For Love, You Are My Personal Angel & Peaceful.

Musicians on the Back For More album: Al Johnson, Lee Ritenour Bass : Eddie Watkins Jr., Jean Carn, Stephanie Spruill & The Jones Girls.

Jolis & Simone – S.T.

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: At The Paradise, Café-Au-Lait, Just A Little Love, Midnight Lady, Rainin’, I Love Makin’ Love To You, So Shy, Roundabout Midnight, Night Flight & Cold Night In Calais.

Musicians on the Jolis & Simone album: James Jolis, Kevin Simone, Earl Bennett, Jeff Berlin, Ron Dante, Gordon Edwards, Al Gorgoni, Barry Lazarowitz, Will Lee, Jimmy Maelen, Jeff Mironov, Rob Mounsey, Gary Mure, Elliott Randall, Paul Schaffer, Allan Schwartzberg, David Spinozza, Richard Tee, John Tropea & George Young.

Jo Mama – J Is For Jump

Atlantic Records 1971

Tracks: Keep On Truckin’, Back On The Streets Again, Smack Water Jack, If I Had A Billion Dollars, My Long Time, When The Lights Are Way Down Low, Love Is Blind, 3 A.M. In L.A., Sweet And Low, Have You Ever Been To Pittsburgh & Sho ‘Bout to Drive Me Wild.

Musicians on the J Is For Jump album: Danny Kortchmar, Charles Larkey, Ralph Schuckett, Abigale Haness, Joel O’Brian & Carole King.

Jo Mama – S.T.

Atlantic Records 1970

Tracks: Machine Gun Kelly, Midnight Rider, Searching High Searching Low, Lighten Up Tighten Up, Venga Venga, Sailing, Great Balls Of Fire, The Sky Is Falling, The Word Is Goodbye, Check Out This Gorilla, Cotton Eyed Joe & Love’ll Get You High.

Musicians on the Jo Mama album: Danny Kortchmar, Charles Larkey, Ralph Schuckett, Abigale Haness, Joel O’Brian, Michael Dubkin, Ollie Mitchell, Mayo Tiana, Bobby Williams & Carole King.

Don Johnson – Heartbeat

Epic Records 1986

Tracks: Heartbeat, Voice On A Hotline, The Last Sound Love Makes, Lost In Your Eyes, Coco Don’t, Heartache Away, Love Roulette, Star Tonight, Gotta Get Away & Can’t Take Your Memory.

Musicians on the Heartbeat album: Don Johnson, Dicky Betts, Steve Jones, Kennan Keating, Paul Pesco, David Resnik, Chas Sandford, Ira Siegel, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Ron Wood, Dweezil Zappa, Wayne Brathwaite, Keith Diamond, Mark Leonard, Larry Russell, Bill Champlin, Keith Diamond, Charles Judge, Omar Hakim, John Keane, J.T. Lewis, Terry Silverlight, Curly Smith, Keith Diamond, Bashiri Johnson, Acar S. Key, Lenny Pickett, Danny Wilensky, Chris Botti, Alex Foster, Earl Gardner, Joseph, J. Sheply, Ken Smith, George Young, Mickey Raphael, Tracey Amos, Michael Camacho, Tamara Champlin, Debbie Cole, Janice Dempsey, Michael Des Barres, Christine Faith, Curtis King, Laureen Kinhan, Yogi Lee, Louis Merlino, Cindy Mizelle, Willie Nelson, Bonnie Raitt, Jamie Skylar, Barbra Streisand, Audrey Wheeler & Rock Wilk.

Booker T. Jones – I Want You

A&M Records 1981

Tracks: Power In Your Love, I Want You, Treasure Chest, Don’t Stop Your Love, Electric Lady, Prize Possession, You’re The Best & I Came To Love You.

Musicians on the I Want You album: Booker T. Jones, Paul Jackson Jr., Freddie Washington, Raymond Pounds, John “JR” Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Jim Gilstrap, John Lehman, Marti McCall & Myrna Matthews.

Booker T. Jones – The Best Of You

A&M Records 1980

Tracks: You Got Me Spinnin’, The Best Of You, Cookie, Pride And Joy, Down To The Wire, Stand, We Could Stay Together & Will You Be The One.

Musicians on the Best Of You album: Booker T. Jones, Marlo Henderson, Michael Sembello, Dennis Belfield, Don Freeman, Mike Utley, James Gadson, Raymond Pounds, Richard Cannata, Rita Coolidge, Donny Gerrard, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Booker T. Jones – Try And Love Again

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: I’ll Put Some Love (Back In Your Life), Ain’t That Peculiar, Let’s Go Dancin’, Someday We’ll Be Together, I Was Made To Love Her, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, We Could Fly, Superlove & Try And Love Again.

Musicians on the Try And Love Again album. Booker T. Jones, Jay Graydon, Dennis Belfield, Mike Utley, Michael Baird, Jim Gilstrap, Patricia Henderson, Malena Jeter & John Lehman.

Quincy Jones – “The Dude”

A&M Records 1981

Tracks: Ai No Corrida, The Dude, Just Once, Betcha’ Wouldn’t Hurt Me, Something’ Special, Razzamatazz, One Hundred Ways, Velas & Turn On The Action.

Musicians on the Dude album: John Robinson, Louis Johnson, Abraham Laboriel, Steve Lukather, David Foster, Robbie Buchanan, Herbie Hancock, David Hawk Wolinsky, Greg Phillinganes, Ian Underwood, Michael Boddicker, Stevie Wonder, Paulinho Da Costa, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, Bill Reichenbach, Kim Hutchcroft, Ernie Watts, Larry Williams, Charles May, James Ingram, Pattie Austin, Ton Baher, Jim Gilstrap, Michael Jackson & Syreta Wright.

Tom Jones – Love Is On The Radio

Mercury Records 1984

Tracks: My Kind Of Girl, All The Love Is On The Radio, That Runaway Woman Of Mine, Give Her All The Roses (Don’t Wait Until Tomorrow), Bad Love, A Picture Of You, The Moonlight Hours, Still A Friend Of Mine, Only My Heart Knows & I’m An Old Rock & Roller (Dancin’ To A Different Beat).

Musicians on the Love Is On The Radio album: Tom Jones, George Doering, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker, Dennis Belfield, John Hobbs, Ed Greene, Alan Estes, Joel Peskin, James Getzoff, Jim Haas, Linda Harmon, Jon Joyce, Darlene Koldenhoven, Edie Lehmann & Jerry Whitman.

Tom Jones – Rescue Me

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: Rescue Me, Never Had A Lady Before, Somebody Out There Will, Dancing Endlessly, Dark Storm On The Horizon, What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted, Once You Hit The Road, Flashback & Don’t Cry For Me Argentina.

Musicians on the Rescue Me album: Tom Jones, Steve Beckmeier, Ralph Hammer, Paul Jackson Jr., David Kalish, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Tim May, Carlos Rios, Abraham Laboriel, Reggie McBride, Bill Champlin, Webster Lewis, Greg Mathieson, Bill Meyers, William “D” Smith Drums : James Gadson, Ed Greene, Larry Tolbert, Michael Fisher, Sid Sharp, Laura Creamer, Venette Gloud, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Andrea Robinson, Sue Sheridan & Carmen Twillie.

Marcus Joseph – Things I Meant To Say

Big Tree Records 1978

Tracks: Before The Night Is Over, Nice Guys Finish Last / Runaway, I Don’t Want To Get Over You, One Of These Days, Things I Meant To Say, I’ve Got You Where I Want You, Rock Me Baby, Take Me There, Trapeze & Israel.

Musicians on the Things I Meant To Say album: Marcus Joseph, Steve Gibson, Marty Walsh, Mike Porcaro, Jack Williams, Charles Harwood, Richard Haxton, Shane Keister, Steve Porcaro, Ralph Humphrey, Larrie Londin, Jimmy Roberts, Gayle Levant, Shelly Kurland, Jack Williams, Kelly Bulkin, Leslie Bulkin, Laurie Hart, Sheri Kramer, Parker McGee, Dan Seals, Lisa Silver & Diane Tidwell.

Kapono – Stand In The Light

Mountain Apple 1981

Tracks: Stand In The Light, It’s The Way, Don’t Be Long, Let’s Go Now, Pretty Face, Pirate, Yesterday Girl, Firelove & Goodbye My Love.

Musicians on the Stand In The Light Album: Henry Kapono, Mike Baird, Neil Stubenhaus, Ron Rocky Ritchotte, Larry Muhoberac, Steve Forman, Tom Scott, Yvonne Elliman, Travis Fuller & Bill Plante.

Billy Katt – Secret Smiles

MCA Records 1982

Tracks: Sleeping Beauty, A Girl Like You, Secret Smiles, China, One Night (We’ll Make The Dream Come True), Nobody′s Fool, Winter Love, Wrote A Letter & By The Sea.

Musicians on the Secret Smiles album: Billy Katt, Bobby Donati, John Goux, John McFee, Steve Trovato, Mark B. Murphy, Sandy Berman, Chet McCracken, David Platshon, Tony Papa, Rosemary Butler & Billy Kirkland.

Billy Kaui – S.T.

Mele Records 1977

Tracks: Mr. Reggae, Close To You, Asking For A Night, Working On The Railroad, Sunny, Words To A Song, It Doesn’t Matter Anyhow, Empty, Marie & Up And At It Again.

Musicians on the Billy Kaui album: Billy Kaui and others.

Audy Kimura – A Gift Of Song

Good Life Productions 1985

Tracks: Stay A Little Longer, Melody & Harmony, I Think Of You, The American Dream, A Girl From My Younger Days, Put Your Love “On The Line”, With Your Love, Daydreamer, Why Don’t We Fall In Love, A Single Rose & Just A Little Love.

Musicians on the A Gift Of Song album: Audy Kimura, Russ Freeman, Jay Leach, Steve Billman, Mike Tavera, Dave Spurr, Steve Forman, Caz Macino, William Der Meulen, John Phillips, Amy Shulman, Scottie Haskell, Kris Johnson & Susan Morse.

Thomas Jefferson Kaye – First Grade

Dunhill Records 1974

Tracks: Northern California, Easy Kind Of Feeling, Sho Bout To Drive Me Wild, Say That You Love Me, American Lovers, Jones, Shine The Light, All Cried Out, L.A. & One Man Band.

Musicians on the First Grade album: Thomas Jefferson Kaye, Jim Gordon, Rick Derringer, Jeff Baxter, Dean Parks, Walter Becker, Joe Osborne, Donald Fagen, Michael Omartian, Jimmie Haskell, Victor Feldman, Dusty Springfield, Clydie King, Richie Furay, Jim Mason & Timothy B. Schmit.

Casey Kelly – For Sale

Elektra Records 1974

Tracks: Jus’ Enjoy All You Can Stand, Bayou Country, All I Could Do, Airport Song, Reach Out For Me, It’s Too Late To Change What’s Happened, I Wish I Knew, Honey Wait For Me, Sometimes I Think I Love You More & And I’m Home.

Musicians on the For Sale album: Casey Kelly Kenny Buttrey, Russell Kunkel, Reggie Young, John Christopher, Danny Kootch, Mike Leech, Leland Sklar, David Briggs, Michael Omartian, Mike Utley, Sneaky Pete, Weldon Myrick, Buddy Spiker, David Campell, George Tidwell, Billy Puett, Norm Ray & Dennis Good.

Casey Kelly – S.T.

Elektra Records 1972

Tracks: Silver Meteor, Making Believe, Run Away, Poor Boy, For Miss Julie, A Good Love Is Like A Good Song, You Can’t Get There From Here, Escaping Reality, Resign Yourself To Me & Visiting An Old Friend.

Musicians on the Casey Kelly album: Casey Kelly, Russell Kunkel, Jim Messina, Leland Sklar, Craig Doerge, Sneaky Pete & Al Garth.

Gerard Kenny – Living On Music

RCA Records 1980

Tracks: You’re The Best, Fantasy, Sucker For Love, The Crime That Pays 5 – April’s End (Buckinghamshire, England), Southern Comfort, Maggie, Jailbait, Getting To Know Each Other & Living On Music.

Musicians on the Living On Music album: Gerard Kenny, Phil Palmer, Mo Foster, David Cullen, Billy Layall, Peter Van Hooke, Frank Riccotti, Dominic Bugatti, Allan Carvel & Christopher Neil.

Gerard Kenny – Made It Thru The Rain

RCA Records 1979

Tracks: Fit To Bed, Music And Words, Son Of A Song And Dance Man, D-D-D-Dancin’, Love, New York New York, Pavement Princess, Drinking, Nickels And Dimes & Made It Thru’ The Rain.

Musicians on the Made It Thru The Rain album: Gerard Kenny, Phil Palmer, Mo Foster, David Cullen, Ken Freeman, Harold Fisher, Peter Van Hook, Frank Riccotti, Deke Arlon, Dominic Bugatti, Sharon Campbell, Kim Goody, Annie Kavanagh, Frank Musker, Christopher Neil & Nick Ryan.

Richard Kerr – No Looking Back

A&M Records 1982

Tracks: Free, Don’t Close Your Eyes Tonight, Shell Break You, Where Are You Now, Trying To Make You Smile, The Night Is Full Of Dreams, You Made It Beautiful, Dance Away, Somewhere In The Night & When The Good Times Come Again.

Musicians on the No Looking Back album: Richard Kerr, Joey Larson, Steve Lukather, Tony Peluso, Reggie Young, Bill Bodine, Joe Osborne, Jack Williams, Bill Cuomo, Shane Keister, Bob Lemmons, Ralph Humphrey, Kenny Malone, James Stroud, Steve Leshner, Jerry Peterson, Kim Carnes, Debbie Heal & Jeffrey Osborne.

Richard Kerr – Welcome To The Club

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: I Can’t Afford That Feeling Anymore, Live My Love For You, Dance Your Life Away, I Know I’ll Never Love This Way Again, Magic In The Air, I Feel It All, Hat Full Of Rain, This Is Your Captain Calling, Baby Don’t Let Go & Welcome To The Club.

Musicians on the Welcome To The Club album: Richard Kerr, Christopher Bond, John Leslie Hug, Scott Edwards, Tom Hensley, Ed Greene, Gary Coleman, Ernie Watts & Bill Champlin.

Richard Kerr – S.T.

Epic Records 1976

Tracks: Somewhere In The Night, Starlight, Mandy, More Than That, In The End, California Skies, Star Sailor, I Do Love You, Making The Best Of A Bad Situation, Is It So Wrong & Best For Last.

Musicians on the Richard Kerr album: Richard Kerr, Norbert Putman, Sneake Pete Kleinow, Art Munson, Colin Cameron, David Briggs, David Paich, Gary Mallaber, Kenny Buttrey, Farrell Morris, Mark Stevens, George Tidwell, Valerie Carter, Gale Dixon, Veneta Fields, Tom Jans, Gary Osborne & Lisa Roberts.

Chaka Khan – What Cha´Gonna Do For Me

Warner Bros 1981

Tracks: We Can Work It Out, What Cha’ Gonna Do For Me, I Know You I Live You, Any Old Sunday, We Got Each Other, And The Melody Still Lingers On (Night In Tunisia), Night Moods, Heed The Warning, Father He Said, Fate & I Know You Il Live You (Reprise).

Musicians on the What Cha´Gonna Do For Me: Chaka Khan, Hiram Bullock, Michael Sembello, Hamish Stuart, David Williams, Anthony Jackson, Abraham Laboriel, Bob Christianson, David Foster, Ronnie Foster, Herbie Hancock, Greg Phillinganes, David Richards, Richard Tee, Larry Williams, Steve Ferrone, Raymond Pounds, Casey Schelierell, Crusher Bennett, Paulinho Da Costa, Michael Brecker, Larry Williams, Randy Brecker, Lew Del Gatto, Dizzy Gillespie, Gary Grant, Larry Hall, Jerry Hey, Kim Hutchcroft, Bill Reichenbach, Barry Rodgers, Lew Soloff & Mark Stevens.

Kidd Glove – S.T.

Morocco Records 1984

Tracks: Good Clean Fun, Killer Instinct, Street Angel, Spirit Of The Night, Fade To Black, Hellzarockin’, Somewhere In A Song, Secrets & Suzie Wants To Be A Star.

Musicians on the Kidd Glove album: Michael Baird, Paul Sabu, Bobby Sandstrom, Jeff Steele, Michael Omartian & Terry Wood.

Bobby King – Love In The Fire

Motown Records 1984

Tracks: Show Me Your Magic, Somewhere Along The Way, Close To Me, Lovequake, Ain´t Never Met A Woman Like You, Sweet Love, Midnight Shine, Fall In Love & Love In The Fire.

Musicians on the Love In The Fire Album: Bobby King, Mike Baird, Freddie Washington, Michael Lovensmith, Paul Jackson, Tony Peluso, Marty Walsh, Denzil Miller, David Paich, Steve Williams, Michael Boddicker, Robbie Buchanan, Paulinho Da Costa, Ernie Watts, Maxine Willard, Julia Tillman, Oren Waters & J.D. Nicholas.

Bobby King – S.T.

Warner Bros 1981

Tracks: Fool For The Night, Having A Party, A Fool And His Love, Make It This Time, Summer Nights, Mind Reader, If You Don’t Want My Love, Lovers By Night & Heart To Heart.

Musicians on the Bobby King album: Bobby King, Jay Graydon, Paul Jackson Jr., Marty Walsh, Tim Weston, Abraham Laboriel, David Foster, Michael Omartian, Ed Greene, Paulinho Da Costa, Victor Feldman, Jim Horn, Kim Hutchcroft, Fred Selden, Chuck Findley, Jerry Hey, Dana Hughes, Dick Hyde, Steve Madaio, Bill Champlin, Tamara Champlin, Venette Gloud, Willie Green Jr., Stephanie Spruill, Carmen Twillie, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Fred Knoblock – Why Not Me

Scotti Bros 1980

Tracks: Why Not Me, Can I Get A Wish, Take A Flight Tonight, Laugh It Off, Still Feel The Same Way, A Bigger Fool, Love Isn’t Easy, Let Me Love You, It’s Over, Father & Can’t Keep From Crying.

Musicians on the Why Not Me album: Fred Knoblock, Larry Byrom, Gerry Pucket, Don Barrett, Russell Ferrante, Steve Hulse, James Stroud & Marilyn Scott.

Al Kooper – Championship Wrestling

Columbia Records 1982

Tracks: I Wish You Would, Two Sides To Every Situation, Wrestle With This, Lost Control, I’d Rather Be An Old Man’s Sweetheart, The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter, Bandstand, Finders Keepers & Snowblind.

Musicians on the Championship Wrestling album: Al Kooper, Jeff Baxter, Elliott Randall, George Perry, Neil Stubenhaus, Jim Ehinger, Paul Harris, Vinnie Colaiuta, Bruce Gary, Ed Greene, Joe Vitale, Steve Forman, Tower Of Power, Greg Taylor, Valerie Carter, Jim Gilstrap, Mickey Thomas, Julia Tillman Waters, Ricky Washington & Maxine Willard Waters.

Danny Kortchmar – Innuendo

Asylum Records 1980

Tracks: You And What Army, Lost In The Shuffle, Killer’s Kiss, The Ghost Of Errol Flynn, Endless Sleep, Betty And Her Friend, Innuendo, Ego Tripper, I Starred In That Movie, Hair Of The Dog & When The Eagle Flies.

Musicians on the Innuendo album: Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Kenny Edwards, Bob Glaub, Lee Sklar, Paul Stallworth, Michael Boddicker, Jim Keltner, David Kemper, Rick Marotta, Louise Goffin, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller, Linda Ronstadt & Jules Shear.

Jim Krueger – Sweet Salvation

Columbia Records 1978

Tracks: Run For Cover, Trinidad, Sweet Salvation, Hotnoggin Country Raga, We Just Disagree, How Long Has It Been, Lay Down Your Weapons, Don’t Call Me Chief, Midnight At My Door & Last Call.

Musicians on the Sweet Salvation album: Jim Krueger, Bob Glaub, Mike Finnigan, Michael Omartian, Rick Jaeger, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, Fred Selden, Nino Tempo, Ernie Watts, David Cassidy, Mike Finnigan, Max Gronenthal & Jennifer Warnes

Greg Lake – S.T.

Chrysalis Records 1981

Tracks: Nuclear Attack, Love You Too Much, It Hurts, Black And Blue, Retribution Drive, Long Goodbye, The Lie, Someone, Let Me Love You Once Before You Go & For Those Who Dare.

Musicians on the Greg Lake album: Greg Lake, Steve Lukather, Gary Moore, Dean Parks, W.G. Snuffy Walden, David Hungate, Tristian Margetts, Bill Cuomo, Tommy Eyre, Greg Mathieson, Michael Giles, Jode Leigh, Ted McKenna, Jeff Porcaro, Mark Sanders, Chuck Wike, Willie Cochrane & David Milner.

Brent Lamb – One Man

Power Discs 1986

Tracks: One Man, Destination Home, The Seasons Of My Soul, A Dime A Dozen, Ambush, Line Of Fire, I Love You Anyway, Crazy Mad Man, Tell My Why & All That I Can Be.

Musicians on the One Man album: Brent Lamb, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Mike Brignardello, Phil Naish & Mark Hammond.

Corky Laing – Makin´It On The Street

Elektra Records 1977

Tracks: On My Way (By The River), Makin’ It On The Street, Two Places At One Time, See Me Throught, Don’t You Worry, I Know, Somebody Told Me, Growin’ Old With Rock & Roll & Heaven.

Musicians on the Makin´It On The Street album: Corky Laing, Pete Carr, Tommy Talton, Calvin Arline, Neil Larsen, Randall Bramlett, Ronny Eades, Harrison Calloway, Charles Rose, Harvey Thompson, Frank Vicari, Venetta Fields, Clydie King & Sherlie Matthews.

Dennis Lambert – Bags & Things

Dunhill Records 1972

Tracks: Bags And Things, Ashes To Ashes, Of All The Things, Somebody Found Her (Before I Lost Her), I Didn´t Sing (In The New York Subway), Cross My Mind, Something To Remember You By, So Little Time, Rock And Roll Mood & Dream On.

Musicians on the Bags & Things album: Dennis Lambert, Hal Blaine, Jim Gordon, Ray Pohlman, Ben Benay, Artie Butler, Brian Potter, Plas Johnson, Bill Perkins & Ollie Mitchell.

Neil Larsen – High Gear

Horizon Records & Tapes 1979

Tracks: High Gear, Nile Crescent, Demonette, This Time Tomorrow, Futurama, Rio Este & Night Letter.

Musicians on the High Gear album: Neil Larsen, Buzz Feiten, Abraham Laboriel, Steve Gadd, Paulinho Da Costa, Michael Brecker, Nick DeCaro, Joe Farrell, Lenny Castro & Rickie Lee Jones.

Neil Larsen – Jungle Fever

Horizon Records & Tapes 1978

Tracks: Sudden Samba, Promenade, Windsong, Emerald City, Jungle Fever, Red Desert, Last Tango In Paris & From A Dream.

Musicians on the Jungle Fever album: Neil Larsen, Buzz Feiten, Willie Weeks, Andy Newmark, Ralph MacDonald, Michael Brecker, Larry Williams & Jerry Hey.

Bernie Leadon & Michael Georgiades – Natural Progressions

Asylum Records 1977

Tracks: Callin’ For Your Love, How Can You Live Without Love ?, Breath, Rotation, You’re the Singer, Tropical Winter, As Time Goes On, The Sparrow, At Love Again & Glass Off.

Musicians on the Natural Progressions album: Bernie Leadon, Michael Georgiades, John Bandini Brennan, Bryan Garofalo, Steve Goldstein, David Kemper, Bobbye Hall & Baron Stewart.

Angie Lewis – What´s It Gonna Take?

Power Discs 1986

Tracks: What’s It Gonna Take?, Dancin’ Around Each Other, It Was Me, Don’t Surrender, World Turns Slower, Real Hero, Keep Holdin’ On, Why Pray, Love’s Long Journey & Whatever It Takes.

Musicians on the What’s It Gonna Take? album: Angie Lewis and others.

Angie Lewis – Heart Dance

Power Discs 1985

Tracks: Heartdance, Lonely Warrior, O Lord Your Love, Silent Weeper, High Rise & Be Still.

Musicians on the Heart Dance album: Angie Lewis, Greg Jennings, Gordon Kennedy, Brent Rowan, Mike Brignardello, Gary Lunn, Shane Keister, Phil Naish, Mark Hammond, James Stroud, Farrell Morris, Jackie Cusic, Gary Janney, Bonnie Keen, Donna McElroy, Gary Pigg & Steve Taylor.

Gordon Lightfoot – East Of Midnight

Warner Bros 1986

Tracks: Stay Loose, Morning Glory, East Of Midnight, A Lesson In Love, Anything For Love, Let It Ride, Ectasy Made Easy, You Just Gotta Be, A Passing Ship & I’ll Tag Along.

Musicians on the East Of Midnight album: Gordon Lighfoot, Michael Landau, Bob Mann, Tom Szczesniak, David Foster, Mike Heffernan, James Newton Howard, Lou Pomanti, Tom Szczesniak, Barry Keane, Lenny Castro, Vern Dorge, Sheree Jeacocke, Richard Marx & Vesta Williams.

Gordon Lightfoot – Salute

Warner Bros 1983

Track: Salute (A Lot More Livin’ To Do), Gotta Get Away, Whispers Of The North, Someone To Believe In, Romance, Knotty Pine, Biscuit City, Without You, Tatoo & Broken Dreams.

Musicians on the Salute album: Gordon Lightfoot, Pee Wee Charles, Terry Clements, Dean Parks, Rick Haynes, Hadley Hockensmith, Mike Heffernan, Harlan Rogers, Barry Keane & Carole Parks.

Gordon Lightfoot – Shadows

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: 14 Karat Gold, In My Fashion, Shadows, Blackberry Wine, Heaven Help The Devil, Thank You For The Promises, Baby Step Back, All I’m After, Triangle, I’ll Do Anything & She’s Not The Same.

Musicians on the Shadows album: Gordon Lightfoot, Pee Wee Charles, Terry Clements, Dean Parks, Rick Haynes, Dennis Pendrith, Robbie Buchanan, Mike Heffernan, Barry Keane, Victor Feldman, Barry Keane & Herb Pedersen.

Little Feat – Down On The Farm

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Down On The Farm, Six Feet Of Snow, Perfect Imperfection, Kokomo, Be One Now, Straight From The Heart, Front Page News, Wake Up Dreaming & Feel The Groove.

Musicians on the Down On The Farm album: Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Lowell George, Kenny Gradney, Richard Hayward, Bill Payne, Fred Tackett, Rosemary Butler, Robben Ford, Sneake Pete Kleinow, David Lindley, Earl Palmer, Fran Payne, Bonnie Raitt, Dan Smith, Lee Thornburg, Julia Tillman Waters, Luther Waters, Oren Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Little Feat – Waiting For Columbus

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Join The Band, Fat Man In The Bathtub, All That You Dream, Oh Atlanta, Old Folks Boogie, Time Loves A Hero, Day Or Night, Mercenary Territory, Spanish Moon, Dixie Chicken, Tripe Face Boogie, Rocket In My Pocket, Willin’, Don’t Bogart That Joint, A Apolitical Blues, Sailin’ Shoes & Feats Don’t Fail Me Now.

Musicians on the Waiting For Columbus album: Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Lowell George, Kenny Gradney, Richard Hayward, Bill Payne, Greg Adams, Emilio Castillo, Mic Gillette, Stephen Kupka, Michael McDonald, Lenny Pickett, Patrick Simmons & Mick Taylor.

Little Feat – Time Loves A Hero

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Hi Roller, Time Loves A Hero, Rocket In My Pocket, Day At The Dog Races, Old Folks’ Boogie, Red Steamliner, New Delhi Freight Train, Keepin’ Up With The Joneses & Missin’ You.

Musicians on the Time Loves A Hero album: Paul Barrere, Sam Clayton, Lowell George, Kenny Gradney, Richard Hayward), Bill Payne, Fred Tackett, Greg Adams, Jeff Baxter, Emilio Castillo, Nick de Caro, Mic Gillette, Stephen Kupka, Michael McDonald, Lenny Pickett & Pat Simmons.

Kerry Livgren – Seeds Of Change

Kirshner Records 1980

Tracks: Just One Way, Mask Of The Great Deceiver, How Can You Live, Whiskey Seed, To Live For The King, Down To The Core, Ground Zero & Interview With Kerry Livgren.

Musicians on the Seeds Of Change album: Kerry Livgren, Gary Gilbert, Paul Goddard, Phil Ehart, Johnny Thompson, Bobby Campo, Robbie Steinhardt, Darryl Kutz, Brad Aaron, Joey Jelf, Mylon LeFevre, Victoria Livgren, Davey Moire, David Pack, Jeff Pollard, Steve Venezia, Steve Walsh & Donna Williams.

Lobo – S.T.

MCA Records 1979

Tracks: Where Were You When I Was Falling In Love, Spendin’ Time, Making Love, And Goin’ Crazy, A Days In The Life Of A Love, Heart To Heart (Person To Person), It’s Time To Face The Music And Dance, Holdin’ On For Dear Love, Lay Me Down, I Don’t Wanna Make Love Anymore, The Way I Came In & Gus The Dancing Dog.

Musicians on the Lobo album: Ken Bell, Larry Byrom, Mike Leech, Bob Ray, Steve Nathan, Roger Clark, Lea Jane Berinati, Larry Keith, Kent “Lobo” LaVoie, Steve Pippin, Lisa Silver & Van Stephenson.

Barron Longfellow

Master Records 1983

Tracks: Amour, Uptown Love – Downtown Love, Chicago’s Queen, And Now That It’s Over, Shady Hollow Dreamer, Go It Slow, The Couch, Femme Fatale, Harlem & Sugar Sugar.

Musicians on the Barron Longfellow album: Barron Longfellow, Jay Graydon, Jay Lewis, Steve Lukather, Dean Parks, Marty Walsh, Scott Edwards, Mike Porcaro, Bill Cuomo, David Foster, Michael Omartian, Michael Baird, Ed Greene, Willy Ornelas, Jay Lewis, Carole Carmichael Parks & Sally Stevens.

Jeff Lorber – Step By Step

Arista Records 1985

Tracks: Step By Step, Groovacious, Every Woman Needs It, On The Wild Side, This Is The Night, Best Part Of The Night, Pacific Coast Highway, It Takes A Woman & When You Gonna Come Back Home.

Musicians on the Step By Step album: Jeff Lorber, Marlon McClain, P.J. Peterson, Tinker Barfield, David Frank, Jimmy Maelen, Lenny Pickett, Gavin Christopher, James Robinson, Audrey Wheeler, Cindy Mizelle, Mic Murphy & James Robinson.

Jeff Lorber – In The Heat Of The Night

Arista Records 1984

Tracks: In The Heat Of The Night, Really Scarey, Don’t Say Yes, Tropical, Sushi Monster, Rock II, Seventh Heaven, Double Bad, Blast Off & Waterfall.

Musicians on the In The Heat Of The Night album: Jeff Lorber, Marlon McClain, Lee Ritenour, Nathan East, John “JR” Robinson, Paulinho Da Costa, Jimmy Johnson, John “JR” Robinson, Ronnie Laws, Phillip Ingram, Alex Ligertwood, Steve George, D. Page & Richard Page.

Mike Lundy – The Rhythm Of Life

Secor Records 1980

Tracks: Love One Another, So Sassy, Sweet Lady, Progress (Sometimes Is A Mess), Tropic Lighting, Round And Around, The Rhythm Of Life, Nothin Like Dat Funky Funky Music, Coming Home To You Hawaii & Cristy.

Musicians on the Rhythm Of Life album: Mike Lundy, Mike Kennedy, Ron Lundy, Rick Smith, Jamie Young, Gary Shimabukuro, Peter Hernandez, Bill Popaka, Star Williams, Stacy Johnson & Merri Lake.

Elliot Lurie – S.T.

Epic Records 1975

Tracks: Disco (Where You Gonna Do), I Think I´m fallin´, Blue Lady, Rainbow Girl, Just Another Music Man, My Baby Is A Lady, One More Saturday Nite, I Don´t Wanna Lose You (For My Life), Rock And Roll Lady & Happy.

Musicians on the Elliot Lurie album: Elliot Lurie, Ed Greene, Steve Gadd, David Hungate, Stephen Gelfand, Wilton Felder, Larry Carlton, David Paich, Joe Sample, Paul Griffin, Michael Omartian, Bobby Schaper, Gary Coleman, Ralph MacDonald, Ernie Watts, Maxine Dixon, Julia Tillman, Maxine Willard, Kim Carnes, Tom Seufert, Oren Waters & Luther Waters.

Cheryl Lyon – Lost Angel

Strawberry Records 1982

Tracks: Backstreet Girl, Mystery Woman, Hittin The Road, Get Rhythm, Crosstown Traffic, Lost Angel, Cool Boy, Rock And Roll Girl, Prisoner Of The Boulevard, Straight Line, Too Far & Disneyland To Venus.

Musicians on the Lost Angel album: Cheryl Lyon and others.

Lyons And Clark – Prism

Shelter Records 1976

Tracks: Floating On The Blue, I Thought I Would Try, Prisms, Nothing But Sand, Love Lines, No Deal, Keepin’ The Heat Down, Sweet Mistery, Open The Door, Penny Jar & Floating On Blue.

Musicians on the Prism album: Pam Clark, Debbie Lyons, Larry Carlton, Wilton Felder, Steve Gadd, Paul Griffin, David Hungate, Ralph McDonald, Michael Omartian, Jeff Porcaro, Joe Sample, Jerry Scheff & Tom Scott.


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