• West Coast Music

    As the name indicates West Coast Music has its origin on the American West Coast. The music emphasizes melody, harmonies and arrangements, and the vocal and instrumental performances are always with great skill and of high quality. The music is often performed by pop/rock artists from the American West Coast, but is in no way limited to any geografical area.

Vintage West Coast Music

The late seventies and early eighties are sometimes referred to as “The Golden Age” of West Coast Music, and the contrast to so much of what the nineties have offered us musically is remarkable.

Lots of studio recordings, especially in the Los Angeles area and with several artists or bands that released a few albums, some only a debut album and never had a follow up, also some artists moved to another music direction.

At this list you can see a selection of albums that are worthy a listening.

Ace – No Strings

Anchor Records 1977

Tracks: Rock And Roll Singer, You’re All That I Need, Crazy World, I’m Not Takin’ It Out On You, Movin’, Gleaming In The Gloom, Let’s Hang On, Why Did You Leave Me ?, Found Out The Hard Way & C’est La Vie.

Musicians on the No Strings album: Paul Carrack, Terry Comer, Phil Harris, Alan King, Steve Witherington, John Woodhead, Fran Byrne, Bobby Keys, Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madaio & Jim Price.

Agent – S.T.

Virgin Records 1986

Tracks: Heartbeat, I Can’t Hold Back, This Could Be The Night, She Trusted Me, On The Radio, Can’t Stop, Change Of Heart 8, Surrender, Blame It On Love & Headlines.

Musicians on the Agent album: Dave Allan, Rick Livingston, Andre Kunkel, Bob Smart, Craig Zurka, Darby Mills, Dave Pickell & Mike Reno.

Airborne – S.T.

Columbia Records 1979

Tracks: The Lady Knows Best, Feel Like Lovin’, Ghost Of Love, Wastin’ My Time, No Exception To The Rule, Soldier Of Fortune, That’s Where My Love Gone, Life In The City, Stand Up & Optimystical.

Musicians on the Airborne album: Michael Baird, Beau Hill, John Pierce, Larry Stewart & David Zychek (Guitars & Vocals).

Airborne – Song For A City

Ocean Records 1977

Tracks: Marie, Someone Like You, Old Man, You, Sail Away, Loving You, Never The Same Love, Song For A City, Dance Lads Dance, Lamplighter & Someday.

Musicians on the Song For A City album: Darryl Bohn, Lorne Fiedler, David Giddings, Ron Hjorth, Bruce Johnston, Donn Tarris, Pat Caird, Lorne Davidson, Deborah Gibson, Bruce Watson & Raymond Wong.

Albrecht, Roley & Moore – Take It To The People

Spirit Records 1980

Tracks: Confrontations, Take It To The People, Sonlight Fell On Me, Looking For Lifetime Love, Living Nightdream, Cross On Over, Son Of Man, Someone Is Waiting, Letter To Laura & I’m On My Way.

Musicians on the Take It To The People album: Michael Jon Albrecht, Al Moore, Scott Roley, David McKay, Randy Mitchell, Greg Nelson, Al Perkins, Richard Souther, Dallas Taylor, Rick Vito & Bobby Warford.

Albrecht, Roley & Moore – Starlighter

Spirit Records 1978

Tracks: Questioning Heart, Carry It On, Chasin’ The Rain, Song Of The Starlighter, Eyes On The Clouds, Holiday Son, One To One, Rise Complete My Maiden, You Are My Life & Benediction.

Musicians on the Starlighter album: Michael Jon Albrecht, Alan Moore, Scott Roley, Pete Bordonali, Bonnie Bramlett, Tommy Cogbill, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Kenny Malone, Joe Osborn, Shelly Kurland Strings, Bobby Thompson, John Thompson & Jack Williams.

Albrecht, Roley & Moore – Gentle Flowing Feeling

White Horse 1977

Tracks: Take Me To The Comfort, Engaged, Further Up And Further, Over The Next Horizon, Constantly, Lead Me Through, Shotgun, Journey, White Seagull, Drink In The Soft Sound, To Keep Me Struggling On & Gently Flowing Feeling

Musicians on the Gentle Flowing Feeling album: Michael Albrecht, Alan Moore, Scott Roley, Stephen Alexandersen, Tim Briggs, Russ Daughtry, Bob Gelotte, Steve Hanna, Bob Hartman, Jeff Knudsen, Greg Nelson, Al Perkins, David Ringenbach, David Swenson & John Michael Talbot.

Karen Alexander – Voyager

Asylum Records 1978

Tracks: The Call, Babes In The Woods, Isaac Newton, I’d Rather Be Here With You, Believe In Me, You’re My Sailor, Bring ‘Em To Me, Bermuda Triangle, She Meant To Stay & I Need Your Love.

Musicians on the Voyager album: Karen Alexander, Mike Anthony, Ron Cook, Jay Graydon, Morris Mizrahi, Ralph Grierson, Peter Robinson, Richard Thompson, Ralph Humphrey, Jim Keltner, Gary Coleman, Steve Forman, Bob Morin, Jeff Porcaro, Glenn Ferris, Jim Self & Ernie Watts.

The Aliis – S.T.

Paradise Productions 1981

Tracks: Lady You’re My Rainbow, Here I Am, I Got This Thing, A Love So Right, Until Now, There’s Be No One, Learning To Love, You Are The Best Of My Life, Gee Baby & Having You Near Me.

Musicians on the Aliis album: Carlos Barbosa, Benny Chong), Danny Couch, Bobby King, Joe Mundo, Bill Cuomo, Dick Hieronymus & Thom Rotella.

All Sports Band – S.T.

Radio Records 1981

Tracks: Can’t Give Up The Feeling, Turn This Game Around, Jet Set, Opposites Do Attract, I’m Your Superman, Run Away, Can’t Change Destiny, Hit ‘N’ Run & I’m Hurt.

Musicians on the All Sports Band album: The Boxer, Alfonso Carey, Chuck Sentis), Cy Sulack, Michael John Toste, Joe Esposito, Jim Haas, Jon Joyce & Bobby Kimball.

Deborah Allen – Let Me Be The First

RCA Records 1984

Tracks: I Can’t Stand It, Your Love, Please Don’t Fall In Love, Prove Your Right, If I Didn’t Love You, Let Me Be The First, You Do It, Heartache And A Half, It’s A Good Thing & It Makes Me Cry.

Musicians on the Let Me Be The First album: Deborah Allen, Rafe Van Hoy, Steve Gibson, Brent Rowan, Tom Robb, John Jarvis, Steve Nathan, Giles Reaves, Bobby Wood, Eddie Bayers, Jim Horn, Gary Nicholson, Shane Stafford, Eddie Struzick & Dennis Wilson.

Deborah Allen – Cheat The Night

RCA Records 1983

Tracks: Baby I Lied, Cheat The Night, Fool’s Paradise, I Hurt For You, What’s The Matter With Me & I’ve Been Wrong Before.

Musicians on the Cheat The Night album: Deborah Allen, George Doering, Buzz Feiten, Steve Gibson, Weldon Myrick, Brent Rowan, Fred Tackett, Rafe Van Hoy, Tom Robb, Neil Stubenhaus, Robbie Buchanan, Dennis Burnside, Bobby Ogdin, Eddie Bayers, Rick Shlosserm Dennis Burnside, Carl Gorodetzky, The Nashville String Machine, Don Gant, Herb Pedersen, Joey Scarbury & Dennis Wilson.

Allies – Virtues

Light Records 1986

Tracks: Hardened Hearts, On With The Fight, If You Believe, Harmony, Prayer For The Children, In America, Jacque Remembers, Somebody Told Me You Were Crying, Let’s Fall In Love & Runnin’ Out Of Time.

Musicians on the Virtues album: Bob Carlisle, Matthew Chapman, Jim Erickson, Sam Scott, Randy Thomas, Dino Elefante, Tim Heintz, Mike Mireau & Eric Rosse.

Allies – S.T.

Light Records 1985

Tracks: Surrender, Second Chance, Don’t Run Away, Send Me, Don’t Keep Him Waiting, Don’t You Worry, Morningstar, I’ll be Your Brother & Pardon Me.

Musicians on the Allies album: Bob Carlisle, Matthew Chapman, Jim Erickson, Sam Scott, Randy Thomas, John Elefante & Tim Heintz.

The Greg Allman Band – Playin´Up A Storm

Capricorn Records 1977

Tracks: Come And Go Blues, Let This Be A Lesson To Ya’, Brightest Smile In Town, Bring It On Back, Cryin’ Shame, Sweet Feelin’, It Ain’t No Use, Matthew’s Arrival & One More Try.

Musicians on the Playin´Up A Storm album: Gregg Allman, Steve Beckmeier, Ricky Hirsh, John Leslie Hug, Neil Larsen, Bill Stewart, Willie Weeks, Fred Beckmeier, Red Callender, Dr. John, Victor Feldman, Venetta Fields, Clydie King, Milt Holland, David Luell, Steve Madaio, Sherlie Matthews, Bill Payne & Pat Rizzo.

Allman And Woman – Two The Hard Way

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Move Me, I Found You Love, Can You Fool, You’ve Really Got A Hold On Me, We’re Gonna Make It, Do What You Gotta Do, In For The Night, Shadow Dream Song, Island, I Love Makin’ Love To You & Love Me.

Musicians on the Two The Hard Way album: Gregg Allman, Cher, Scott Boyer, Randall Bramlett, Harrison Calloway, Ben Cauley, Ronnie Eades, Dennis Good, Bobbye Hall, Ricky Hirsh, Jim Horn, John Leslie Hug, Bill Stewart, Fred Tackett, Harvey Thompson & Willie Weeks.

Justo Almario – Forever Friends

Meadowlark Records 1985

Tracks: Sharing, Song For Lea, Forever Friends, Siciliano, Beautiful, Skipping Pebbles, To The Praise & My Love.

Musicians on the Forever Friends album: Justo Almario, Hadley Hockensmith, Larry Klein, Abraham Laboriel, Russell Ferrante, Jimmy Tanaka, Alex Acuna & Bill Maxwell.

Justo Almario – Forever Friends “Japanese Edition”

Meadowlark Records 1985

Tracks: Sharing, Song For Lea, Forever Friends, Siciliano, Beautiful, Skipping Pebbles, To The Praise & My Love.

Musicians on the Forever Friends album: Justo Almario, Hadley Hockensmith, Larry Klein, Abraham Laboriel, Russell Ferrante, Alex Acuna & Bill Maxwell.

Debbie Amstutz – No Other One

Greentree Records 1980

Tracks: Don’t You Think It’s Time, So Much, Don’t Be A Fool, Jesus I’m An Open Book, Trusting Jesus, No Other One, Rose Petal Lady, Praise Song & Softly And Tenderly.

Musicians on the No Other One album: Debbie Amstutz, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Jack Williams, Dony McGuire, Shane Keister, Kenny Malone, Dennis Solee, Shelley Kurland Strings, Dallas Holm & Phil Johnson.

James Anderson – Strangest Feeling

Kat Family Records 1982

Tracks: Can’t Fake It, She’s Got You Runnin’, Strangest Feeling, One Way Love, Is She Anderson Who Loves You, Big Bird, Beach, Loose Again & Life Saver.

Musicians on the Strangest Feeling album: James Anderson, Steve Hardwick, Rick Hinkle, Barry Dunaway, Doug Bare, Paul Davis, Alan Feingold, Benny Rappa, Ed Seay & Carole Vito.

Maxi Anderson – Maxi

Blue Note Records 1977

Tracks: Let Him In, Dancin’ To Keep From Cryin’, Walk Softly, The Perfect Day, This One’s For You, Delta Road, Lover To Lover, Glory Glory, By Your Side & Music On My Mind.

Musicians on the Maxi album: Maxi Anderson, Jay Graydon, Ray Parker Jr., David T. Walker, Wilton Felder, Sonny Burke, Greg Phillinganes, James Gadson, Paulinho Da Costa, Plas Johnson, Ernie Watts, Dorothy Ashby, Gene Cipriano, Terry Harrington, Tommy Morgan, Jim Gilstrap, Augie Johnson, John Lehman & Julia Tillman Waters.

Little Anthony – Daylight

MCA Songbird 1980

Tracks: Love’s The Only Way To Survive, Your Love, You Only Get Out Of Life What You Put In, Walk On Water, Reach Up, Love Was Born For Me, I’ll Be Thinking Of You, My Best Friend, You Came Just In Time To Love Me & Gospel Train.

Musicians on the Daylight album: Little Anthony and others.

Ark – …The Angels Come

Spirit Records 1979

Tracks: Hold Me Tonight, Birthsong, For All You Know, A Place for Love, Hungry World, Don’t Look Now, All to Pieces, Standing at the Door, Arms of the Lord & Why.

Musicians on the …The Angels Come album: Derek Jeffery, James Kehn, Dave Kelly, David MacKay, Al Perkins, Jay Larremore & Greg Nelson.

Bobby Arvon – Until Now

First Artists Records 1977

Tracks: Until Now, Yesterday’s Odds And Ends, Stay A Little Longer, We’re All Going Down Together, Prospect Road, From Now On, Diamond In The Rough, Bright Lights And City Life, Drift Away & Lady I Love You.

Musicians on the Until Now album: Bobby Arvon, Lee Ritenour, Marc Levine, Gabriel Katona, Michael Baird, Laudir De Oliveira, John Lombardo, The L.A. Horns, Glenn Grab Strings & Milan Kymlicka.

Mark Ashton – Solo

Ariola Records 1979

Tracks: Dancing In The Street, Blue Blue Nights, That’s The Way It Is, In The Street, So Many Do, Down To You Boy, Thinking Of You, One Road At A Time & When I’m Out West.

Musicians on the Solo album: Mark Ashton, Winston Delandro, Steve Gould, Bob Weston, Pete Willsher, Mickey Feat, Terry Wilson, Derek Austin, Miguel Barrados, Tony Braunagel, Peter Van Hooke & Phil Wainman.

Atlanta Rhythm Section – Quinella

Columbia Records 1981

Tracks: Homesick, Quinella, Alien, Higher, You’re So Strong, Outlaw Music, Pretty Girl, Southern Exposure & Going To Shangri-La.

Musicians on the Quinella album: Barry Bailey, J.R. Cobb, Dean Daughtry, Paul Goddard, Ronnie Hammond, Roy Yeager, Buddy Buie, Mark Denning & Steve McRae.

Atlanta Rhythm Section – Champagne Jam

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: Large Time, I’m Not Gonna Let It Bother Me Tonight, Normal Love, Champagne Jam, Imaginary Love, The Ballad Of Lois Malone, The Great Escape & Evileen.

Musicians on the Champagne Jam album: Barry Bailey, J.R. Cobb, Dean Daughtry, Paul Goddard, Ronnie Hammond, Robert Nix, Jo Jo Billingsley, Buddy Buie, Paul Davis & Artimus Pyle.

Brian Auger And Julie Tippets – Encore

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Spirit, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood, Git Up, Freedom Highway, Future Pilot, Rope Ladder To The Moon, No Time To Live, Nothing Will Be As It Was & Lock All The Gates.

Musicians on the Encore album: Brian Auger, Julie Tippetts, Dave Crigger, George Doering, David McDaniels, Jessica Smith, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Aviary – S.T.

Epic Records 1979

Tracks: Soaring, Anthem For The USA, Puddles, As Close As You Can Get, Mystic Sharon, Feel The Heart (Then You’ll Be Mine Again), Average Boy, I Will Hear & Maple Hall.

Musicians on the Aviary album: Toby Bowen, Richard Bryans, Brad Love, Paul Madden & Ken Steimonts.

Bob Ayala – Rescued

Pretty Good Records 1985

Tracks: How Can I Tell Them, Lord Won’t You Come Out To New York, Who’ll Be the Next To Go?, While I’m Waiting For You, Pour Through Me, Heidi, It’s My Dream, Turn It Over, Heart Of Steel & We Welcome You Lord.

Musicians on the Rescued album: Bob Ayala, Hadley Hockensmith, Jim Johnson, Russell Ferrante, Rhett Lawrence, Michael Ruff, Bill Maxwell, Alex Acuna, Justo Almario, Shirley Ayala, Howard Smith, Phyllis St. James & BeBe Winans.

Bob Ayala – Journey

Myrrh Records 1980

Tracks: Anna, Dear God, Head In The Clouds, We’ve All Seen Them, Vanya, Little Praise Song, Journey, Valerie, Positive Confession, On My Way & Beauty For Ashes.

Musicians on the Journey album: Bob Ayala, Randy Mitchell, Al Perkins, Fred Tackett, Dennis Belfield, David MacKay, David Diggs, David Garland, Richard Souther, Jim Keltner, James Keene, Buddy King, David Garland, Dave Coy, Dennis Karmazyn, Shirley Ayala, Derek Jeffery & Malcolm Wild.

Aztec Two-Step – Adjoining Suites

RCA Records 1978

Tracks: Wonder If We Tried, Brand New, You And I, One Thing I Forgot To Tell You, John Gary, Looking Glass, Hurting, Up In Lilly’s Room, Waywarding Day & Born Again.

Musicians on the Adjoining Suites album: Rex Fowler, Neal Shulman, Gordon Cohen, Michael Finkelstein, David Gross & David Sleight.

Bad News Travel Fast – Ordinary Man

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Ordinary Man, Can’t Fool Me, We Still Need You Lovin’, Monopoly Rag, Rising Sunset, Jewels, Spare A Dime & All The Way To Memory.

Musicians on the Ordinary Man album: Bernie Arcadio, Andre Ceccarelli, Jaycee Chanavat, Sherie Komisar, Arthur Simms, Madeleine Bell, Tony Bonfils, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Jon Faddis, Patrick Halling, Ruby James, Laurie Lewis, Manuel Roche, George Rodi & George Young.

Bad News Travel Fast – Look Out

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Look Out, 1959 Mysterious Lady, Play You A Love Song, Come To Me Babe, Good News Travels Faster, A Sigh, Virginia, Sweet Melody For Me & Here In The Night.

Musicians on the Look Out album: Bernie Arcadio, Andre Ceccarelli, Jaycee Chanavat, Sherie Komisar, Arthur Simms, Pete Balin, Madeleine Bell, Tony Bonfils, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Claude Engel, Manuel Roche & George Young.

Anita Baker – Rapture

Elektra Records 1986

Tracks: Sweet Love, You Bring Me Joy, Caught Up In The Rapture, Been So Long, Mystery, No One In The World, Same Ole Love & Watch Your Step.

Musicians on the Rapture album: Anita Baker, Donald Griffin, Paul Jackson Jr., Gregg Moore, Dean Parks, Michael J. Powell, Jimmy Haslip, Neil Stubenhaus, David B. Washington, Freddy Washington, Paul Chiten, Vernon Fails, Sir Gant, Randy Kerber, Greg Phillinganes, Ricky Lawson, Arthur Marburry III, John “JR” Robinson, Lorenzo Brown, Paulinho Da Costa, Lawrence Fratangelo, Gerard Albright, Don Myrick, Alex Brown, Lynn Davis, Jim Gilstrap, Bunny Hull, Phillip Ingram, Natalie D. Jackson, Darryl Phinnissee & Vesta Williams.

Bandit – Partners In Crime

Ariola Records 1978

Tracks: Stick Around, High On Your Love, Love Song, One Way Love, Visions Of You, Rocker, Best Of You, Memories Of You, Change Of Heart & Don’t You Worry.

Musicians on the Partners In Crime album: Tony Lester, Danny McIntosh, Theodore Thunder & Gerry Trew.

Brown Bannister – Talk To One Another

NewPax Records 1981

Tracks: Talk To One Another, Honesty, Love Song, Love Waits For You, Nature Of Love, Carry On, Lutte De Coeur, I Loved You Once, Lay It All Down, Sometimes My Heart & Create In Me A Clean Heart.

Musicians on the Talk To One Another album: Brown Bannister and others.

Jesse Barish – Mercury Shoes

RCA Victor 1980

Tracks: Mercury Shoes, Too Hip To Be Happy, Love Is A Chain, Street Music, Rock & Roll Thing, Watermelon Dreams, Valley Of A Thousand Dreams, Badman & Shine On The Rain.

Musicians on the Mercury Shoes album: Jesse Barish, Johnny DeCaro, Austin DeLone, John Leslie Hug, James Ralston, Doug Kilmer, Greg Phillinganes, Jay David, Steve Forman, Tommy Vig, Alto Reed, Marty Balin, Johnny DeCaro & James Ralston.

Jesse Barish – S.T.

RCA Victor 1978

Tracks: Count On Me, Feeling For A Song, Power Of Love, Love Thats Right, You, Grand Illusion, Kiss Made The World Begin, Winds Away, Lovers Cheap & Way To Love.

Musicians on the Jesse Barish album: Jesse Barish, Austin DeLone, Phil Greenberg, Joel Jaffe, Jack O’Hara, Doug Kilmer, Austin DeLone, Lenny Pickett, M.L. Benoit, Tower Of Power, Randall Pratt, Tucki Bailey, Jay David, Marty Balin & The Fallen Angels.


Columbia Records 1974

Tracks: Tell Her She’s Lovely, Living’s Worth Loving, Wake Me In The Morning, Mirror, Joe Arnold, Dig Up The Love, Kathy, Lady Of The Sake, Treat Me Right Treat Me Wrong, High Tide, Wishing My Father & Maybe I’ll Run Away.

Musicians on the Batteaux album: David Batteau, Robin Batteau, John Guerin, Andy Newmark, Peter Freiberger, Doug McClaran, Milt Holland, Tom Scott, Shelby Flint, Robin Lane, Sally Stevens & Jackie Ward.

Barbi Benton – Something New

Playboy Records 1976

Tracks: Something New, Needing You, In The Winter, # 1 With A Heartache, Lucky One, Riding On A Rainbow, Staying Power, Ride Baby Ride, San Diego Serenade, He’s A Rebel & Thinking Of You.

Musicians on the Something New album: Barbi Benton, Ben Benay, Steve Cropper, Kenny Edwards, Andrew Gold, Davey Johnstone, Sneake Pete Kleinow, Danny Kortchmar, Waddy Wachtel, Richie Zito, Dee Murray, Lee Sklar, Craig Doerge, Andrew Gold, James Newton Howard, Bill Payne, Bill Schwartz, Russ Kunkel, Nigel Olsson, Eli Bird, Robert H. Keyes, Chuck Findley, Jim Horn, Jackie Kelso, Jim Price, Jimmie Haskell, Kathy Collier, Kenny Edwards, Donny Gerrard, Carmen Twillie, Brian Russell, Brenda Russell & Venette Gloud.

Barnabas – Feel The Fire

Light Records 1984

Tracks: Prelude, The Dream, Breathless Wonderment, Hearts, Feel The Fire, Northern Lights, Follow You Up & Suite For The Souls Of Our Enemies (Part I – Hammer and Sickle).

Musicians on the Feel The Fire album: Brian Belew, Kris Klingensmith, Gary Mann, Nancy Jo Mann, Jack Dawson, Marci Meyocks, Susie Tucker & Tom Tucker.

Barnabas – Approaching Light Speed

Light Records 1983

Tracks: No Freedom, Stormclouds, If Love Brings Love, Waiting For The Aliens, Warrior, Never Felt Better, Subterfuge & Crucifixion.

Musicians on the Approaching Light Speed album: Brian Belew, Kris Klingensmith, Nancy Jo Mann & Gary Mann.

Barnabas – Find Your Heart A Home

Tunesmith 1982

Tracks: Saviour, There’s A New World Coming, Directory Assistance, Little Faith, He Loves You, B.C., Playin’ For Him, No More Blues, Father Of Lies (A Song About The Other Guy) & It’s Up To You.

Musicians on the Find Your Heart A Home album: Kris Brauninger, Mick Donner, Kris Klingensmith, Gary Mann & Nancy Jo Mann.

Lou Ann Barton – Old Enough

Asylum Records 1982

Tracks: I’m Old Enough, Brand New Lover, It’s Raining, It’s Ain’t Right, Finger Poppin’ Time, Shop These Teardrops, The Sudden Stop, The Doodle Song, Maybe & Every Night Of The Week.

Musicians on the Old Enough album: Lou Ann Barton, Duncan Cameron, Glenn Frey, Jimmie Johnson, Wayne Perkins, Jimmie Vaughan, Ronnie Eades, David Hood, Barry Beckett, Clayton Ivey, Roger Hawkins, Tom Roady, Ronnie Eades, Al Garth, Walter King, Greg Piccolo, Harvey Thompson, Harrison Galloway, Muscle Shoals Horns, Charles Rose, Ava Aldridge, Lou Ann Barton, The Flemtones, Lenny LeBlanc, Cindy Richardson & Eddie Struzick.

BeBe & CeCe Winans – Lord Lift Us Up

PTL Club Records & Tapes 1984

Tracks: Worth The While, Nevertheless, Turn, The Right Choice, I’m Gonna Miss You, I Really Love You, Up Where We Belong, He’ll Be There, The Giver Of Life & We Are Not Ashamed.

Musicians on the Lord Lift Us Up album: BeBe Winans, CeCe Winas and others.

Beckmeier Brothers – S.T.

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Fly Bird, Rock And Roll Dancin’, Snakes In The Grass, That’s What I Like About My Baby, You Can Love, Rosie, How Could I Let You Leave Me, Cryin’ Shame & All Of Me.

Musicians on the Beckmeier Brothers album: Freddie Beckmeier, Stevie Beckmeier, Steve Berlin, Gary Ferguson, Richie Hayward, David Kalish, Neil Larsen, R.A. Martin & David Shaw.

The Bee´s Knees – Pure Honey

Derrick Records 1979

Tracks: Starry Eyes, Winnin’ And Losin’, All My Love, Smile, Rainy Night In Georgia, Wasted, You And I & I Can See The Child.

Musicians on the Pure Honey album: Richard Bannister, Roger Burton, Rusty Lewis, Michael Paulson, Larry Wallace, Jim Casey, Patrick Darling, D.C. Duncan, Paula Evans, Anson Funderbuergh, Steve Howard, Jerry Jackson, Randy Lee, Kelly McNulty, Dorothy Nelson, John Osborne & Jim Scaggiari.

The Bee´s Knees – S.T.

Derrick Records 1978

Tracks: Child Is Father To The Man, She Gotta Go, One More Heartache, Carolina, Right Before Your Very Eyes, Drifter, Looking For Love, Gimme Some Skin, My Friend & (Somewhere In The Middle Of The) Milky Way.

Musician on the Bee’s Knees album: Roger Burton, Jerry Jackson, Michael Paulson, Richard Bannister, D.C. Duncan, Anson Funderburgh, Frank James, Randy Lee, Rusty Lewis, John Pierce, Mickey Raphael, Larry Rogers & Jimmie Spheeris.

Bellamy Brothers – You Can Get Crazy

MCA Records 1980

Tracks: Dancin’ Cowboys, Sugar Daddy, Foolin’ Around, Comin’ Back For More, I Could Be Makin’ Love To You, Dead Aim, You Can Get Crazy With Me, Fast Train Out Of Texas, Naked Lady & Let Me Waltz Into Your Heart.

Musican on the You Can Get Crazy album: David Bellamy, Howard Bellamy, Bobby Bruce, Carl Chambers, Jesse Chambers, Alan Estes, Daniel Jones, Jon Lafrande, Rod Price & Carlos Vega.

Bob Bennett – Non-Fiction

Star Song 1985

Tracks: Savior Of The World, Waking / Falling Dream, Where the Shadows Fall Like Rain, Numbers Game, The View From Kenmar Lane, Will You Hold On To Me?, Laughing Like You, Voices & Still Rolls The Stone.

Musicians on the Non-Fiction album: Bob Bennett, Wayne Brasel, David Mansfield, Marty Walsh, Jim Johnson, John Patitucci, Smitty Price, John Andrew Schreiner, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jim Keltner, Keith Edwards, Victor Feldman, Alex MacDougall, Brandon Fields, Walt Fowler, Jonathan David Brown & Tammy Brown.

Bob Bennett – Matters Of The Heart

Priority Records 1982

Tracks: Matters Of The Heart, Falling Stars, Mountain Cathedrals, 1951, A Song About Baseball, Madness Dancing, Together All Alone, Beggar, Come And See & Heart Of The Matter.

Musicians on the Matters Of The Heart album: Bob Bennett, Don Gerber, Hadley Hockensmith, Steve Swinford, John Patitucci, Smitty Price, Keith Edwards, John Ferraro, Alex McDougall, John Phillips, Roby Duke & Kelly Willard.

Bob Bennett – First Things First

Maranatha Music 1979

Tracks: Carpenter Gone Bad ?, The Night Shift, Whistling In The Dark, The Best, You’re Welcome Here, Forgive And Forget, My Redeemer Lives, The Garden Song, I Belong To You & Healings.

Musicians on the First Things First album: Bob Bennett, Jim Fielder, Ron Tutt, Alex MacDougall, Bill Alsup, Phil Ayling, Darrel Gardner, Val Johnson, Ron Loofbourrow, Nils Oliver, John Phillips, Bob Sanders & Terry Winch.

Gary Benson – Rushing In To Love

Kenwood Records 1984

Tracks: Rushing Into Love, I Wanna Get Involved With You, Video Games, Best Seller, Jekyll & Hyde, How, Don’t Play With The Supernatural, Together We’re Falling Appart, Between The Devil & The Deep Blue Sea.

Musicians on the Rushing In To Love album: Gary Benson, Ray Russell, Andy Brown, Graham Todd and others.

Gary Benson – Moonlight Walking

Trio Records 1983

Tracks: Dying To Live With You, Counting The Days Away, What’s Gonna Happen To Us, What I Was Trying To Say, Moonlight Walking, It’s A Love Thing, You Don’t Know What That Does To Me, I Think This Could Be It, You’re The One & Sanctuary.

Musicians on the Moonlight Walking album: Gary Benson, Steve Lukather, Ray Russell, Lee Sklar, Russ Kunkel, Frank Ricotti, Vicky Brown & Leah Kunkel.

Wayne Berry – Home At Last

RCA Records 1974

Tracks: All I Needed, Another’s Lifetime, Indian Woman From Wichita, Snowbound, Welcome Home, Dixie’s Pride, Black Magic Gun, Ballad Of Jonah, Gene’s Tune & Lover’s Moon.

Musicians on the Home At Last album: Wayne Berry, Jim Gordon, Roger Hawkins, Kenneth Buttrey, James Rolleston, David Hood, Joe Osborn, Norbert Putman, Jeff Baxter, Jesse Ed Davis, Pete Carr, Jimmy Johnson, Reggie Young, David Paich, Barry Beckett, David Briggs, Ben Cauley, Harrison Cauley Jr, Ronnie Eades, Charlies Lloyd Rose, Harvey Thompson, Ned Doheny, Ginger Holladay, Mary Holladay, James Rolleston & Jackson Browne.

Anne Bertucci – Cool Hand

Canyon International 1983

Tracks: Satisfy My Need, Gimme Some Love, Love Is A Symphony, Mercury Love, Love Strike, Number One Contender, Day And Night Man, Cool Hand, Where Did We Go Wrong & Dear John.

Musicians on the Cool Hand album: Anne Bertucci, Dan Dugmore, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Andrew Kastner, Brian Ray, Bob Glaub, Larry Klein, Wade Short, Neil Stubenhaus, Luis Cabaza, David Foster, John Gilutin, Greg Mathieson, Bill Payne, Ian Underwood, Michael Baird, Rick Shlosser, Carlos Vega, Paulinho Da Costa, Jack Mack & The Heart Attack.

Anne Bertucci – I Need You

Canyon International 1982

Tracks: Cool Hand, Where Did We Go Wrong, Love Strike, Come Back To Me, Mercury Love, Day And Night Man, Gimme Some Love, Try Again & Satisfy My Need.

Musicians on the I Need You album: Anne Bertucci, Dan Dugmore, Michael Landau, Bob Glaub, Bill Payne, Rick Shlosser, Bill Bergman, Les Lovitt, Rosemary Butler & Max Gronenthal.

Anne Bertucci – S.T.

Ultraphone 1981

Tracks: I Am Number One 2 – Against The Law 3 – Substitution 4 – You’re Out 5 – Room N° 3 6 – Vive La Difference 7 – It’s A Crazy Life 8 – Jamaica Singer 9 – So Selfish 10 – No No No 11 – Don’tcha Dare Love Me 12 – Ice Cream Cone.

Musicians on the Anne Bertucci album: Anne Bertucci, Michael Landau, Steve Lukather, Mike Porcaro, Lee Sklar, David Foster, Greg Mathieson, Michael Baird, Rick Shlosser, Paulinho Da Costa, Steve Tavaglione, Steve George, Tom Kelly & Richard Page.

Bim – Thistles

Elektra Records 1978

Tracks: Tender Lullaby, Right After My Heart, Waitin’ For You Mama, Shell Of A Life, Broke Down, Woh Me & Thistles.

Musicians on the Thistles album: Roy Forbes, Mac Cridlin, David Foster, Bob Glaub, Jeff Porcaro, Ron Tutt, Blue Williams & Jai Winding.

Birtles & Goble – The Last Romance

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Lonely Lives, Last Romance, I’m Coming Home, I Didn’t Stand A Chance, He Gives Us All His Love, The Netherlands, Into My Life, You’ll Never Change Your Mind, How I Feel Tonight & Whales.

Musicians on the Last Romance album: Beeb Birtles, Graehem Goble, David Briggs, Don Burrows, Michael Clarke, Joe Creighton, Clive Harrison, Bill Harrower, Peter Jones, Mark Kennedy, Jerry Kroon, Mal Logan, George McArdle, Steve Nathan, Derek Pellicci, Barry Sullivan & Alan Zavod.

Bishop And Gwinn – This Is Our Night

Infinity Records 1979

Tracks: This Is Our Night, In Your Eyes, Santa Monica Pier, Spendin’ All My Lovin’ (On You), To Daddy, Flight #3, Livin’ In Two Different Cities, Ancient Egypt, Delicate Harmony & You Take Me To Heaven (For Emily).

Musicians on the This Is Our Night album: Randy Bishop, Marty McGwinn, Tony Berg, Craig Doerge, John Jarvis, David Kemper, John Klemmer, David Lewell, Steve Lukather, Matthew McCauley, Fred Mollin, Jeff Porcaro, David Sanborn, Lee Sklar & Fred Tackett.

Black Rose – S.T.

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Never Should’ve Started, Julie, Take It From The Boys, We All Fly Home, 88 Degrees, You Know It, Young And Pretty & Fast Company.

Musicians on the Black Rose album: Cher, Les Dudek, Gary Ferguson Mike Finnigan, Warren Ham, Ron Ritchotte, Trey Thompson, Michael Boddicker, Phil Brown, Max Gronenthal, James Newton Howard, David Paich, Steve Porcaro & John Townsend.

The Blackbyrds – Better Days

Fantasy Records 1980

Tracks: Dancin’ Dancin’, Lonelies for Your Love, Better Days, Do It Girl, Without Your Love, Do You Wanna Dance, Love Don’t Strike Twice, What’s on Your Mind, Don’t Know What to Say & What We Have Is Right.

Musicians on the Better Days album: Allan Barnes, Donald Byrd, Joe Hall, Keith Killgo, Barney Perry, Kevin Toney, Carl Carwell, Paulinho Da Costa, George Duke, Sheila Escovedo, Jim Gilstrap, Gary Grant, Tramaine Hawkins, Jose Hernandez, Jerry Hey & Bill Reichenbach.

Cheryl Prewitt Blackwood – Desires Of My Heart

Impact Records 1983

Tracks: Together In Love, The Desires Of My Heart, My Whole Life Long, Wherever You Are Is Holy Ground, Peace, I Will Sing, We’ll Be Together Forever, Holy Ground, I Can Do Anything & Forever’s Almost Here.

Musicians on the Desires Of My Heart album: Cheryl Prewitt Blackwood and others.

Paul Bliss – The Edge Of Coincidence

Cool Sound Records 1997

Tracks: Castles On Quicksand, Heartache To Heartache, How Do I Survive, Musical Pictures, Chicago, Rio, I Used To Love The Radio, One In A Million, Valiant Heart, The Eyes Of A Child, Hand On Your Heart, Unsung Heroes, If Love Is Out The Question, Telepathy, Law Of The Jungle & Innocent Eyes.

Musicians on the Edge Of Coincidence album: Paul Bliss, Phil Palmer, Susie Benson, Mickey Feat, Ian Palmer, Jackie Rawe & Sharon Campbell.

David Blue – Cupid´s Arrow

Asylum Records 1976

Tracks: Run Run Run, The Ballad Of Jennifer Lee, Tom’s Song, I Feel Bad, Cordelia, Maria Maria, Cupid’s Arrow, Primeval Tune & She’s Got You.

Musicians on the Cupid´s Arrow album: David Blue, Auburn Burrell, Jesse Ed Davis, David Lindley, Donald Dunn, Barry Goldberg, Michael Baird, Levon Helm, Patti Brooks, Phyllis Brown, Jackie Lomax & Billy Schwarz.

Blue Steel – No More Lonely Nights

Infinity Records 1979

Tracks: No More Lonely Nights, Bulldog, Guitar Song, Baby You Can’t Dance, Twist One Up, I Should Be Sleeping, Honey Dew, Take Me, Willy And Waylon & Hoo Doo Voo Doo.

Musicians on the No More Lonely Nights album: Leonard Arnold, Richard Bowden, Howard Burke, Marc Durham, Mickey McGee & Michael Huey.

Colin Blunstone – Late Nights In Soho

The Rocket Record Company 1979

Tracks: Boogaboo, Can’t Get Enough, I Need Someone To Touch Me There, You’re The One, Something Special, Can We Still Be Friends, Switchblade Years, Single Man’s Dilemma & Gotta Have Faith.

Musicians on the Late Nights In Soho album: Colin Blunstone, Dave Clempson, Paul Keogh, John Giblin, Rod Argent, Mike Moran, Simon Phillips, Morris Pert, Jimmy Chambers, Katie Kissoon, Stevie Lange & John Verity.

Colin Blunstone – Never Even Thought

The Rocket Record Company 1978

Tracks: I’ll Never Forget You, Lovelight, Ain’t It Funny, Who’s That Knocking ?, Never Even Thought, Touch And Go, You Are The Way For Me, Photograph & Do Magnolia Do.

Musicians on the Never Even Thought album: Colin Blunstone, Davey Johnstone, Allan Phillips, David Wolfert, David Hungate, John Cooker Lopresti, Rod Argent, James Newton Howard, Michael Omartian, David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, Lenny Castro, Ray Cooper, Tower Of Power, Jimmy Jewell, Kathy Collier, Venette Gloud, Carmen Twillie & John Verity.

Boatz – S.T.

Capricorn Records 1979

Tracks: In The Middle Of The Night, It Was Only The Radio, Big Deal, Straight To My Head, Out Of This World, Boomerang Logic, The Ice Age Is Coming, Gone So Long, Sun Comes Down & Blame It On The Future.

Musicians on the Boatz album: Gary Baker, Pete Carr, Thom Flora, Rick Powell, Harrison Calloway, Roger Clark, Ronnie Eades, Steve Nathan, Charles Rose & Harvey Thompson.

The Boone Girls – Glass Castle

Lamb & Lion Records 1976

Tracks: Time For Dyin’, The First Butterfly, One To One, Father God, Bluebird, Glass Castle, Cinderella, I Don’t Know, I Think I Can Hear You, Water Grave & Time For Dyin’ (Reprise).

Musicians on the Glass Castle album: Cherry Boone, Debby Boone, Laury Boone & Lindy Boone.

The Boones – Heavenly Love

Lamb & Lion Records 1979

Tracks: Heavenly Love, He Lives, My Sister And Brothers, Praise The Lord, No I’ve Never, Because I Love Him, You Came Softly, No I Can’t Stop, Your Love & Fairest Lord Jesus.

Musicians on the Heavenly Love album: Cherry Boone, Debby Boone, Laury Boone, Lindy Boone, Kenneth Buttrey, Chris Christian, Roger Clark, Steve Gibson, Dennis Good, Jon Goin, Hadley Hockeensmith, Bill Maxwell, David Miner, Larry Muhoberac, Bobby Ogdin, Stephen R. Schaffer, Don Sheffield, Dennis Solee, George Tidwell & Robert T. Wray.

The Boones – First Class

Lamb & Lion Records 1978

Tracks: I Love You More Than My Rock And Roll, I’m A Believer, My Love Will Never Change, You Took My Heart By Surprise, Dance, Let Me Be Lonely, Caught In This World, You Were There, Father’s Arms & Perfect Love.

Musicians on the First Class album: Cherry Boone, Debby Boone, Laury Boone, Lindy Boone, Brown Bannister, Roger Bissel, Pat Boone, Jesse Boyce, Kenny Butrey, Chris Christian, Roger Clark, Steve Gibson, Dennis Good, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Kenny Malone, Bill Puet, Dale Sellers, Steve Schaeffer, Don Sheffield, Shelly Kurland Strings, Tom Smith, Matthew Ward & Bobby Wood.

Boy Meets Girl – S.T.

A&M Records 1985

Tracks: Oh Girl, Don’t Tell Me We Have Nothing, The Touch, Kissing Falling Flying, From Now On, Be My Baby, In Your Eyes, I Wish You Were Here, Pieces & Premonitions.

Musicians on the Boy Meets Girl album: George Merrill, Shannon Rubicam, John Batdorf, Thom Bell, Susan Boyd, Steve Forman, Richard Gibbs, John Goux, George Hawkins, Kyle Henderson, Gary Herbig, Paul Jackson Jr., Michael Jochum, Jon Joyce, John Morton, Scott Shelly, Tom Weran & Eric Williams.

Brigati – Lost In The Wilderness

Elektra Records 1976

Tracks: Groovin’, 100 Percent Absent, Made In Spain (Bambu), Long Shot Blue, Lost In The Wilderness, How’ Bout A Harlem In Your Life, You Send Me, Gotta Get Thinkin’ Bout You Baby, Mr. Fantasy & Well Well Well.

Musicians on the Lost In The Wilderness album: David Brigati, Eddie Brigati, Charlie Brown, Dave Cary, Michael Chimes, Jon Faddis, Jerry Friedman, Paul Griffin, Steve Gadd, Bob James, Edwin Kobylarz, Will Lee, Tony Levin, John Lissauer, Joe Macho, Hugh McCracken, Ralph McDonald, John McNamara, Marvin Stamm, David Taylor, Richard Tee, John Tropea & Jimmy Young.

Bonnie Bramlett – Step By Step

Refuge Records 1981

Tracks: Givin’ It Up, Back Out On The Street, For The Love Of It, Let It Flow, Whispering Hope, Step By Step (We’re Moving Closer To Jesus), White Dove, Sweet Rose Of Sharon & Joy.

Musicians on the Step By Step album: Bonnie Bramlett, Jon Goin, Kenny Mims, Larry Paxton, Bob Wray, Mitch Humphries, John Rosasco, Alan Steinberger, Joe English, Terry McMillan, Donnie Sanders, Vicki Hampton, Bobby Jones, Donna McElroy & Gary Moreno.

Bonnie Bramlett – Memories

Capricorn Records 1978

Tracks: Holdin’ On To You, Writing On The Wall, Except For Real, Lies, I’ve Just Seen A Face, Can’t Find My Way Home, The Flame Blinds The Moth, Can’t Stay & Memories.

Musicians on the Memories album: Bonnie Bramlett, Steve Beckmeier, Joel Ferguson, Ricky Hirsh, Jim Nalls, David Pinkston, Deke Richards, Fred Beckmeier, Robert A. Martin, Jay Armentrout, Joe English, Jack Gold, Robert A. Martin, Venetta Fields, Clydie King & Shirley Matthews.

The Breaks – S.T.

RCA Records 1983

Tracks: She Wants You, You Stole My Heart, Don’t Mislead Me, Fire In The Wire, Green Eyes, Wishy Washy, I Play The Fool, Lonely Girls, Keeping The Love Alive & Last To Know.

Musicians on the Breaks album: Bob Caudill, Russ Caudill, Pat Taylor, Susanne Jerome Taylor & Tom Ward.

Michael Brewer – Beauty Lies

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: Without Love, Any Day Now, Love’s Endless War, Beauty Lies, Empty Handed Broken Hearted, Love In Time, Sunset Woman, Tied To The Wings Of An Angel & Hearts Overflowing.

Musicians on the Beauty Lies album: Michael Brewer, Barry Burton, Dan Fogelberg, Al Perkins, Mike Brignardello, Kenny Passarelli, Norbert Putnam, Michael Hanna, Merle Brigante, Joe Vitale, Russ Kunkel, Joe Lala, Kim Hutchcroft, Tom Scott, Larry Williams, David Duke, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Terry McMillan, Linda Ronstadt & John David Souther.

Elkie Brooks – Live And Learn

A&M Records 1979

Tracks: Viva La Money, On The Horizon, He Could Have Been An Army, The Rising Cost Of Love, Dreamdealer, Who’s Making Love, If You Can Beat Me Rockin’ (You Can Have My Chair), The Heartache Is On, Not Enough Lovin’ Left & Falling Star.

Musicians on the Live And Learn album: Elkie Brooks, John Barnes, Spencer Bean, Ben Benay, Marlo Henderson, Oliver Leiber, Tim May, Fred Tackett, Paul Warren, Scott Edwards, Bryan Garofalo, Eddie Watkins Jr., Michael Boddicker, Jean Roussell, Mike Stoller, Hal Blaine, James Gadson, Ed Greene, Oliver Leiber, Paulinho Da Costa, Oliver Leiber, Lenny Pickett, Corky Hale, Venetta Fields, Jim Gilstrap, Maggie Henry, Marcy Levy, Darlene Love, Julia Tillman Waters, Oren Waters & Edna Wright.

Karen Brooks – Walk On

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Country Girl, New Way Out, Shame On The Moon, Ever Beat Of My Heart, Shores Of White Sand, If That’s What You’re Thinking, Walk On, Any One Who Had A Heart, Candy Man & Under The Stars.

Musicians on the Walk On album: Karen Brooks, Richard Bennett, Tim Goodman, Wayne Goodwin, Emmylou Harris, Donald Kirkpatrick, John McFee, Randy Sharp, Rick Vito, Emory Gordy, Mary Allin, Bill Payne, Randy Sharp, Keith Knudsen, Mike Porter, Brian Ahern, Jeff Boman, Bobby LaKind, Jim Horn, Norton Buffalo, Byron Berline, Renee Armand, Bonnie Bramlett, Karen Brooks, Norton Buffalo, Emmylou Harris, Keith Knudsen, Leah Kunkel, Lynn Langham, Louie Ortega, Jack Routh & Jennifer Warnes.

Don Brown – Come On!

First American 1978

Tracks: Lucky Girl, Shut The Door, You Can Dance, You’re My Love, Red Handed Woman, Welcome Everybody, Don’t Lose Your Love, Sweet Face & Jump Out The Nest.

Musicians on the Come On! album: Don Brown and others.

Don Brown – I Can´t Say No

First American 1977

Tracks: Romance And Magic, I Can’t Say No, Hun On A Thrill, Over The Rainbow, Hold On, Tango, Embryo, Mother, Yesterday Can’t Hurt Me, Limbo & Smart Boy.

Musicians on the I Can´t Say No album: Don Brown, Garrett Smith, David Jackson, Grant Reeves, Lawrence Sieberth, Chris Leighton, Luis Peralta, Grant Reeves, Murl Allen Sanders, George Peckman, Evie Sands, Garrett Smith & Tanya.

Harry Robert Browning – No Alibis

Lamb & Lion Records 1986

Tracks: What’s About The Kid, God Save Us, For Me And You, Hold On, We Are The People, No Alibis, Love Is Here, This Time, We’re Gonna Take It & Heroes Of Faith.

Musicians on the No Alibis album: Harry Robert Browning, Steve Farris, Michael Landau, Lee Sklar, Roby Duke, Eric Persing & Pat Mastelotto.

Harry Browning And Laury Boone – Push Back The Darkness

Lamb & Lion Records 1984

Tracks: Push Back The Darkness, Worthy Is The Lamb Of God, Spirit & Life, That’s Why The Came, Make Me A Vessel, Help Me Put It In Your Hands, When I Run To You, Let Your First Thought Be Love, Give Your Love & In Time.

Musicians on the Push Back The Darkness album: Laury Boone, Harry Browning, Michael Baird, Roby Duke, Brandon Fields, Dann Huff, Harlan Rogers, John Schreiner, Lee Sklar & Rick Vito.

BrownSmith – S.T.

Capitol Records 1975

Tracks: Lightning Lady, Circus Ride, Friends Of Mine, Yukon Lady, July Moon, Forever, Only Love, Sunrise To Sunset, Gold And Mellow & Summer Afternoon.

Musicians on the BrownSmith album: Don Brown, Garrett Smith, Chris Leighton, Mike Kindler, Freddie Salem, Charlie Morgan, Doug Hastings, Dave Jackson, Martin Lund, Norman Durkee, Stacy Christianson, Luis Peralta, Rod Soderstrom, Paul McCandless, Dee Daniels, Stephanie Janecke & Cheri Adams.

Lindsey Buckingham – Go Insane

Mercury Records 1984

Tracks: I Want You, Go Insane, Slow Dancing, I Must Go, Play In The Rain, Play In The Rain (Continued), Loving Cup, Bang The Run & D.W. Suite.

Musicians on the Go Insane album: Lindsey Buckingham, Bryant Simpson and others.

Cindy Bullens – Desire Wire

United Artists Records 1978

Tracks: Survivor, Anxious Heart, Desire Wire, Time N Charges, High School History, Mean In Your Heart, Hot Tears, Knee Deep In Love & Finally Rockin’.

Musicians on the Desire Wire album: Cindy Bullens, Mark Doyle, Danny Gatton, David Mansfield, Jeff Mironov, Lance Quinn, Bob Babbitt, Neil Jason, Kenny Bishell, Billy Mernit, Rob Mounsey, Leon Pendarvis, Paul Shaffer, Jerry Marotta, Alan Schwartzberg, Jimmy Maelen, Lou Marini, Jerry Peterson, George Young, Harold Wheeler & Jon Joyce.

Glen Burtnick – Talking In Code

A&M Records 1986

Tracks: Crank It Up, Talking In Code, Little Red House, Perfect World, Hole In My Pocket, Brave Hearts, Hold Back The Night, Talk That Talk, Heart On The Line & We’re Alright.

Musicians on the Talking In Code album: Glen Burtnick, Dann Huff, Bobby Messano, Dave La Rue, Neil Stubenhaus, Savron Hudson, Jim Lang, Dusty Micale, Reed Nielsen, Alan Pasqua, Plinky, Jon Vigran, David Prater, Steve Smith, Anthony Galante, Richard Landis & Jerry Hey.

The B´zz – Get Up

Epic Records 1982

Tracks: Get Up Get Angry, Too Much To Ask For, Caught In The Middle, Steal My Love, When You Love, Make It Through The Night, I Love The Way, Take Your Time, Not My Girl & Runaway Love Affair.

Musicians on the Get Up album: David Angel, Anatole Halinkovitch, Tom Holland, Stephen Riley, Michael Tafoya, Max Gronenthal, Tom Kelly, Richard Page & Lee Thornburg.

Brian Cadd – Yesterdaydreams

Capitol Records 1978

Tracks: Crazy Lady Of The Silver Spoon, Lonely Is The Roadrunner, Long Time Till The First Time, Next Time I See You, Ol ’55, Pale Fire, Send In The Violins, Skating On Thin Ice, Thousand Different Ways & Yesterdaydreams.

Musicians on the Yesterdaydreams album: Brian Cadd, Steve Beckmeier, John Beland, Richard Bennett, Jesse Ed Davis, Davey Johnstone, David Kalish, Steve Lukather, Jay Dee Maness, Michael Stewart, Richie Zito, Reggie McBride, Mike Porcaro, Dave Wintour, Mike Finnigan, Jay Graydon, Mark T. Jordan, Larry Knechtel, Mike Moran, Richard Hayward, Doug Lavery, Jeff Porcaro, Alvin Taylor & Ollie E. Brown.

Brian Cadd – White On White

Capitol Records 1976

Tracks: I Can’t Stand It, No Answer, Heavenly Night In September, Good Night Princess, Pass On The Road, All In The Way, White On White El Dorado, Ginger Man, W.C. I See, Dance Dance Dance & Longest Night.

Musicians on the White On White album: Brian Cadd, Ben Benay, Steve Cropper, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Richie Zito, Dee Murray, Bill Payne, William “D” Smith, Nigel Olsson, Gary Coleman, Peter Beckett, Buzz Clifford, Kathy Collier, Venette Gloud, Steve Kipner, Danny Moore, Matthew Moore & Carmen Twillie.

Café Olé – Olé

Snakecharmer Records 1981

Tracks: Island Song, Nights Like This, Mystery, To Get The Feeling, Casual Flirtation, Situation, Ethereal Love Affair, Back Bay Mombo & Lover’s Games.

Musicians on the Olé album: Nelson Gilfillian, Dennis Greller, David Malony, Scott Schotter, Ron Smith, Kevin Wright, Lance Quinn, David Strong, Jay Davidson, Ed Kalny, Conrad Krider, Joe Sudler, Jr., Carol Brooks, Jeannie Brooks & Juli Davidson.

Marie Cain – Living Alone

Columbia 1976

Tracks: Stop In Nevada, Just Like A Woman, What Am I Doing Here, Easy Words, Modern Day Magic, The Prettiest Face, We Make Spirit, I’ll Play The Music, Mad With The Moon & Living Alone.

Musicians on the Living Alone album: Marie Cain, Matt Betton, Kenny Malone, Larrie Londin, Colin Cameron, Joe Osborn, Ted Reynolds, Joe Falsia, Pete Bordonali, Steve Gibson, Ted Irwin, John Pell, Grady Martin, Wayne Cook, Shane Keister, Warren Hartman, John Herron, Farrell Morris, Dalton Smith, Paul Salvo, Lou McCreary, Ronnie Lang, Billy Puett, Dennis Good, Don Sheffield, George Tidwell, Lisa Silver, Diane Tidwell, Sheri Kramer, Darlene Groncki & Holly Niemeyer.

Jorge Calderon – City Music

Warner Bros 1975

Tracks: City Music, At The Beehive, Bangkok Panama Pawnshop, Dreaming As One, Diggin’ And Doubtin’, Kiss And Run, All The Faces, What You Wanna Hear, Trying Too Hard & Friends Again/Dawning Song.

Musicians on the City Music album: Jorge Calderon, Hoppy Hodges, Andy Newmark, James Gadson, Jim Keltner, Willie Weeks, Paul Stallworth, Waddy Wachtel, William Smith, Mayuto, Victor Feldman, Paul Paydos, Russ Titelman, Bobbye Hall, Bobby Lyle, Pat Rizzo, Steve Madaio, Tessie Cohen, Yvonne Rankin & Valerie Carter.

Caldera – Dreamer

Capitol Records 1979

Tracks: To Capture The Moon, Rain Forest, Dreamchild, Celebration, Refrections On Don Quixote, Brujerias & Himalaya.

Musicians on the Dreamer album: Alex Acuna, Mike Azeredo, Eduardo Del Barrio, Luis Conte, Steve Tavaglione, Jorge Strunz, Dean Cortez, Gino D’Anri, George Del Barrio, Ernesto Herrera, Kathlyn Powell & Antonio Sanchez.

Caldera – Sky Islands

Capitol Records 1977

Tracks: Sky Islands, Ancient Source, It Used To Be True, Pegasus, Carnavalito, Seraphim, Indigo Fire, Triste & Pescador.

Musicians on the Sky Islands album: Hector Andrade, Mike Azeredo, Dean Cortez, Eduardo Del Barrio, Jorge Strunz, Steve Tavaglione, Carlos Vega, Ray Armando, Stve Barrios, Larry Dunn, Ralph Humphrey, Dianne Reeves, Ralph Rickert & Chester Thompson.

Caldera – S.T.

Capitol Records 1976

Tracks: Guanacaste, Coastin’, Exaltation, Synesthesia, Out Of The Blue & El Juguete.

Musicians on the Caldera album: Mike Azeredo, Dean Cortez, Eduardo Del Barrio, Jorge Strunz, Steve Tavaglione, Carlos Vega, Roberto Da Silva, Carolyn Dennis & Raul De Souza.

Alex Call – S.T.

Arista Records 1983

Tracks: Just Another Saturday Night, Blue Avenue, Dark Side Of The Night, Annie Don’t Lie, Love Dogs, New Romeo, Going Through The Motions, Hung Over You, There Goes Another Fool In Love & You Don’t Have To Tell Me That You Love Me Tonight.

Musicians on the Alex Call album: Alex Call, Peter Maunu, John McFee, Joel Jaffe, John Pierce, Peter Wolf, Tony Braunagel, Steve Price, Zoe Fox, Bill Gibson, Rene Grilli, Chris Hayes, Lorin Rowan & Charra Yuill-Thorton.

Glen Campbell – It´s The World Gone Crazy

Capitol Records 1981

Tracks: Why Don’t We Just Sleep On It Tonight, I Don’t Want To Know Your Name, In Cars, It’s The World’s Gone Crazy, Rollin’ (In My Sweet Baby’s Arms), Nothing Quite Like Love, A Daisy A Day, Any Which Way You Can, It’s Your World & Shoulder To Shoulder.

Musicians on the It’s The World’s Gone Crazy album: Glen Campbell, Larry Byrom,  Craig Fall, Jay Dee Maness, Bill McCubbin, Fred Tackett, Billy Joe Walker, Bill Cuomo, David Foster, T.J Kuenster, Larry Muhoberac, Joe Rainey, Michael Smotherman, Steve Turner, Joe Rainey, Tom Saviano, Tanya Tucker & Nick DeCaro.

Glen Campbell – Somethin´Bout You Baby I Like

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Somethin’ ‘Bout You Baby I Like, Through My Eyes, That Kind, Part Time Love, Hollywood Smiles, If This Is Love, Hooked On Love, Show Me You Love Me, Late Night Confession & It Goes Like It Goes.

Musicians on the Somethin’ ‘Bout You Baby I Like album: Glen Campbell, Jeff Baxter, Dean Parks, T.J. Kuenster, Jai Winding, Neil Stubenhaus, Steve Turner, Dave Boruff, Tom Saviano, Pete Christlieb, Vincent DeRosa, Dick Hyde, Lew McCreary, Steve Madaio, Cathy Gotthoffer, Rita Coolidge & Tanya Tucker.

Captain And Tennille – Keeping Our Love Warm

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Keepin’ Our Love Warm, Until You Come Back To Me (That’s What I’m Gonna Do), Gentle Stranger, But I Think It’s A Dream, Since I Fell For You, Don’t Forget Me, Song For My Farther, This Is Not The First Time & Your Good Thing (Is About To End).

Musicians on the Keeping Our Love Warm album: Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille, John Beal, Melissa Boettner, Jon Crosse, Paulinho Da Costa, Rusty Higgins, Carolisa Lindberg, Steve Nelson, Ira Newborn, Lenard Ruth, Steve Schaeffer, Bill Severance, Frederick Seykora & Gary Wasserman.

Captain And Tennille – Make Your Move

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Love On A Shoestring, No Love In The Morning, Deep In The Dark, How Can You Be So Cold ?, Do That To Me One More Time, Happy Together (A Fantasy), Baby You Still Got It & Never Make Your Move Too Soon.

Musicians on the Make Your Move album: Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille, Lenard Allen, Hal Blaine, Melissa Boettner, Bobby Bryant, Garnett Brown, Scott Edwards, Glen Garrett, Jim Gordon, Mitch Gordon, Ron Hicklin, Ralph Humphrey, Abraham Laboriel, John Mitchell, Lee Ritenour, John Rosenberg, Tom Scott, Fred Seldden, Gary Sims, Fred Tackett, Chris Waters, Oren Waters & Ken Watson.

Captain And Tennille – Dream

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: I’m On My Way, You Never Done It Like That, Dixie Hummingbird, You Need A Woman Tonight, Love Me Like A Baby, Love Is Spreading Over The World, “D” Keyboard Blues, Good Enough, If There Were Time, Back To The Island & Dream.

Musicians on the Dream album: Daryl Dragon, Toni Tennille, Hal Blaine, Ron Hicklin, Bruce Johnston, Mike Mathis, Gene Merlino, Gene Morford, Gary Sims, Melissa Tennille, Louisa Tennille, Toni Tennille, Ron Tutt & Carolyn Willis.

Irene Cara – What A Feelin´

Geffen Records 1983

Tracks: Flashdance… What A Feelin’, Why Me, Breakdance, The Dream (Hold On To Your Dream), You Took My Life Away, Keep On, Romance ’83, Cue Me Up, Receiving, You Were Made For Me & Talk Too Much.

Musicians on the What A Feelin´album: Irene Cara, Joe Caro, Dean Parks, William Seidman, Richie Zito, Arthur Barrow, Will Lee, Neil Stubenhaus, Silvester Levay, Michael Baird, Keith Forsey, Richie Zito, Leo Adamian, Victoria Berdy, Lenny Castro, Keith Forsey, Carole Steele, Beth Anderson, Merry Clayton, Charlotte Crossley, Joe Esposito, Bunny Hull, Mary Hyland, David Lasley, Wendy McKenzie, Giorgio Moroder, Joe Pizzulo, Bruce Roberts, Stephanie Spruill & Maxine Willard Waters.

Irene Cara – Anyone Can See

Epic Records 1982

Reach Out (I’ll Be There), My Baby (He’s Something Else), Anyone Can See, Don’t Throw Your Love Away, Slow Down, Whad’ya Want, You Hurt Me Once, Thunder In My Heart, Why & True Love.

Musicians on the Anyone Can See album: Irene Cara, Hiram Bullock, Joe Caro, Gordon Grody, Hugh McCracken, Jeff Mironov, Leon Pendarvis, Jimmy Ripp, William Seidman, John Tropea, Harold Wheeler, Francisco Centeno, Will Lee, John Seigler, Gordon Grody, Don Grolnick, Leon Pendarvis, Steve Robbins, Ed Walsh, Harold Wheeler, Leo Adamian, Yogi Horton, Andy Newmark, Chris Parker, Ronald Zito, Mike Carabello, Jimmy Maelen, Tamara Agee, Phillip Balou, Gail Boggs, Robin Clark, Ron Dante, Christine Faith, Babi Floyd, Frank Floyd, Bruce Roberts, Josh Schneider, Annie Sutton & Luther Vandross.

Carillo – Street Of Dreams

Atlantic Records 1979

Tracks: She Takes The Night, What’s Your Name, Under The Gun, Run Away With Me, Emotions, Out Of Time, Love Me A Little Bit More, Rosa Lee & Familiar Stranger.

Musicians on the Street Of Dreams album: Frank Carillo, Rick Silecchio, Jimmy Haslip, John Sieger, Jan Mullaney, David Donen, Andy Newmark, Rafael Cruz, Michael Brecker, Michael Bolton, Ian Lloyd & Jan Mullaney.

Belinda Carlisle – Belinda

I.R.S. Records 1986

Track: Mad About You, I Need A Disguise, Since You’ve Gone, I Feel The Magic, I Never Wanted A Rich Man, Band Of Gold, Gotta Get To You, From The Heart, Shot In The Dark & Stuff And Nonsense.

Musicians on the Belinda album: Belinda Carlisle, Charlotte Caffey, Laurence Juber, David Lindley, Andy Taylor, Dennis Belfield, Paula Jean Brown, Jim Cox, Claude Gaudette, Nicky Hopkins, Michael Lloyd, Bobby Martin, John Philip Shenale, Paul Leim, Paulinho Da Costa, Bobby Martin, John Rosenberg, Paula Jean Brown, Charlotte Caffey, Elisa Fior, Susanna Hoffs, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg, Julia Tillman Waters, Jane Wiedlin & Maxine Willard Waters.

Larry Carlton – Sleepwalk

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Last Nite, Blues Bird, Song For Katie, Frenchman’s Flat, Sleepwalk, Upper Kern, 10:00 PM & You Gotta Get It While You Can.

Musicians on the Sleepwalk album: Larry Carlton, Carlos Rios, Abraham Laboriel, Robert Popwell, Don Freeman, Brian Mann, Greg Mathieson, Terry Trotter, John Ferraro, Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro, Paulinho Da Costa & David Sanborn.

Karen Carpenter – S.T.

A&M Records 1996

Tracks: Lovelines, All Because Of You, If I Had You, Making Love In The Afternoon, If We Try, Remember When Lovin’ Took All Night, Still In Love With You, My Body Keeps Changing My Mind, Make Believe It’s Your First Time, Guess I Just Lost My Head, Still Crazy After All These Years & Last One Singin’ The Blues.

Musicians on the Karen Carpenter album: Karen Carpenter, David Brown, Russell Javors, Eric John Rasmussen, David Williams, Louis Johnson, Doug Stegmeyer, Bob James, Rob Mounsey, Greg Phillinganes, Richard Tee, Liberty DeVitto, Steve Gadd, John “JR” Robinson, Ralph MacDonald, Airto Moreira, Michael Brecker, Timmy Cappello & Peter Cetera.

Keith Carradine – Lost And Found

Asylum Records 1978

Tracks: Mr. Blue, Love Conquers Nothing, Smile Again, Laught Again, San Diego Serenade, Homeless Eyes, Joy, Rise And Shine, Love Of The Blues, Rain, Chance Blues & Neutron Bomb.

Musicians on the Lost And Found album: Keith Carradine, Tony Berg, Jeff Eyrich, Jim Hughart, Ray Neopolitan, Steve Porcaro, Dewayne Smith, Jim Keltner, Alan Estes, Jim Horn, Brooks Arthur, Dennis Cooley, Susan Morse, Allan Nichols & Cristina Raines.

Keith Carradine – I´m Easy

Asylum Records 1976

Tracks: I Will Never Forget Your Face, It’s Been So Long, Raining in the City, I’ll Be There, Spellbound, Honey Won’t You Let Me Be Your Friend, High Sierra, Been Gone So Long, I’m Easy & Soul Is Strong.

Musicians on the I´m Easy album: Keith Carradine, Ben Benay, Dennis Budimir, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Reinie Press, Dave Grusin, Harvey Mason, Earl Palmer, David Luell, Albert Aarons, Mike Barone, Ted Neeley & Carol Carmichael Parks.

Carrera – S.T.

Warner Bros 1983

Tracks: One More Love, Be Bop A Lula, Back And Forth, Don’t Ask For Nothin’, Joli, Lucky One (New York Boy), Right For Me, Turn Of The Cards & Still By Your Side.

Musicians on the Carrera album: Harpo, London McDaniels, Khris McDaniels, Eric Pressly & Phil Roy.

Carlene Carter – Two Sides To Every Woman

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Do It In A Hearbeat, Lies, Swap-Meat Rag, Gold-Hearted Lady, Two Sides To Every Woman, It’s No Wonder, One Good Lover, Old Photographs & Radio Sweetheart.

Musicians on the Two Sides To Every Woman album: Carlene Carter, Charlie Brown, Werner Fritzsching, Jeff Mironov, Lance Quinn, Bob Babbitt, Hugh McDonald, Bob Andrews, Bobby Blain, Rob Mounsey, Pat Rebillot, Paul Shaffer, Jerry Marotta, Allan Schwartzberg, Sue Evans, Clarence Clemons, Robbie Patton, Randy Hennes & Ann Hilary O’Brien.

Carlene Carter – S.T.

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: Love Is Gone, Smoke Dreams, Between You And Me, I Once Knew Love, I’ve Been There Before, Never Together But Close Sometimes, Mr. Moon, Alabama Morning, Slow Dance & Who Needs Words.

Musicians on the Carlene Carter album: Carlene Carter, Graham Parker, Brinsley Schwarz, Andrew Bodnar, Nick Lowe, Bob Andrews, Steve Goulding, Terry Williams, Bob Andrews, Ray Bearis, John Earle, Chris Gover & Dick Hanson.

Casino Lights – S.T.

Warner Bros 1982

Tracks: Your Precious Love, Who’s Right Who’s Wrong, Sure Enough, Imagine, Monmouth College Fight Song, Theme From “Love Is Not Enough”, Hideaway, Casino Lights, Tee Time For Eric, Last Night, E Minor Song & Sara’s Touch.

Musicians on the Casino Lights album: Larry Carlton, Buzz Feiten, Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Marcus Miller, Warren Bernhardt, Russell Ferrante, Neil Larsen, Ricky Lawson, Art Rodriguez, Lenny Castro, Mike Mainieri, Michael Brecker, Jim Horn, Kim Hutchcroft, David Sanborn, Larry Williams, Chuck Findley, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Randy Crawford, Al Jarreau, Bill Champlin, Steve George & Richard Page.

David Cassidy – Home Is Where The Heart Is

RCA Victor 1976

Tracks: On Fire, Damned If This Ain’t Love, January, A Fool In Love, Tomorrow, Breakin’ Down Again, Run And Hide, Take This Heart, Goodbye Blues & Half Past Our Bedtime.

Musicians on the Home Is Where The Heart Is album: David Cassidy, Jesse Ed Davis, Ned Doheny, Bryan Garofalo, Bill House, Danny Kortchmar, Harry Robinson, Bryan Garofalo, Emory Gordy, Lee Sklar, Curtis Stone, Willie Weeks, King Errisson, Tom Hensley, John Hobbs, Bruce Johnston, Stephen Ross, Rick Faatar, Jim Gordon, Stan House, Jim Keltner, Gary Mallaber, Ron Tutt, John Raines, Jim Seiter, Steve Douglas, Homer Diltz, Phil Austin, Gerry Beckley, Dewey Bunnell, Cyrus Faryar, Richie Furay, Gloria Grinel, Kenny Hinkle,  Steve House, Bill Hudson, Brett Hudson, Mark Hudson, Jon Joyce, Howard Kaylan, Jim Seiter, Trish Turner, Mark Volman & Carl Wilson.

David Castle – Castle In The Sky

Parachute Records 1977

Tracks: Loneliest Man On The Moon, You’re Too Far Away, Make Believe (You’re Near Me), Lady On The Other Side Of Town, Ten To Eight, With Love & With Care, All I Ever Wanna Be Is Yours & Pretending & Finally.

Musicians on the Castle In The Sky album: David Castle, Ben Benay, Jay Graydon, Lee Ritenour, Trevor Veitch, Abraham Laboriel, Chuck Rainey, Andy Belling, Clark Gassman, James Gadson, Rick Shlosser, Bobbye Hall, Jim Horn, Bill Perkins, Tom Scott, Dorothy Ashby, Chuck Findley, Jimmie Haskell, Steve Madaio, Tom Bahler, Andy Belling, Patti Brooks, Anita James, Jean King, Becky Lopez, Sherlie Matthews, Petsye Powell & Cynthia Woodard.

Cate Brothers – Fire On The Tracks

Atlantic Records 1979

Tracks: Time Is Like A Thief, Looks Like You Made It, I Won’t Wait, In So Deep, Fire On The Tracks, Live Like You Want To Live, Takin’ A Chance, Reunion, Can’t Share Your Love & I Don’t Know Why.

Musicians on the Fire On The Tracks album: Terry Cagle, Earl Cate, Ernie Cate, Ron Eoff, Paul Harris, Levon Helm, Joe Lala & George Terry.

Cate Bros. – In One Eye And Out The Other

Asylum Records 1976

Tracks: Start All Over Again, In One Eye And Out The Other, Can’t Stop, Stuck In Chicago, Travelin’ Man, Give It All To You, Music Making Machine, Let’s Just Let It Be, I Don’t Want Nobody (Standing Over Me) & Where Can We Go.

Musicians on the In One Eye And Out The Other album: Terry Cagle, Earl Cate, Ernie Cate, Ron Eoff, Michael Baird, Steve Cropper, Donald Dunn, Scott Edwards, Steve Forman, David Foster, Jay Graydon, Ed Greene, Willie Hall, Jim Horn, Brooks Hunnicutt, Bobby Keys, Verna Richardson, Lisa Roberts, Sid Sharp & Albert Singleton.

Cats – S.T.

Elektra Records 1980

Tracks: On The Prowl, One Last Look, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore, You Gotta Smile Again, Go Bother Someone Else, Goodbye Again Forever, Minus 10, Just Broken Up Love Affair, (He’s Got) The Rest Of His Life & The Woman In White.

Musicians on the Cats album: Michael Corr, Peter Keltz, Danny Weston, Fred Zarra, Tommy Stewart & Dennis Tilli.

The Cats – Love In Your Eyes

EMI Records 1974

Tracks: Be My Day, A Clown Never Cries, If You’ll Be My Woman, Love In Your Eyes, Saturday Mornings And The Western Show, Let’s Dance, If You’re Gonna Tangle (In A Love Triangle), She’s On Her Own, Time Machine, One Way Wind, Moonchild, A Letter, Rock’n’ Roll, Mississippi & Sois Ma Femme.

Musicians on the Love In Your Eyes album: Theo Klouwer, Arnold Muhren, Jaap Schilder, Cees Veerman, Piet Veerman, Ben Benay, Earl Dumler, Buddy Emmons, King Errisson, Craidg Fall, Chuck Findley, Bob Hardaway, Tom Hensley, Paul Hubinon, Larry Muhoberac, Michael Omartian, Reinie Press, John Raines & John Rotella.

Archie James Cavanaugh – Black And White Raven

A&M Records 1980

Tracks: Take It Easy, Make Me Believe, Just Being Friends, It’s Your Love, Light Into The World, Foolin’, Living Without You, Jail Cell Door, High Rise & Stay With Me.

Musicians on the Black and White Raven album: Archie Jamie Cavanaugh, Tony Bellamy, John Morton, Dave Perry, Tag Henning, Kenny Day, Pete Depoe, Charley Lee, Michael Spiro, Jim Pepper, Grant Reeves, Mitchell Riley, Don Smith, Mark Williams, Sammi Becker, Carnie Emestim, Bob Keller & Billy Reed.

Celestium – Santuary

Epic Records 1984

Tracks: Sanctuary, Tender Is The Heart, Listen To The Spirit Sing, You Give Me A Reason To Believe, Children Of The Stars, Unfailing Power Of Love, I Will & Radiate.

Musicians on the Santuary album: Tom Kelly, Gary Usher, Jim Cox, Tim Dunbar, Bill Fletcher, Tommy Funderburk, Craig Harris, Guy Lombardo, Mike Meros, Brent Nelson, Alan Pasqua, John Rubin & Robert Stamps.

Charlene – I´ve Never Been To Me

Motown Records 1977

Tracks: I’ve Never Been To Me, It Ain’t Easy Comin’ Down, Can’t We Try, Hungry, Hey Mama, I Won’t Remember Ever Loving You (For Tommy Baird), Johnny Doesn’t Love Here Anymore, After The Ball, I Need A Man & If I Could See Myself.

Musicians on the I´ve Never Been To Me Album: Charlene Oliver, Ben Benay, Jay Graydon, Artie Munson, Lee Ritenour, Wilton Felder, Lee Sklar, Reginald Burke, Ken Hirsch, Ed Greene, Gary Coleman & Gene Page.

Carol Chase – The Chase Is On

Casablanca Records 1980

Tracks: Regrets, On My Honor, Carolina, If You Don’t Know Me By Now, Wishing Won’t Make It So, It’s All I Can Do, So Sad, Love Is, Is It Love Yet & Morning Glory.

Musicians on the Chase Is On album: Carol Chase, Mac Gayden, Steve Gibson, Jon Goin, Weldon Myrick, Jack Williams, Randy Goodrum, Shane Keister, Gunnar Gelotte, David Briggs, Buddy Spicher & Shoals Sisters.

Cher – I Paralyze

Columbia Records 1982

Tracks: Rudy, Games, I Paralyze, When The Love Is Gone, Say What’s On Your Mind, Back On The Street Again, Walk With Me, The Book Of Love & Do I Ever Cross You Mind.

Musicians on the I Paralyze album: Cher, Steve Lukather, Sid McGinnis, Carlos Rios, Thom Rotella, David Wolfert, Nathan East, Ralph Schuckett, Ed Walsh, Jai Winding, David Wolfert, Rick Shlosser, Richard Crooks, Steve George, Tom Kelly, Steve Kipner, Myrna Matthews, Denise Maynelli, Marti McCall & Richard Page.

Cher – Prisoner

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Prisoner, Holdin’ Out For Love, Shoppin’, Boys & Girls, Mirror Image, Hell On Wheels, Holy Smoke & Outrageous.

Musicians on the Prisoner album: Cher, Joey Brasler, Steve Lukather, Ira Newborn, John Pierce, Bob Esty, John Hobbs, David Paich, Tom Snow, Richard Tee, Dan Wyman, Michael Baird, Jeff Porcaro, Rich Shlosser, Alvin Taylor, Oliver C. Brown, Paulinho Da Costa, Larry Emerine, Alan Estes, Victor Feldman, Gary Herbig, Kim Hutchcroft, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Sid Sharp, Michael Aller, Ginger Blake, Cher, Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard,  J.C. Gaynor, Robbie Kriegar, Arnold McCuller, Debra Paull, Darryl Peck, Billy Sammith, Claude Sasha, Alan Trugman & Luther Vandross.

Cher – Take Me Home

Casablanca Records 1979

Tracks: Take Me Home, Wasn’t It Good, Say The Word, Happy Was The Day Wet Met, Git Down (Guitar Groupie), Love & Pain, Let This Be A Lesson To You, It’s Too Late (To Love Me Now) & My Song (Too Far Gone).

Musicians on the Take Me Home Album: Cher, Ben Benay, Joey Brasler, Jerry Doucette, Jay Graydon, Paul Jackson Jr., Robbie Krieger, Steve Lukather, Tim May, Ira Newborn, Al Perkins, Thom Rotella, Trevor Veitch, Wah Wah Watson, Scott Edwards, Bob Glaub, David Hungate, Les Hurdle, Will Lee, John Pierce, Ed Watkins, Bob Esty, Harold Faltermayer, John Hobbs, Alan Lindgren, Greg Mathieson, David Paich, Paul Shaffer, Tom Snow, Richard Tee, Jai Winding, Michael Baird, Keith Forsey, Ed Greene, Jeff Porcaro, Rick Shlosser, Alvin Taylor, Ron Zito, Oliver C. Brown, Paulinho Da Costa, Larry Emerine, Alan Estes, Victor Feldman, Gary Herbig, Kim Hutchcroft, Ernie Watts, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Bill Reichenbach, Jimmy Haskell, Michelle Aller, Ginger Blake, Laura Creamer, Linda Dillard, Jessy Dixon, Bob Esty, Loren Farber, Jon Joyce, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller & Luther Vandross.

Gavin Christopher – S.T.

RSO Records 1979

Tracks: Good Stuff, Love Has A Face Of Its Own, Paradise Is In Your Mind, Sightings, Dance Wit Me, Treasure Every Moment, Return The Love, Mirror Mirror & Paradise Is In Your Mind.

Musicians on the Gavin Christopher album: Gavin Christopher, Cash McCall, Tony Maiden, Lee Ritenour, Clint Mosley, Gordon DeWitt, Tom Sellers, Harvey Mason Sr., Lenny Pickett, Greg Adams, Ron Beck, Bruce Conte, Victor Conte, Emilio Castillo, Mic Gillette, Stephen Kupka, Chester Thompson, Ava Cherry, Shawn Christopher, Charity McCrary, Linda McCrary Campbell & Sundray Tucker.

Chunky, Novi & Ernie – S.T.

Warner Bros 1977

Tracks: Can’t Get Away From You 2 – Makes You Wonder 3 – Lonesome Trail 4 – Ragin’ River 5 – It’s Over 6 – See What You Done 7 – Didn’t Wanna Hurt Cha For Another Guy 8 – Island 9 – Been Gone Too Long 10 – Lovelight 11 – Fade Away

Musicians on the Chunky, Novi & Ernie album : Chunky, Novi Novog, Ernie Eremita, Jim Cowger, Gail Davies, Steve Forman, Jay Graydon, John Guerin, Bobbye Hall, Milt Holland, Michael Hossack, Ki-Ki Koury, Russ Kunkel, Ellen Lazares, Becky Louis, Michael McDonald, Sherlie Matthews, Bill Payne, Tiran Porter, Lee Ritenour, Denise Trammell & Ian Underwood.

Chunky, Novi & Ernie – S.T.

Warner Bros 1973

Tracks: Underground, Rosalie, Chicago Fog Lift, Antique, Fruits & Vegetable, Lola And The Boys, Italian Sea, Atlantic Liner, Renaissance & America/Chicago.

Musicians on the Chunky, Novi & Ernie album: Chunky, Novi Novog, Ernie Eremita, Al Blaine, Richard Hayward, Tim Barr, Bob Zinner and others.

The City – Now That Everything’s Been Said

Ode Records 1968

Tracks: Snow Queen, I Wasn’t Born To Follow, Now That Everything’s Been Said, Paradis Alley, Man Without A Dream, Victim Of Circumstance, Why Are You Leaving, Lady, My Sweet Home, I Don’t Believe, That Old Sweet Roll (hi-de-ho), All My Time.

Musicians on the Not That Everything´s Been Said album: Carole King, Daniel Kortchmar, Charles Larkey & Jim Gordon.

Allan Clarke – I Wasn´t Born Yesterday

Polydor Records 1978

Tracks: I Wasn’t Born Yesterday, Hope, New Blood, I’m Bletting My Life On You, The Man Who Manufacture Daydreams, No Prisoner Taken (Light Brigade), (I Will Be Your) Shadow In The Street, Light Of My Smiles, Who’s Goin’ Out The Backdoor ? & Off The Record.

Musicians on the I Wasn´t Born Yesterday album: Allan Clarke, Ben Benay, Tony Berg, Randy Bishop, Jay Graydon, Michael Staton, Dean Webb, David Wolfert, Mike Porcaro, Robbie Buchanan, Tom Hensley, David Kemper, Larry Brown, Steve Kipner & Herb Pedersen.

Claudia – S.T.

Scotti Bros. Records 1981

Tracks: Handle Me Right, No Love Lost, I Want To, Don’t Stop Now, Jamie, Back Again, There You Go Again, Yesterday’s Dream, Stay & The Road To Goodbye.

Musicians on the Claudia album: Claudia, Carlos Vega, Michael Baird, Dennis Belfield, Leland Sklar, Daniel Sawyer, Lee Ritenour, Steve Lukather, Paul Jackson Jr., David Loeb, Erich Bulling, David Foster, Gary Herbig, Tom Kelly, Richard Page & Steve George.

Cynthia Clawson – Forever

Priority Records 1983

Tracks: Forever, When Jesus Has A Hold On You, His Voice, Here Comes His Love, There’s Power In The Blood, Hands, Come Celebrate Jesus, Get Happy, Ruby, Heaven & I’ll Keep My Eyes On You and Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.

Musicians on the Forever album: Cynthia Clawson, Hadley Hockensmith, Abraham Laboriel, Robbie Buchanan, Larry Muhoberac, Smitty Price, Michael Baird & Paulinho Da Costa.

Cynthia Clawson – Finest Hour

Triangle Records 1981

Tracks: Without You, Take Us Home For Christmas, Someday This Old Road, So Precious To Me, Stop This Haulin’ Water, My Finest Hour, You Still Believe In Me, He Came Along With Me, Perfect Stranger, I’ll Be Home & Stand By Me.

Musicians on the Finest Hour album: Cynthia Clawson and others.

Cynthia Clawson – You´re Welcome Here

Triangle Records 1980

Tracks: You’re Welcome Here, The Pilgrim, A Song For You, I Will Believe, Bring Back The New Again, Angel Band, He Chose To Live In Me, Everything To Me, The Best Is Yet To Come & You Are The World To Me.

Musicians on the You´re Welcome Here album: Cynthia Clawson and others.

Clover – Love On The Wire

Vertigo Records 1977

Tracks: Hearts Under Fire, Southern Belles, Oh Senorita, Still Alive, Keep On Rolling, California Kid, Easy Love, Ain’t Nobody, From Now On & Travelin’ Man.

Musicians on the Love On The Wire album: Tony Braunagel, Alex Call, Johnny Ciambotti, Huey Louis, John McFee & Sean Hopper.

Clover – Unavailable

Vertigo Records 1977

Tracks: Love Love, Take Another Look, Streets Of London, I Lie Awake (And Dream Of You), The Storm, Child Of The Streets, Leavin’ Is, Fairweather Fan, Santa Fe & Show Me Your Love (Live).

Musicians on the Unavailble album: Alex Call, Johnny Ciambotti, Huey Louis, John McFee, Sean Hopper & Mickey Shine.

Climax Blues Band – Flying The Flag

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: Gotta Have More Love, So Good After Midnight, Horizontalized, I Love You, Hold On To Your Heart, Dance The Night Away, Money Talkin’, Blackjack And Me, Nothing But Starlight & One For Me And You.

Musicians on the Flying The Flag album: Colin Cooper, John Cuffley, Peter Haycock, Derek Holt, David Campbell, Nicky Hopkins, Clydene Jackson, Gabriel Katona, Julia Tillman Waters & Maxine Willard Waters.

Cock Robin – S.T.

CBS Records 1985

Tracks: Thought You Were On My Side, When Your Heart Is Weak, Just When You’re Having Fun, Promise You Made, Because It Keeps On Working, Born With Teeth, Once We Might Have Known, More Than Willing & A Little Innocence.

Musicians on the Cock Robin album: Peter Kingsbery, Anna LaCazio, Louis Molino III, Clive Wright, Paulinho Da Costa, Steve Hillage, Arno Lucas & Pat Mastelotto.

Cockrell & Santos – New Beginnings

A&M Records 1978

Tracks: I Wanna Stay With You, I Got Love, All You Can Do With Love, New Beginnings, I Tried It All, I’m In Love With You Baby, Move On Up, Need A Little Help, Out In The Starlight & Run Coyote Run.

Musicians on the New Beginnings album: Bud Cockrell, Pattie Santos, Jim E. Anderson, Victor Feldman, Steve Madaio, Airto Moreira, Jaco Pastorius, Elmo Peeler, Flora Purim, Angelo Rossi, Michael Shelton, Ron Stockert & Ernie Watts.

Chi Coltrane – Silk & Steel

CBS Records 1981

Tracks: Jet Lag, Leaving It All Behind, Goin’ Round, Don’t Forget The Queen, Blinded By Love, Kick Back, Anymore & Travel Light.

Musicians on the Silk & Steel album: Chi Coltrane, Daryl Caraco, Tom Fowle, Steve Hunter, Bernie Leadon, David Mansfield, Eric Turner, David Edelstein, Jeff Eyrick, Charlie Souza, Peter Wolfe, David Kemper, Mark Sanders, Larry Brown, Randy Bishop, Duke McFadden, Ron Price, Charlie Souza, Eric Turner & Jim West.

Chi Coltrane – Road To Tomorrow

T.K. Records 1977

Tracks: What’s Happening To Me, Less Than The Best, One Man Woman, Ooh Baby, I’m Ready To Love Again, Slow Driver, Changes, Belle Amie, You & Road To Tomorrow.

Musicians on the Road To Tomorrow album: Chi Coltrane, Kenny Edwards, Abraham Laboriel, Willie Weeks, Ian Underwood, Michael Botts, Jim Gordon, Jeff Porcaro, Victor Feldman, Jim Horn, Quitman Dennis, Chuck Findley, Clydie King, Greg Prestopino, Brian Russell & Jennifer Warnes.

Jeffrey Comanor – A Rumour In His Own Time

Epic Records 1976

Tracks: My Old Lady And You Old Man, Wishing For Saturday Night, Running Back Home To You, You’d Be Surprised, Last Song, Love Me Not, Song Of The Long Night, We’ll Never Have To Say Goodbye Again, Road To Nowhere & Richmond.

Musicians on the A Rumour In His Own Time album: Jeffrey Comanor, Don Felder, Larry Goshorn, Al Kooper, Hugh McCracken, Joe Walsh, Colin Cameron, David Garland, Michael Lang, Al Kooper, Gary Mallaber, Jimmie Haskell, Pat Henderson, Don Henley, Tom Kelly, Dani McCormack, Timothy B. Schmit, John David Souther & Maxine Willard Waters.

Jeffrey Comanor – S.T.

Epic Records 1974

Tracks: Swamp Stomper, My Blue Lady, Fat Freddy (And Big Bad Betty), I Love You, For A Friend, No One Rides The Railroads Anymore, In-Between-Airplaines Lady, Goin’ Home, Lay Down In My Weary Arms & Blue Birds And Bad Boys.

Musicians on the Jeffrey Comanor album: Jeffrey Comanor, Hayward Bishop, Ken Malone, Stu Basore, James Covart, Steve Gibson, Charlie McCoy, Shane Keister, Charlie McCoy, Tony Migliore, Steve Schaffer, Florence Warner, Larry Henley, Larry Keith, Steve Pippin & Johnny Slate.

Commodores – United

Polydor Records 1986

Tracks: Goin’ To The Bank, Take It From Me, United In Love, Can’t Dance All Night, You’re The Only Woman I Need, Land Of The Dreamer, Talk To Me, I Wanna Rock You, Let’s Apologize & Serious Love.

Musicians on the United album: William King, J.D. Nicholas), Walter Orange, Milan Williams, John Barnes, Michael Boddicker, Lenny Castro, Bill Champlin, Paulinho Da Costa, Siedah Garrett, Claude Gaudette, Gary Herbig, Harold Hudson, Dann Huff, Paul Jackson Jr., Dave Koz, Dennis Lambert, Greg Mathieson, Isaac Morris, Phil Perry, Darryl Phinessee, Sheldon Reynolds, Julia Tillman Waters, Jason Scheff, Michael Thompson, Maxine Willard Waters & Casey Young.

Commodores – Nightshift

Motown Records 1985

Tracks: Animal Instinct, Nightshift, I Keep Running, Lay Back, Slip Of The Tongue, Play This Record Twice, Janet, The Woman In My Life & Lightin’ Up The Night.

Musicians on the Nightshift album: William King, Ronald La Pread, J.D. Nicholas), Walter Orange, Milan Williams & Peter Wolf.

Common Bond – Heaven Is Calling

Frontline Records 1986

Tracks: Matter Of Time, I’m In Control, Heaven Is Calling, Bittersweet, Yshua, My Direction, Savor My Saviour, The Dickens, For You & Imagining.

Musicians on the Heaven Is Calling album: Chuck Cummings, Steve Durham, Kenny Samuels, Terl Bryant, Jerry Chamberlain, Doug Doyle, Bobby Salsedo, Bruce Swift, Terry Scott Taylor & Rob Watson.

Conductor – S.T.

Montage Records 1982

Tracks: Voice On The Radio, Night After Night, Taken Away, Buried Alive & Love’s Sake.

Musicians on the Conductor album: Judy Comden, Phil Minardi, Lenny Castro, John Hartman, Phil Kenzie, Dan Marfisi, Alan Pasqua, Tim Pierce, Nicholas Reed & Chas Sanford.

Priscilla Coolidge-Jones – Flying

Capricorn Records 1979

Tracks: Down To The Wire, You Got Me Spinnin’, If You Don’t Want My Love, Woncha Come On Home, My Crew, Disco Scene, Goin’ Through These Changes, Sweet Bed Of Feeling & Stranger To Me Now.

Musicians on the Flying Album: Priscilla Coolidge-Jones, Michael Baird, Ed Greene, Tim Drummond, Jay Graydon, David Lindley, Lenny Macaluso, Dennis Belfield, Bill Haynes, Craig Doerge, John Hobbs, Booker T. Jones, David Paich, Mike Utley, Eddie Brown, Mickey Raphael
Background Vocals: Donny Gerrard, Booker T. Jones, Emmylou Harris, Willie Nelson, John Seiter, Luther Waters & Oren Waters.

Tommy Coomes – Love Is The Key

Maranatha Records 1981

Tracks: Love Is The Key, I Owe Everything To You, The Pleasure’s Mine, Hidden Treasure, Singing Our Praises To Jesus, Thinkin’ Of You, A Faithful Witness, He’s A Liar & Don’t Be Afraid.

Musicians on the Love Is The Key album: Tommy Coomes, Keith Edwards, Ron Tutt, Darrell Cook, Jimmy Perez, Tony Dean, Hadley Hockensmith, Harlan Rogers, Rob Watson, Alex MacDougal, Gordon Goodwin, John Phillips, Darrell Gardner, Val Johnson, Bob Bennett, Venetta Fields, Chuck Girard, Michelle Pillar, Phyllis St. James & Kelly Willard.

Alice Cooper – From The Inside

Warner Bros 1978

Tracks: From The Inside, Whish I Were Born In Beverly Hills, The Quiet Room, Nurse Rozetta, Millie And Billie, Serious, How You Gonna See Me Now, For Veronica’s Sake, Jackknife Johnny & Inmates (We’re All Crazy).

Musicians on the From The Inside album: Alice Cooper, Jay Graydon, Davey Johnstone, Jefferson Kewley, Steve Lukather, Dee Murray, Rick Nielsen, Dick Wagner, David Hungate, Kenny Passarelli, John Pierce, Lee Sklar, David Foster, Robbie King, Fred Mandel, Dennis Conway, Jim Keltner, Michael Ricciardella, Rick Shlosser, Howard Kaylan & Mark Volman.

Cooper & Ross – Bottom Line

MCA Records 1982

Tracks: I’m Gonna The Outside (Looking In)/It’s Gonna Take A Miracle, Hold On, Anyone Who Had A Heart, You’re The One, Sharing, Only The Lonely, Promise Me (You’ll Love Me Forever), Let’s Take All Night (To Say Goodbye) & Bottom Line.

Musicians on the Bottom Line album: Cathy Cooper, Jimmie Ross, Donnie Marsico, Jimmy John Sicliano, Jack Graham, Bob Fraser, Ted Sass, Bill Duncan, Rodney Cajka, Ricky Bell, Tom First & Dan McCarthy.

Googie And Tom Coppola – Shine The Light Of Love

Columbia Records 1980

Tracks: Shine The Light Of Love, Broken Wings, Nothing In This World, Everything Is Coming To The Light, Missing Love, Joyous Flame, Let The River Flow & Family Of Man.

Musicians on the Shine The Light Of Love album: Googie, Tom Coppola, Nate Neblett, Raymond Pounds, Wayne Douglas, Eddie Watkins, Greg Poree, Paul Jackson Jr., John Rowin, Jerry Peters, Stephanie Spruill, Bobbye Hall, Paulinho Da Costa, Ernie Watts, Michael Brecker, Gary Herbig, Jackie Kelso, Oscar Brashear, Gary Grant, Jerry Hey, Chuck Findley, D.J. Rogers, Marti McCall, Jim Gilstrap, Maxi Anderson, Angela Winbush & Ann Ester Davis.

Cory – Fire Sign

Phantom Records 1976

Tracks: Take It Or Leave It, One Step Away, I Wanna Do It Over Again, I Saw The Light, Beyond The Hurt, Fire Sign, Party King, Let Me Be The First One, Honey I Will Be There & Right Now.

Musicians on the Fire Sign album: Cory Braverman, Jerry Friedman, Jeff Mironov, Elliott Randall, Bob Babbitt, Anthony Jackson, Paul Griffin, Franck Owens, Leon Pendarvis, Steve Gadd, Allan Schwartzberg, Jimmy Maelen, Carlos Martin, George Devens, David Lasley, Arnold McCuller & Lynn Pitney.

Country Joe McDonald – Rock And Roll Music From The Planet Earth

Fantasy Records 1978

Tracks: Coyotte, Bring Back The Sixties Man, Sunshine Through My Window, Rock And Roll Again, Dark Ship, Y-O-U, Southern Cross, Space Patrol, U.F.O. & Get It Together.

Musicians on the Rock And Roll Music From The Planet Earth album: Joe McDonald, John Blakeley, Jay Graydon, Mac Cridlin, Mike Porcaro, Michael Boddicker, Bill Cuomo, David Foster, Chilli Charles, Jeff Porcaro, Chuck Findley, Steve Madaio, John Mitchell, Trevor Lawrence, Jim Gilstrap, Jon Joyce, Roger Kenerly, John Lehman, Marti McCall, Lisa Roberts, Andrea Robinson, Stephanie Spruill & Peter Walsh.

Danny Couch – S.T.

Paradise Productions 1983

Tracks: It Only Hurts When I Breathe, The Way We Love, Jenny Walk Away, Everlasting Love, I Wanna Take You Home, Ah My Hawaii, When You Remember Me, Nearly Love, The Chosen One & Here Are My Songs.

Musicians on the Danny Couch album: Danny Couch and others.

Couchois – Nasty Hardware

Warner Bros 1980

Tracks: Trudy You’re A Bad Girl, How Can I Love You, Pretty Young Girls, Anywhere You Are, Innocence, Roll The Dice, Call It A Day, Do You Really Believe It & Visibility Zero.

Musicians on the Nasty Hardware album: Chas Carlson, Chris Couchois, Mike Couchois, Pat Couchois, Howard Messer & Jay Graydon.

Couchois – S.T.

Warner Bros 1979

Tracks: Do It In Darkness, The Colonel, Walkin’ The Fence, Cripple, Going To The Races, Devils Triangle, I Could Never Take Her Away From You, No Longer Needed & Kalahari Cattle Drive.

Musicians on the Couchois album: Chas Carlson, Chris Couchois, Pat Couchois, Mike Couchois & Howard Messer.

Country Comfort – II

Trim Records 1976

Tracks: Mama, Look Into Your Eyes, Changing Horses, Pretty Girl, End Of The Line, Good Weather, I’ll Be, I Want You To Know, Closer Closer & Hello Waimanalo.

Musicians on the Country Comfort II album: Jimmy Freudenberg, Gaylord Holomalia, Billy Kaui, Chuck Lee, Eugene Matsumura & Steve Wofford.

The Coyote Sisters – S.T.

Morocco Records 1984

Tracks: I’ve Got A Radio, Nobody Moves Like Us, Straight From The Heart (Into Your Life), Floating World, Once You Know, Anybody’s Angel, See You Tonight, (Don’t Listen To That) Reggae, Echo & I’ll Do It.

Musicians on the Coyote Sisters album: Leah Kunkel, Marty Gwinn, Reneé Armand, Mohamed Nircs, Gary Ferguson, Art Wood, Tony Berg, Trey Thompson, Roger Paglia, David J. Holman, Michael Boddicker, Phil Kenzie, Jack Mack & The Heart Attack Horns.

The Bob Crewe Generation – Street Talk

Elektra Records 1976

Tracks: Cherry Boy, Menage A Trios, Street Talk, Back Alley Boogie, Welcome To My Life, Free (Medley) I Am…/Free…/Keep On Walkin’, Ah Men ! & Time For You And Me.

Musicians on the Street Talk album: Bob Crewe, Cindy Bullens, Glenn Jordan, Trevor Veitch, Rick Vito, Bob Glaub, Mark T. Jordan, Steven Olitzky, Rick Shlosser, John Beal, Sam Clayton, Roberto Torres, Bernard Fleischer, Jon Kip, Steve Kravitz, Joe Roccisano, Tommy Morgan, Patti Austin, Cindy Bullens, Bob Hardwick, Randy Joyce, Richard Mirayes, Sue Mirayes, Jan Royce, Arty Simon & Lu Ann Sims.

Billy Crockett – Surprises In Disquises

Dayspring Records 1986

Tracks: Rumors, How Good You Are, Original Love, Christ In You, Portrait Of Love, Marketplace, Every Heart Is A Hunter, 41 Lawnmowers, Caught In The Crossfire & A Glimpse Of You.

Musicians on the Surprises In Disquises album: Billy Crockett, Jon Goin, Dann Huff, Mike Brignardello, David Hungate, Michael Rhodes, Reed Arvin, David Huntsinger, Shane Keister, Larrie Londin, Jonathan Belcher, Kim Boyce, Spencer Chrislu, Teri DeSario, Paul Duncan, Tonia Dunlap, Chris Harris, Kristen Harvey, Paige Harvey, Anne Marie Lankford, Lori Loving, Carmen Minard, Libby Oliver, Tara Placeway, Sara Posthuma, Chris Rodriguez, Jason Runyan, Carole Taylor, Drew Whittaker & Lesla Whittaker.

Billy Crockett – Carrier

Dayspring Records 1984

Tracks: Love Waiting, Stand And Fight, Time To Begin Again, Carrier, Say Hello, Like A Thief, You’re So Special To Him, The Way, Rhythm Of God & He Is the Wind.

Musicians on the Carrier album: Billy Crockett, Jon Goin, Mike Brignardello, Reed Arvin, David Huntsinger, Mark Hammond, Dennis Holt, Terry McMillan, Farrell Morris, Dave Durham, Kim Fleming, Patti Leatherwood & Gary Pigg.

Cruse – Cruse 2

Nissi Records 1984

Tracks: Angel Song, Sign Of The Times, Dancin’ In The Light, Unfailing Love, Love Of The Lord, Rise And Fly, Roads, Under The Wings Of Love & Magnify The Lord.

Musicians on the Cruse 2 album: Cruse and others.

The Cruse Family – Cruse

Priority Records 1982

Tracks: First Love, How Did God Know, Everyday Life, I Am The Mighty One, Sing, You Are That Man, Understanding Heart, Bless Your Name, One Day Closer Home & The Fool Is All Alone.

Musicans on the Cruse album: Becky Cruse, Cindy Cruse, Robbie Buchanan, Paulinho Da Costa, Jon Goin, Ed Greene, Hadley Hockensmith, Ron Krasinski, Abraham Laboriel, Larry Muhoberac, Smitty Price, John Rosasco, Sid Sharp Strings, Dennis Solee, Allen Steinberger & Steve Turner.

The Cruse Family – For Every Heart

Impact Records 1981

Tracks: I Can Laugh Again, Class Reunion, For Every Heart, Babylon is Burnin’, My Heart, Only Through His Love, I’ve got the Feelin’, No Time at All, Hold On & He’s Coming Back.

Musicians on the For Every Heart album: The Cruse Family, Jackie Cusic, Joe English, Jon Goin, Terry McMillan, Kenny Mims, Larry Paxton, Gary Pigg, John Rosasco, Donnie Sanders & Alan Steinberger.

The Cruse Family – Harmony

Impact Records 1980

Tracks: Harmony, He Speaks To Me, Look What He’s Done To My Heart, Today, Don’t Let The Water Get You Down, A New Song, Power, The Master’s Love, I Can See So Much Clearer Now & He Will Take Care of You.

Musicians on the Harmony album: The Cruse Family, Jerry Carrigan, Jon Goin, Lari Gross, Joe Huffman, Shane Keister, Sheldon Kurland Strings, Farrell Morris & Jack Williams.

Michael Cruz – The Heart Never Forgets

PPL Records 1981

Musicians on the Heart Never Forgets album: Michael Cruz, Tom Cochan, Jim Hines, Ira Walters, Jeff Steele, Adonis Hampton, Greg Mitchell, Phillip Scott, Nick Brown, Kenny Allen, Jae Jarrett, Jimmy Carter, Steve Eisen, David Jamarillo, Victoria Reid, Holly Rutheford, Beth Lawrence, Debbie Swanson & Kathy Brown.

Tracks: Long Time No Love, This Time, When We Make Love, The Heart Never Forgets, You Got Me Lovin’ Overtime, Late Late Show, A Heart Is Broken Every Minute, Only Game In Town (CD Bonus Track), Joy (CD Bonus Track), No Pity (CD Bonus Track), Never Again (CD Bonus Track) & Late Late Show (“Enciendeme”) (CD Bonus Track).

Crystal Mansion – S.T.

20th Century Fox Records 1979

Tracks: Lonely Faraway Missing You, Place In Space, Talk To Me (Talk To Me), Lookin’ For A Way To Say Goodbye, I Hear Music, The Garden Of Love, Bird, Gather My Children, Faith And Hope, Fiona & Incomplete Love Song.

Musicians on the Crystal Mansion album: Ronnie Gentile, Tom Herzer, Johnny Caswell, Billy Crawford, Richard Davis, Michael Boddicker, Peter Iannetti, Steve Porcaro, Sal Rota, David White, Rick Morley, Alan Estes, Mario Sanchez, Jim Horn, Debby Boone & Mario Sanchez.

Bob And Joy Cull – Last Horizon

Chalace Music 1984

Tracks: Last Horizon, This Kind Of Love, At The Seashore, Let’s Keep Growing, Shanty Hymn, Got To Decide, A Pure Heart, What Can I Say, Beautifully Broken & Untitled Song.

Musicians on the Last Horizon album: Bob Cull, Joy Strange Cull, Bill Alsup, Jon Clarke, George Dile, Leon Gaer, Darrel Gardner, Don Gerber, Phil Kristianson, Jay Leech, Ron Loofborrow, David Mansfield, Dan McGum, Debbie McNeill, John Mehler, John Steinmetz, Jim Stipech, Steve Swinford & Kevin John Veatch.

Andrew Culverwell – Alive! Again

Dayspring Records 1982

Tracks: Alive Again, I’ve Seen Him, Cover Me, My Gratitude, The Lord Found Me, What A Good Reason, Armageddon Comes, Crucified And Yet I Live, His Child & Shine On Me.

Musicians on the Alive! Again album: Andrew Culverwell, Jon Goin, Paul Worley, Larry Paxton, Mitch Humphries, Shane Keister, John Rosasco, Jerry Carrigan, Larrie Londin, Buster Phillips, Terry McMillan, Sheri Huffman, Lisa Silver & Dianne Tidwell.

Andrew Culverwell – Everyday

Dayspring Records 1980

Tracks: Everyday, Open Your Heart, Do You Believe in Love, Winner’s Song, Final Destination, Think Upon These Things, Praise Him, Follow Me, Heaven Is Where You Are, Best Friend & Ready to Serve.

Musicians on the Everyday album: Andrew Culverwell, Jimmy Capps, Jon Goin, Bill Kinner, James Lowry, Ralph Childs, James Gorin, Steve Schaeffer, Shane Keister, Clay Claire, Terry McMillan, Dennis Solee, Bruce Dees, Diana De Witt, James Gorin, Robin Greene, Patti Leatherwood, Gary Pigg & Lisa Silver.

Andrew Culverwell – Take Another Look

Dayspring Records 1978

Tracks: Love Is What You Have, I Have Nothing (Without Your Love), We Owe It All to You, You Taught How to Fly, Song About Freedom, Home Again, May This Be the Place, Take Another Little Look, You Got It All Together & Miracles Happen All the Time.

Musicians on the Take Another Look album: Andrew Culverwell, Sonny Garrish, Steve Gibson, Mike Leech, Steve Schaffer, Shane Keister, Bobby Ogdin, Bobby Wood, Kenny Malone, Farrell Morris, Dennis Solee, Albert Butler, Dennis Good, Ron Keller, Bill Puet, Don Sheffield, Shelly Kurland Strings, Cindy Lipford, Marti McCall, Gwen Moore & Gary Pigg.

Gino Cunico – S.T.

Arista Records 1976

Tracks: DayDreamer, She’s Sweet She’s Somebody, Can’t Hold On Any Longer, When I Wanted You, Fanny (Be Tender With My Love), Can’t Smile Without You, Don’t Throw It All Away, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Emptiness & Can’t Hold On Any Longer (Reprise).

Musician on the Gino Cunico album: Gino Cunico, Caleb Quaye, Johnny Vastano, David Wolfert, Cooker Lo Presti, Gene Kurtz, Kevin Crossly, Jim Mandell, James Newton Howard, Stanley Schwartz, Kirk Bruner, Jim Keltner, Gerry Reba, Lenny Castro, Rich Felts, Stanley Schwartz, Doug Wintz, Joe Bean, Faragher Bros, Wendy Haas, Brie Howard, Melissa Manchester, Paul Nauman & Vini Poncia.

Gino Cunico – S.T.

Kama Sutra Records 1974

Tracks: She’s Sweet She’s Somebody, Melanie, Till It’s all Blow Away, Hollywood Boulevard, Yesterdays Too Many Dreams Away, Goin’ Back, Younger Girl, No Strings, Sing Me A Song & Agony And Ecstasy.

Musicians on the Gino Cunico album: Gino Cunico and others.

Cherie Currie – Beauty´s Only Skin Deep

Mercury Records 1978

Tracks: Call Me At Midnight, I Surrender, Beauty’s Only Skin Deep, I Will Still Love You, Science Fiction Daze, I Like The Way You Dance, That’s The Kind Of Kind Of Guy I Like, Love At First Sight, The Only One & Young And Wild.

Musicians on the Beauty’s Only Skin Deep album: Cherie Currie, Dan Ferguson, Thom Rotella, David Hungate, Moose McMains, Sal Maida, David Carr, Michael Baird, Willie Ornelas, Bill Thomas, Marie Currie & Steven T.

Cherie & Marie Currie – Messin´With The Boys

Capitol Records 1980

Tracks: Messin’ With The Boys, Since You’ve Been Gone, I Just Love The Feeling, All I Want, Overnight Sensation (Hit Record), Elaine, This Time, Wishing Well, Secrets, We’re Through, Kamakazee Lover, I Surrender, Prisoner, You’re A Baby, Tough Break, Always The Last To Know & Cherry Bomb.

Musicians on the Messin´With The Boys album: Cherie Currie, Marie Currie, Michael Baird, Billy Bizeau, Michael Boddicker, Joey Brasler, Bill Champlin, Steve Crane, Tommy Funderburk, Tom Kelly, Bobby Kimball, Michael Landau, Keith Landry, Steve Lukather, Mickey Miller, John Pierce, Mike Porcaro, Trevor Veitch, Waddy Wachtel, Tom Werman & Jai Winding.


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